GTA 5 : Obey Rocoto [Stats & Customization]

If you need more comfort and space, add this SUV to your car collection and drive around in luxury.

GTA 5 Obey Rocoto
Obey Rocoto - GTA 5

GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online successfully created a living world by paying attention to details. Nothing in this world, no matter how minuscule, has a purpose and reason. This is true about the vehicles populating this world. As a result, the game also features SUVs and regular cars. One of these SUVs is the Obey Rocoto. In this guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about Rocoto.

Key Takeaways

  • Obey Rocoto is an SUV found in GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online.
  • This vehicle is manufactured by a German company, Obey. Real-life Audi inspires this fictional company.
  • Rocoto is based on the vehicles manufactured by Audi and Porche.
  • The SUV has impressive top speed and great handling. Moreover, the car’s rigid body adds protection.
  • Only one particular variant of the car in the game comes with modification. You can obtain this through a special Car Theft event.
  • Obey Rocoto is a fairly easy vehicle to find in GTA 5. Furthermore, you can also buy the vehicle from the in-game stores.
  • You can also modify this car to add to the aesthetics as well as to the performance of the car.

Obey Rocoto is one of the many regular cars featured in this world. Regular cars, not just supercars and tanks, are most common in the real world. This adds realism to this virtual world and makes it much more immersive.  However, Obey Rocoto is no ordinary vehicle. From my experience, if utilized correctly, it could become your next favorite vehicle.

Obey Rocoto – Comfort And Luxury

SUV is the abbreviation for Sports Utility Vehicle. This means that this seemingly innocent-looking vehicle is not an ordinary van. Obey Rocoto is a four-door luxury SUV that I was surprised to see has some serious speed. Moreover, the design makes it a perfect choice for JDM customization.

Inspiration And Vehicle Design

Rebla gta 4
Rebla – GTA 4

Obey Rocoto is manufactured by the in-game car manufacturer Obey. All of the previous titles in the GTA franchise contained similar-looking vehicles. This vehicle is similar to the Rebla featured in GTA 4, as Rebla is also an SUV with similar handling and speed stats.

The SUV also seemingly takes inspiration from real-life vehicles. I wouldn’t call it exactly but it is very obvious that the Obey logo seems to be based on the Audi logo. As a result, the SUV also takes inspiration from Audi’s SUV. Rocoto takes quite a bit in terms of the looks of the Audi Q5. Moreover, this SUV also resembles Porche’s famous SUV, the Cayenne.

The vehicle is spacious, with space for almost a small family. As this is a four-door car, there is plenty of space to go around. The SUV also comes with ample trunk space, so you have plenty of room to stash luggage. Moreover, the Rocoto is built like a tank. So if this SUV has full armor, it’s the other car that should be worried about.

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Features Of Obey Rocoto

Rocoto SUV gta 5 online
White Obey Rocoto

Obey Rocoto may seem like a chunky vehicle not meant for much and that is how I saw this vehicle at first. However, I was surprised to see that this vehicle packs a good amount of speed for an SUV. The fully upgraded Obey Rocoto can reach a top speed of around 107 miles per hour. Considering that this is an SUV, this speed is awe-inspiring.

Moreover, the vehicle is an all-wheel drive with solid wheels. This results in the car being an excellent off-road vehicle. Whether it’s dirt or muddy roads you are driving on, the car will steer as if it’s still on a regular asphalt road. This also makes the vehicle great at handling, so you miss a tight turn.

The quiet and silent engine is also great for people who want comfort and avoid loud engine revs. This is due to the hybrid nature of the car. Obey Rocoto’s quiet engine is almost impossible to hear and keeps the driver from being distracted.

Furthermore, the car has an impressive body. The heavy frame protects the vehicle from all damage. A fully upgraded Rocoto is no less than a tank and would keep enemy vehicles away. As the car has plenty of surface area, all sides are protected. Furthermore, this heavy frame keeps the car grounded, so there are no chances of the car toppling.

Variants Of Obey Rocoto

In-game German manufacturers manufacture Obey Rocoto Obey. This company is based on the real-life car manufacturing giant Audi. Even both of these logos, side by side, look almost alike. They are responsible for creating some of the most common vehicles in GTA 5. Furthermore, they have also created some fan-favorite sports vehicles, such as the 8F Drafter and 9F.

There aren’t many Rocoto variants in the game. However, there is one special variant that comes with several custom modifications. This vehicle can be accessed through a random Car Theft event. Saeeda Kadam’s deep red Obey Rocoto was stolen during this event, and you must bring it back. However, like me, you can choose to keep it as well.

Where To Find

Obey Rocoto is a fairly common vehicle to obtain in GTA 5. However, the car is usually found in a few specific locations. The cars vary depending on the neighborhoods in GTA 5. This means that in poorer neighborhoods you will find old broken cars, while in richer neighborhoods you will see more SUVs and sports cars. Moreover, if you are not in the mood to go around the town looking for a vehicle, you can also buy one. Obey Rocoto can be bought easily in either GTA 5 or GTA 5 Online.

Buying Obey Rocoto

Southern San Andreas Super Autos in gta 5
Southern San Andreas Super Autos

In my opinion, this is one of the more straightforward methods of obtaining the SUV. In both GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online, the car can be bought using the in-game website. You can order the car on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website.

Steps for buying your very own Obey Rocoto:

  • Bring up your phone in the game.
  • Now head on to the Internet Application in the App menu.
  • Now click on the Travel and Transport option under the search bar.
  • Here you need to search for Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Now click and open this website.
  • Now look for your Obey Rocoto and click on the car.
  • You can buy this car for fairly cheap. The car is available in-store for $85,000.
  • Select the color you want for your vehicle and click on buy.
  • You can now select any properties you want the vehicle to be delivered.
  • Your new vehicle will be delivered to you soon.

Locations Of Obey Rocoto

The Obey Rocoto is not a rare vehicle to find in GTA 5. As a result, I found this SUV fairly easily, as it has a higher spawn rate. So there is a good chance you will be able to find this SUV around the town.

Therefore, if you are trying to save money and do not want to spend money buying this car, you can check out a few locations where the chance of finding this vehicle is fairly reasonable. However, keep your eyes peeled while on the road, as you will see this car randomly on the road.

These are the following locations you should check out to find Obey Rocoto:

  •  The airport is one of the most populated places in GTA 5. There are always new people and cars leaving and visiting this place. Therefore, you can find an Obey Rocoto in the Los Santos International Airport parking.
Los Santos International Airport in GTA 5 location for Obey Rocoto
Airport Location of Obey Rocoto
  • If your luck ran out at the airport you should check out this next location. You can also find an Obey Rocoto in the parking lot of a small restaurant. Moreover, this restaurant is located in La Puerta and the chance of finding this SUV is relatively higher here.
La puerta location of obey rocoto in gta 5
La Puerta Location of Obey Rocoto
  • Obey Rocoto is also a fairly common vehicle found in the town of Little Seoul. The car can be found parked around this area or just driving on the road. However, you can find the car parked on the side of the road at this location in Little Seoul.
little seoul location of obey rocoto in gta 5
Little Seoul Location of Obey Rocoto

Moreover, the car can be found in some other locations. The car is mainly seen around Micheal’s house whenever you start the game. You can also find this SUV in Vinewood, Vinewood Hills, and the surrounding areas of Rockford Hills.

Obey Rocoto Custom Builds

The Obey Rocoto is one of the few vehicles in GTA 5 that look better with modification. I am a big fan of JDM cars and this SUV’s looks make it a prime candidate for a JDM car. The car can handle dirt and mud quite well, so the modifications could also lean more toward a rally car.

However, the customization depends completely from player to player. Therefore, everyone is allowed to create something unique. You can use these customization recommendations as templates for your modifications.

Blue Audi

Blue Audi in gta 5 custom build Obey rocoto
Blue Audi Custom Build

This build is an homage to the inspiration behind this car. This customization maxes out all the car stats, which means more speed and greater acceleration. Moreover, this customization makes the car resemble the Audi Q5 even more.

The customization is cosmetic and adds to the car’s overall power. As a result, the car becomes faster and is added with more armor. So head out to your nearest auto workshop to get your upgrades.

Here is what you would need for the build:

  • Armor 100% – $35000
  • Race Brakes – $17500
  • EMS upgrade Level 4 – $16750
  • Xenon Lights – $5000
  • License Plate Yellow On Black – $300
  • Dark Blue Primary Metallic Color – $1550
  • Competition Suspension – $4400
  • Race Transmission – $20000
  • Turbo Tuning – $35000
  • Chromatic Z Stock Rims – $9620
  • Black Wheel Color – $950
  • Bulletproof Tires – $25000
  • Window Limo Tint – $5000

This is a very simple and minimal customization, which is something I prefer. Moreover, this is the prime example of less is better. Here the minimum cosmetic changes make the car look even more classy. So if you want your car to look good but also sophisticated and simple, this custom build should be your main choice.

Purple Sport

purple custom build in gta 5 rocoto
Purple Sport Custom Build

This is again one of the low-key customs builds for your Obey Rocoto. This customization adds a sports look to this car. Consequently, the car gets some major upgrades in speed, so now the car is much faster. However, there isn’t much you can do in the workshop to this car, still, this modification uses those few options well. Moreover, the color of the car also makes the car stand out and aesthetic to look.

Here is what you need for this build:

  • Armor 100% – $35000
  • Race Brakes – $17500
  • EMS upgrade Level 4 – $16750
  • Xenon Lights – $5000
  • Front, Back, and Sides Neon Lights – $3000
  • Neon Color Mint Green – $450
  • Yellow On Black License Plates – $150
  • Schafter Purple Primary Metallic Color – $650
  • Blaze Red Pearlescent – $1100
  • Competition Suspension – $4400
  • Race Transmission – $20000
  • Turbo Tuning – $35000
  • SUV Rims VIP – $3180
  • Wheel Color Black – $500
  • Bulletproof tire – $4000
  • Limo Tint – $7000

This completes your custom build for this purple sports SUV. You can take this car around the town and show it to other players. Moreover, this custom design stands out but blends in with other cars.  So you can blend in with other vehicles when you are getting chased.

My Opinion

When I first laid eyes on an Obey Rocoto it seemed like an ordinary vehicle when it passed by. However, this hidden gem packs many special features. The car has an impressive amount of speed, along with some great handling stats. From my experience, this SUV shines especially on dirt roads where you can get an idea of the handling.

Moreover, I easily found this car relatively easily in the open world. This means you can add this car to your collection without spending much. Furthermore, Obey Rocoto’s tough body and frame make it an ideal armored car. The car also has a classy design, so you always seem like you mean business. So, if you are looking for a comfortable vehicle with speed, Obey Rocoto should be your top choice.

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