Tears of The Kingdom: All 7 Gerudo Orb Locations

Find all 7 Orb locations by getting help from our guide in Gerudo town and complete the Mysterious Eighth quest to win exciting rewards.

All orb locations in Tears of the Kingdom
All orb locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Completing the quests in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom is an exciting way to win various lucrative rewards while completing the main storyline. However, not all quests are as simple as they seem, and many will require some guidance to complete them. Such is the case with the Mysterious Eighth quest, which tasks players to go to seven locations to find the Gerudo orb in Tears of Kingdom. We will talk about these locations in detail.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mysterious Eighth quest tasks players with finding seven orb locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom.
  • Finding the seven orbs opens a new portal from which players can get the final huge orb and take it to Gerudo Sanctuary to complete the mission and receive rewards.
  • Players start this quest on the advice of Rotana after completing the Seven Heroine’s Secret and Riju of Gerudo Town quests. 
  • The first orb can be found inside the Gerudo shelter, exactly where you met Rotana. It is called the Golden Ring orb, and players can use Ultrahand to relocate it to the room filled with Statues.
  • Ruby Comma is the second orb on the list, and players can easily find it inside the Gerudo Shelter. All they need to do is to look for it in the Sleeping Quarters.
  • Players can find the Crystal Colon orb beside the sleeping quarters, the third one on the list. 
  • Stairs leading down to a basement beside the Sand Seal Enclosure will let players find the Emerald I orb, the fourth one on the list.
  • Sapphire Flame is the fifth orb that can be obtained from the main market in Gerudo Town after completing Dalia’s Game side quest.
  • Amber Triangle is the sixth orb players can find on top of a ruined tower near the Gerudo Palace.
  • Finally, completing the Lost in Dunes side quest will reward players with the seventh orb in the game. However, to start the quest, players must travel to the Kara Kara Bazaar.
  • After placing all seven orbs in their dedicated slots on the statues, a secret area will open with a huge orb. Taking it to Gerudo Sanctuary will complete the quest.

Mysterious Eighth Quest

After completing the Seven Heroine’s Secret, the first quest after entering Gerudo town in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom, players will start the Mysterious Eighth quest. It tasks players to find orbs in seven locations around the Gerudo desert.

Gerudo Town
Gerudo Town in Tears of Kingdom
Quest The Mysterious Eighth
Starting Location Gerudo Shelter
Given By (NPC) Rotana
Objectives Find orbs from seven different locations in the Gerudo Desert
Completion Rewards
  • Diamond
  • 7 Hydromelons
  • 300 Rupees

While starting a conversation with Rotana, she will inform you about the eight heroes from Gerudo’s past. Further conversation with her will start the Mysterious Eighth quest. You will have to find various objects, also known as orbs, and put them in a statue’s arm inside Rotana’s room. While the first five locations are easier to trace, the last two are more of a headache with their sub-quests.

You must complete the Riju of Gerudo Town quest before looking for orbs. Similarly, memorize the symbols on statues as they correspond to their specific orb’s shape.

Let us discuss all these locations in detail.

Here, you can find all details about the seven orb locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom. Moreover, further details about the 8th orb and its location are also discussed. Make sure to read it to the end for all information.

Orb# Location Coordinates
Orb 1 Main Area, Gerudo Shelter -3884, -2971, 0033
Orb 2 Sleeping Quarters, Gerudo Shelter  -3912, -2928, 0037
Orb 3 Shelter Bar, Gerudo Shelter  -3902, 2927, 0030
Orb 4 Sand Seal Enclosure, Gerudo Shelter  -3878, -2899, 0047
Orb 5 Dalia’s Game -3814, -2874, 0043
Orb 6 Rooftop, Broken Building, Gerudo Town -3801, -2974, 0060
Orb 7 Lost in the Dunes, Kara Kara Bazar -3273, -2584, 0023
Orb 8 Gerudo Sanctuary N/A

Orb 1 – Golden Ring Orb

It is the easiest one to find in Tears of the Kingdom. Here are further details:

  • Go back to the same place where you met Rotana in the Gerudo Shelter.
  • You can find this location by gy going past the school from the main chamber.
  • Look for the exact place where, in the previous quest, you gave White Stelae’s pictures to Rotana.
  • Right in front of that place on the floor, you will see a black sphere with a specific symbol. The symbol will be matched with one of the statues’ symbols.
  • Use Ultrahand to carry the Golden Ring orb and place it in one of the statues’ hands with the matching symbol.
Orb locations in Tears of kingdom
Carrying an orb using the Ultrahand ability.

Orb 2 – Ruby Comma Orb

The second Orb can also be found easily in the Gerudo Shelter. Here are further details:

  • Make your way to the Gerudo shelter if you are not already there.
  • Once inside, make your way to the back side of the building by passing through the main room.
  • When you see the nearby jail, look towards your right and find Sleeping Quarters.
  • However, you will have to use the Ascent ability to get there. 
  • Keep looking between these sleeping quarters from afar until you notice a hollowed-out quarter with a fairly known symbol on it.
  • Use the Ascent ability to jump up to it, and you will find the Ruby Comma orb inside.
  • Carry it with the Ultrahand and place it on the Heroine’s statue back in the room.
orb in sleeping quarters
Orb in the Sleeping Quarters.

Orb 3 – Crystal Colon Orb

This one is the easiest to trace out of all the orb locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom. Here are all the relevant details about this location:

  • Simply go to Gerudo Shelter’s bar. You can easily find it beside the sleeping quarters where you found the second orb.
  • However, if you are somewhere else, consider going to the shelter and the right side of the bar.
  • Closely looking around, you will notice an empty table there. Just beside the table, you will find your third orb in the game.
  • Use Ultrahand to pick it up and place it, again, on the Heroine’s statue.

Orb 4 – Emerald I Orb

For the fourth orb, you will have to move to another location. Here is a step-by-step guide on locating the fourth orb in Tears of Kingdom:

  • Go to the main gate and make your way inside the Gerudo town. 
  • Roam around the area and locate the Sand Seal Enclosure. You will find it on the left side immediately after entering the town.
  • Looking around, you will notice some stairs leading down the ground. Make your way inside, and you will see many weapons there.
  • Besides these many weapons, you will also find a Gerudo Spear resting on the ground.
  • Pick it up using the Ultrahand ability and return to where you took all other orbs.

Orb 5 – Sapphire Flame Orb

While locating the fifth orb is not difficult, completing it by completing Dalia’s Game side quest will surely be challenging. Here is how you can do it:

  • Make your way inside the town and go to the right side towards the main market.
  • You will find the 5th orb somewhere there. However, go there in the morning as it won’t be visible at night.
  • When you approach the orb, Dalia will appear there, prompting Dalia’s Game side quest. It will task you with finding her Sand Seal plushie. While the task is not any difficult, the time limit makes it frustrating. Here is how you can do it.
    • Return to the shelter and find the room with the mural and training dummies.
    • At the right side of the room, inside a cut-out made on the wall, players will find the Sand Seal stuffed doll.
    • Take it back to Dalia in the given time frame to complete the quest.
  • Once the quest is completed, return the orb to Rotana, where you placed all other orbs.
carrying an orb
Finding the orb in Gerudo Town’s main market.

Orb 6 – Amber Triangle Orb

It is another easy-to-locate orb in Tears of Kingdom. Here are the complete details about the Amber Triangle Orb:

  • Go back to Gerudo town and look for the Gerudo palace.
  • Beside the palace’s entrance, you will see a ruined tower.
  • Try to make it to the top of the tower. You can always use Ascent or any other such ability to do so.
  • If you still don’t have this ability, climb up the tower.
  • You will find a heap of sand at the tower’s very top.
  • The orb can be found below the sand. Therefore, you must bring proper equipment like Korok Leaf or Fan Zonai Device to blow out the sand.
  • Like with other orbs, take it back to the statues.
all orb locations in Tears of kingdom
Amber Triangle Orb can be found inside this heap of sand in Tears of Kingdom.

Orb 7 – Lost In The Dunes

The seventh orb takes you on a long journey and challenges you with a new side quest. Here is how you can efficiently reach it and get it in Tears of Kingdom:

  • In the northwest of Gerudo Town, the Kara Kara Bazaar is exciting. It has the seventh orb in Tears of Kingdom.
kara kara bazaar
Kara Kara Bazaar on the map.
  • You can find the orb in the feet of two Hylian guys in front of a store. However, getting the orb won’t be as easy, as you must find Ponthos, the owner. Opting in to find the owner will start the Lost in Dunes side quest. Here is how it goes:
    • By speaking to Benja, Link gets an idea about the whereabouts of Ponthose. He is probably somewhere lost in the desert in the west.
    • Link will observe a ruin with a campfire near it. Around the same place, he will find a sinkhole with a few weapons stuck in it.
    • This is where Ponthos is stuck. Break into it somehow and make your way out with Ponthos from various rock walls until you find some ladders to get you out of there.
  • Ponthos, after getting out alive, will thank Link and reward him with the seventh orb in the game.
  • Place it with the other orbs on statues in the Gerudo chambers.

Orb 8 – Gerudo Sanctuary

Placing all seven orbs in their dedicated slots will start shaking the whole place. Finally, a hidden area will open in between these statues. You will observe a huge orb in the middle of the area. Moving closer to it, you will find a tablet with some instructions. These instructions will guide Link to move the huge orb to North Gerudo ruins beneath the Sanctuary. 

Here are some tips to finally finish the Mysterious Eighth quest by moving the huge orb to its dedicated location and claiming the rewards:

  • Use Ultrahand to carry the orb. It is a long way out there. However, the good thing is that you won’t encounter any enemies on your way.
  • Moreover, Rotana will be accompanying you on your journey. Luckily, a mission marker on your map will guide you throughout your journey.
  • When in North Gerudo, you will find a hole in the ground. Passing through various cave openings, you will reach the Statue of the Eighth Heroine Room. Roam around the area to look for various extra rewards.
  • Finally, starting a conversation with Rotana will complete the Mysterious Eighth quest, and you will receive your rewards.
all orb locations in tears of kingdom
Statue of the Eighth Heroine Room in Tears of Kingdom.

This was all for our guide on all the orb locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom. It is an exciting way to receive some good rewards and explore various locations, a good way of progressing through the storyline. How far have you made it into the game, and what are your reviews about it? Tell us in the comments below.

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