Starfield: New Atlantis [Districts, Vendors, & Housing]

Here is everything you need to know about the city of New Atlantis in Starfield.

new atlantis Starfield
New Atlantis - Starfield: Image by Gamesual

Players can explore galaxies and visit many different cities on many planets in Starfield. One of my favorite features of Starfield is the freedom to explore and find newer worlds. New Atlantis is one of the first Cities in Starfield that players visit. 

Key Takeaways

  • New Atlantis is one of the most crucial cities in Starfield.
  • This City is on the planet Jemison, inside the Alpha Centauri System.
  • The City is full of quests and vendors for players to explore.
  • New Atlantis is also divided into five districts accessible through the NAT system.

 It is a significant city in Starfield, and as a result, it is full of many vendors and quests for players to start. I did find most of the resources I needed for my campaign here.

How To Visit New Atlantis

New Atlantis District Starfield
New Atlantis – Starfield: Image by Gamesual: Image by Gamesual
  • New Atlantis is a major city in the game, and players will encounter it early in the campaign.
  • The city is situated on Jemison, within the Alpha Centauri System.
  • New Atlantis is divided into five districts, each with its unique purpose, quests, and vendors.
  • I strongly recommend exploring these districts, as it is essential for players to make the most of what the city has to offer, as the game may not explicitly guide players through these areas.

Players will also be scanned before they enter the City. Therefore, it is recommended not to have any contraband when you first enter the City.

Ship Technician & Trade Authority Kiosk

The Technician Starfield
The Technician and Kiosk – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Ship Technician is one of the initial characters you’ll meet upon arriving in New Atlantis, and they play a crucial role in ship-related mechanics in Starfield.
  • You can repair your ship for 1000 Credits here, and the Technician is your go-to person for purchasing new ships and getting ship upgrades.
  • The Technician’s location is near the Trade Authority Kiosk, a yellow stand where you can sell the loot you’ve collected. Keep in mind that this kiosk has a finite amount of credits available.

I would always completely exhaust these kiosks on every New Atlantis visit.

You can also access the Ship’s cargo directly from this Kiosk, allowing you to sell loot without carrying extra items.

UC Security Office

The UC Security Office is also in the Spaceport district, opposite the Shops. Like most buildings within the game, players can find NPCs within the building. You can find Sergeant Yumi inside the building, and talking to her can start Keeping the Peace, a side quest.

The Viewport

The Viewport Starfield
The Viewport – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

This is a large building that can be easily spotted in the shop area of the Spaceport. The Viewport is mainly a hangout spot for different NPCs players can hire for their crew. 

You can also find the owner of the lounge, Nyssa Marcano, here. She will sell you a few aid items and offer a quest.

As Starfield tends to offer a unique experience to every player, I duly recommend visiting this place. This is because you will encounter an NPC who can be hired and attain skills superior to any common recruit.

Jemison Mercantile

Jemison Mercantile Starfield
Jemison Mercantile – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Jemison Mercantile serves as the one-stop shop in the Spaceport of New Atlantis, offering a variety of items for purchase.
  • If you’ve already sold items at the Trade Authority Kiosk and still have more to sell, this shop is the place to go.
  • It provides a selection of items, including weapons, ammo, and other useful equipment. You can also find the unique Ace Pistol early on.
  • For those seeking quests, interact with NPC Samson Cabrail, who will set you on The Art Dealer quest.

Regarding buying weaponry, I suggest roaming around and finding a spot that benefits you accordingly. New Atlantis has lots of weapon shops that might offer better variety and low prices.

TerraBrew Coffee

Terra Brew Coffee Starfield
TerraBrew Coffee – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

TerraBrew Coffee is another NPC hotspot here in the Spaceport district. This shop functions as a primary beverage store, where players can buy the latest concoctions the game has to offer. These drinks will help players regenerate their health and quickly release additional buffs.

I would encourage players to pay for their drinks, as getting arrested is not worth the trouble. You can also talk to Guillamo Degarmo here to start your Gym Jealousy quest. 

New Atlantis Transit

  • The New Atlantis Transit is the train system in Starfield that will take you to the other districts in the City.
  • It would be best if you boarded this train to travel to the Constellation Headquarters as part of your campaign.

This is a quick way to travel between various parts of New Atlantis. The adoring fan will find you here if you have the Hero Worshipped trait. You can learn more about him in our Adoring Fan companion guide. 

MAST District

  • The MAST District is the heart of the New Atlantis City.
  • This is a busy part of the City with many embassies and religious buildings.
  • The District is full of many trees, which adds to the City’s overall aesthetic.
  • Plus, the UC Vanguard building is a significant landmark in this area.

Moreover, the name amalgamates Military, Administration, Science, and Triumvirate. You can also meet the NPC, Kelton Fush, outside the NAT station. Talking to him can trigger A Tree Grows In New Atlantis side quest.

The Lodge

The Lodge Starfield
The Lodge – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Lodge is a significant building located in New Atlantis.
  • This building is home to the Constellation, and the main quest line will keep bringing you back to this building.
  • Inside, players can find Constellation members you can ask to be part of their crew. 

Moreover, I would recommend scouring every nook and cranny of this place. You will end up with some handy items.

MAST Building

MAST Building Starfield
MAST Building – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The MAST Building is the central landmark of this District.
  • The UC headquarters is where you can also find the UC Vanguard.
  • Players will most likely come across this building while following one of the first significant quests of the game.
  • You will also be able to meet a Vanguard recruiting officer here, who will try to get you to join the Vanguard. 

I wanted citizenship of the City, which required joining the Vanguard, as well as access to critical locations within the building. Therefore, you must complete the Supra Et Ultra quest to become a member of the Vanguard.

Aphelion Realty

  • The Aphelion Realty will allow players to buy property in the capital city.
  • But before that, you must have the City’s citizenship and 30,000 credits to your name.
  • Your House will be in the Well district of the New Atlantis City. Therefore, head inside this Realty to buy a house and talk to Zora Sangweni.

This Realty is opposite the MAST building and next to the Armistice Archives.

Sanctum Universum

Sanctum Universum Starfield
Sanctum Universum – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Sanctum Universum is one of the district religions in Starfield. This building serves as the embassy for this religion.
  • You should see the Keeper Aquilius here, and talking to him will set you off on the An Invitation quest.
  • They will also give you information about their religion and try to get you to join them.

Although, this place is a side hustle. I would instead suggest tending to other matters before minding this one.

Commercial District

The Commercial District is a significant part of New Atlantis in Starfield. This part of the City is full of Shops and many exciting places to explore. The NAT will bring you directly to this District, or players can travel to the left of the MAST district to find this area. 


Whetstone Starfield
Whetstone – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Whetstone is a fancy restaurant located right next to the Valberg building.
  • Players can buy several consumables items here.
  • To my surprise, these are pretty expensive; they have a greater healing potency and can provide temporary bonus buffs.

Do always reconsider your option of buying from a fancy place. I usually prefer buying supplies from a rather price-friendly location for regular restocking.

Settled Systems News Networks

SSNN Starfield
SSNN Building – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Settled Systems News Networks, or the SSNN building, is a huge building located in the Commercial District.
  • It does not have much in terms of trade, but players can find some exciting quest lines here.
  • You can talk to Nadia Muffaz here to begin the Light in the Darkness quest.

I only use this place to earn Credits after returning from a wild adventure. Speaking to Nadia and sharing a mild adventure story with her can earn you a fair amount of Credits. 


  • In the Commercial District of New Atlantis, you’ll find “The Enhance,” a genetics modification facility.
  • This shop is part of a large franchise with a presence across the galaxy.
  • You can visit The Enhance to modify your character’s appearance, including changes to your face, body, and pronouns, allowing for greater customization and personalization.

A player must pay a small fee of 500 credits to modify their appearance. I have no track of how many Credits I have spent trying to be appealing in my way. But it’s fun all the same. 


Outland Starfield
Outland – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Outland is located right next to the Enhance! Building.
  • This is your ammo and weapons shop, where players can buy and sell weapons.
  • Vendor here is my favorite spot to sell most weapons, as I can immediately buy a powerful weapon from the same place.

If you think enemies are getting difficult to kill, just stop here and get an even stronger gun. Moreover, I recommend loading Ammo from here before you head out. 


Galbank Starfield
Galbank – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The GalBank serves as the in-universe Bank for Starfield.
  • Many franchises to this Bank are spread throughout, although players can find one right at the edge of the commercial District.
  • Head inside and talk to Landry Hoillifield, who will offer you a job as a debt collector. This will lead you to the Due in Full quest. 

I think players should try this mission, as the rewards for this sidequest are very well worth it. Plus, the Bank also has a few ATMs outside, and players can steal credits from these if they have Advanced lock-picking skills.

UC Distribution Center

UC Distribution Center Starfield
UC Distribution Center – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The UC Distribution Center is a beneficial building in the commercial center.
  • Players can trade cargo here, which means you can buy and sell directly to the United Colonies.
  • This place contains some compelling and rare weapons players can buy. Therefore, I would recommend that you should visit this place when you get to New Atlantis.

Residential District

The Residential District is another crucial section of the New Atlantis. This District is everything you would need to go about your daily life. You can find restaurants, medical, and gun stores in this area.

Eit Clothiers

Eit Clothiers Starfield
Eit Clothiers – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Eit Clothiers is your clothing store in New Atlantis’s Residential District.
  • Players have plenty of clothing choices available here.
  • Some of these clothes can also provide a permanent buff to the player. However, these clothes will set you back a few hundred credits. This is the apparel shop I recommend checking out.


Chunks Starfield
Chunks – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • This is a futuristic restaurant franchise spread throughout the galaxy.
  • Players can visit Chunks to buy cube-shaped food that is easy to carry, give out health regeneration, and a temporary buff.
  • The Chunks is located right next to the Pioneer Tower.

Reliant Medical

Reliant Medical Starfield
Reliant Medical – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • Reliant Medical is your trusted medical store located in the Residential District.
  • You can walk up here and get some very resourceful medical supplies. 
  • I recommend making frequent stops here before you head out on any mission, as you can never carry enough medkits and stamina boosters.


CJ's Starfield
CJ’s – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The CJ’s is a futuristic store in the Residential District of New Atlantis.
  • Players can interact with Curtis Julien inside and buy a few consumable items.
  • These food items can be handy if you need health or temporary buffs.

Centaurian Arsenal

Centaurian Arsenal Starfield
Centaurian Arsenal – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Centaurian Arsenal is a district weapons store in New Atlantis.
  • This vendor offers some potent weapons.
  • This is another of my favorite vendors to buy and sell weapons due to the weapon variety. Players can load up on Ammo before heading out on their next quest.

There is also a glitch here that can be exploited to steal weapons. However, I recommend against stealing as there is a good chance you will end up in jail.

The Well

This District is a stark contrast between the wealth and class of the City that is right above it. The Well is the District of New Atlantis, right under the central town. 

You can access this District through the basement of the Lodge. Moreover, an elevator next to the TerraBrew located in Spaceport will take you down to the Well. 

Trade Authority

Trade Authority Starfield
Trade Authority – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • Players can always come here to sell cargo and earn a few credits.
  • You can also buy a few essential items from this place. Trade Authority will believe anything the players will bring, so you would not need to worry about contraband.

Moreover, the Trade Authority sometimes has interesting goods to offer. I mostly find their equipment quite handy.

UC Surplus

UC Surplus Starfield
UC Surplus – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The UC Surplus is next to Kay’s House in The Well district.
  • Players can visit this store and get their hands on some practical gear. You can also buy a few weapons from the owner.
  • This place also offers The Boot quest, which can be triggered if you inquire the owner about a customer returning his boots.

Med Bay

Med Bay Starfield
Med Bay – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • The Med Bay serves as the medical store of this hidden District.
  • Players can interact with Talia O’Shea and get their hands on a few medical supplies.
  • It is essential to note that Med Bay does not have as many resources as the medical store in the City above. However, I was able to find most of what I needed down here, too.

I recommend visiting the Med Bay every often to ensure you do not run out of healing supplies. This can cause a real hassle, as I have experienced many difficult times with space adventures without medical backup.

Kay’s House

Kay's House Starfield
Kay’s House – Starfield: Image by Gamesual
  • This is a humble, small diner run by Kay and Theressa.
  • You can visit this friendly restaurant to get City’s hands on some handy supplies.
  • Most food bought from here will help you regenerate your health, and players can also get a temporary buff. Kay’s House can be found near Med Bay and through the exit doors.

New Atlantis is one of the first cities players will encounter in Starfield. My first visit to this city was overwhelming as the city throws many new activities at you. This bustling City has many activities and secrets for players to uncover. I recommend talking to various NPCs and hearing their unique problems and stories. 

These five unique districts contain some significant locations for the players’s campaign. You can buy Ammo, weapons, medical supplies, and new clothes from these vendors. Moreover, the Constellation’s headquarters is also located in New Atlantis. Therefore, this is an important city that players will come across as part of their campaign.

My Thoughts

Apart from the city, I believe the whole of Jemison is worth exploring, as many structures and sites exist to witness. Just be careful, as Terrormorph has spread across the Jemison as far as I have experienced. 

Overall, the New Atlantis acts as the center of this Star. Being a major city, it comprises every facility a player desires for traveling. Moreover, New Atlantis had me engaged in its never-ending side quest content. Although that’s something typical of Bethesda games, the hikes of activities this city offers is vast.

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