GTA V: Paleto Bay Location [All Activities]

Here is everything you need to know about the small, beautiful town of Paleto Bay featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

paleto bay in gta v
paleto bay in gta v

GTA V features a lot of beautiful towns and places. Here we are going to discuss the beautiful town of Paleto Bay in GTA V, and we will tell you everything there is to know about this town in GTA V.

Key Takeaways

  • Paleto Bay is a small town situated in Blaine County in San Andreas on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean.
  • It has some breathtaking attractions, including Paleto Bay Beach, Paleto Cove, Paleto Forest, and Mount Chiliad.
  • Players can indulge in many fun activities, including fishing at Paleto Bay Pier and Parachuting to the beautiful beach in this scenic neighborhood.
  • Moreover, Paleto Bay also has some cool local attractions, including St. Brigid Baptist Church, Paleto Boulevard, Clucking Bell Farms, etc.
  • Several important missions both in GTA Online and GTA V Story Mode are also staged in Paleto Bay, available for players to enjoy anytime.
  • Paleto Bay also has a small police department that protects Paleto Bay and its surrounding areas.
  • A Paleto Bay Enhancement Mod can also be installed in the game to take your experience of this town one notch up.

Paleto Bay Location In GTA V

This small, peaceful, scenic town of Paleto Bay is a part of Blaine County in San Andreas. Roaming the streets of Paleto Bay, you can have a great view of the mighty Chiliad Moutain.

To the south of the town, there is the beautiful and picturesque Paleto Forest, full of coniferous trees. Moreover, this town is situated just along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and has a very calm and soothing beach and a scenic pier. Most of the city has rural vibes with tiny homes and local shops, and small businesses contributing to the true American Dream.

Aerial view of Paleto Bay area
Aerial view of the Paleto Bay area
Map Location of Paleto Bay in GTA V
Map Location of Paleto Bay in GTA V

The location of the town on GTA V’s map is shown below:


Attractions In Paleto Bay

Paleto Bay is probably one of the most peaceful and scenic towns in the game. It has a lot to offer which you will realize as soon as you enter the town. Some of the top attractions in Paleto Bay are given below:

Paleto Bay Pier

Paleto Bay pier is located in the town of Paleto Bay and is a wooden pier that stretches out into the ocean. The pier offers a great vantage point for taking in the beautiful views of the beach and the surrounding area, and players can also find a bait shop nearby where they can purchase different types of bait for fishing.

The pier is also a popular spot for players to take screenshots and for players to take their boats and jet skis and enjoy a leisurely ride in the ocean. Additionally, players may also be able to find some Easter eggs and secrets on the pier, like Ship Wreck locations in GTA 5.

Paleto Bay Pier in GTA V
Paleto Bay Pier in GTA V

Paleto Forest

Paleto Forest is a dense forest located just north of Paleto Bay. The forest is a popular spot for hiking and exploring the wilderness, and it’s home to various plant and animal species.

The forest is also a location for specific missions and activities in the game. Players can explore the forest on foot, by bike, or by using various vehicles such as ATVs and dirt bikes. The forest is also home to a few hidden collectibles, and players can also find a few secret locations and Easter eggs scattered throughout the forest.

Paleto Forest in GTA V
Paleto Forest in GTA V

Paleto forest is a good place for players to find some seclusion and escape the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s also an excellent spot for players who enjoy off-roading and exploring rugged terrain.

Overall, the Paleto Forest is a unique and exciting location in the game, and it offers players a chance to experience a different side of the game world.

Easter Eggs In Paleto Forest

There are some cool Easter Eggs in Paleto Forest that can be a surprise for many readers. Some of them are given below:

Bigfoot in Paleto Forest: A monster resembling bigfoot is known to dwell in the Paleto Forest. The players can also run into it in one of the game missions if playing as Franklin.

Horrifying Sounds: It occurs rarely, but sometimes at night, if you are roaming through the Paleto Forest, you will hear a dreadful sound. After this sound is heard, the player panics and the character‘s health bar starts automatically depleting until the player returns to the city.

Paleto Cove

Paleto Cove is a small beach town located in the northern part of San Andreas. The town is located just north of Paleto Bay, and it is a tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and peaceful atmosphere.

The Cove features a beach, a pier, shops, and restaurants. The beach is a great spot for swimming and sunbathing, and it is also a popular spot for fishing. The pier has a great view of the ocean and the surrounding area. There are also a few small boats docked at the pier, which players can use to go fishing or take a leisurely boat ride.

Paleto Cove in GTA V
Paleto Cove in GTA V

Paleto Cove is a great place to relax and unwind, and it’s a good spot for players who want to take a break from the game’s fast-paced action. Overall, Paleto Cove is a small but charming location in the game; it offers players a chance to experience some of the more peaceful activities that the game has to offer.

Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad is a large mountain located in the Grand Theft Auto V video game; it is located in the northeastern part of the state of San Andreas. Paleto Bay gives a majestic view of this colossal mountain peak. The mountain is the highest point in the game and can be climbed by players using various vehicles or on foot.

The mountain is home to a variety of different activities and features, such as:

  • A cable car that takes players to the top of the mountain.
  • A lookout tower at the summit offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area.
  • A parachute jump that allows players to jump off the mountain and parachute to the ground.
  • Many hiking and biking trails allow players to explore the mountain’s rugged terrain.
  • A hidden message on the hill has led to several theories and speculation among players.
Mount Chiliad, as seen from Paleto Bay at sunrise.
Mount Chiliad, as seen from Paleto Bay at sunrise.

Mount Chiliad is also a location for specific missions and activities in the game, and it’s a good spot for players who enjoy exploring rugged terrain and taking in the game’s beautiful scenery.

North Point (Paleto Bay Beach)

Located on the west coast of the fictional state of San Andreas, Paleto Bay Beach is a small but picturesque destination in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V. Despite its small size, Paleto Bay Beach offers a variety of activities and hidden secrets for players to discover.

One of the main attractions of Paleto Bay Beach is its serene atmosphere. The beach is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing, and players can also find a variety of hidden collectibles and Easter eggs scattered throughout the area. Whether you’re looking to relax and soak up the virtual sun or on the hunt for rare and valuable items, Paleto Bay Beach has something to offer.

North Point (Paleto Bay Beach) in GTA V
North Point (Paleto Bay Beach) in GTA V

Paleto Bay Beach is undoubtedly a destination that Grand Theft Auto V players should not overlook. Its beautiful scenery, hidden secrets, and various activities offer a unique and enjoyable experience that sets it apart from the more prominent and bustling destinations in the game.

So, next time you explore the world of Grand Theft Auto V, take a trip to Paleto Bay Beach and discover all it has to offer.


Fishing At Paleto Bay Pier

Paleto Bay Pier, situated in Paleto Cove, is just the right spot for you if you are in the mood for fishing. If you visit the pier, you can see some NPCs fishing there.

NPCs fishing at Pier
NPCs fishing at Paleto Bay Pier

Parachuting To Paleto Bay Beach

If you want the most scenic and iconic parachute dive in the whole of GTA V, then there is probably no place better than Paleto Bay Beach. You can go up a mountain and dive from there using a parachute down to Paleto Bay Beach and enjoy one of the most scenic views of the game.

A player Parachuting to beach in GTA V
A player Parachuting to Paleto Bay beach in GTA V

Exploring The Surrounding Area

Duluoz Avenue

Duluoz Avenue is one of the leading and famous roads in the Paleto Bay area. This avenue passes through both Paleto Boulevard and Great Ocean Highway. Moreover, many local businesses and shops are located on this road, including the local bakery, tattoo, and auto shop.

Duluoz Avenue in GTA V
Duluoz Avenue in GTA V

Paleto Boulevard

Paleto Boulevard is another important and one of the few main roads in the small town of Paleto Bay. Almost all the major businesses and shops of the town are situated on this road. Moreover, the local church, fire station, and sheriff’s office are also down this road.

Paleto Boulevard in GTA V
Paleto Boulevard in GTA V

Clucking Bell Farms

You might have seen Cluckin’ Bell fast food restaurants all over the map in GTA V’s open world. All the meat delivered to this fast food chain is processed here in the Clucking Bell Farms. This poultry farm is situated on the famous Great Ocean Highway of Paleto Bay.

The Interior of this building is inaccessible to the players under normal circumstances. One exception is during one of the Paleto Bay missions, “The Paleto Score” in which players enter this facility. The signature large chicken right on the main road is a local attraction.

Clucking Bell Farms of Paleto Bay in GTA V
Clucking Bell Farms of Paleto Bay in GTA V

Procopio Beach

Situated east of Paleto Bay, Procopio Beach is where the Cayo Perico Heist takes place. You can roam around and take a stroll on its beautiful shore, or you can go for a cool swim.

Procopio Beach in GTA V
Procopio Beach in GTA V

St. Brigid Baptist Church

This beautiful church having its design inspiration from the Hill Valley Church network is situated on the famous Paleto Boulevard in Paleto Bay. However, this church does not have much significance in the story mode; in one of the missions, we have to drop a man at this church. Moreover, a significant thing about this church is that its bell rings every hour, which you can hear if you are in its vicinity.

St. Brigid Baptist Church in Paleto Bay
St. Brigid Baptist Church in Paleto Bay

Missions Set In Paleto Bay

Paleto Bay is a mission location for several story mode and GTA Online missions. Even a mission from Los Santos Tuners DLC update is staged here. Following are the few missions from the game that takes place in Paleto Bay:

Campaign Missions

  • Minute Man Blues – Near the Hen House in Paleto Bay, the player is tasked with killing two men named Josef and Joe. It is the last in the series of Border Patrol missions.
  • Paleto Score Setup – It is one of the missions in which two game protagonists, Michael and Trevor, interact. Both of them meet in Paleto Bay and then go on to attack a bank in Blaine County. The mission ends with Lester making preparations for a heist.
  • The Paleto Score – It is one of the heist missions in the story mode and is executed by all three main characters of the game. It takes place in a bank in Paleto Bay.

GTA Online Missions

  • A Boat In The Bay – We are tasked with stealing a boat from Paleto Bay and delivering it to a jetty.
  • Time To Get Away – This mission takes place in northern Paleto Bay. We must rescue a character named El Estupido from Donkey Punch Family Farm and drop him at the nearby airport.
  • Diamonds Are For Trevor – In this mission, we have to interrupt a shipment of diamonds in the Paleto Bay area. After killing all the security personnel, we must steal the diamonds and deliver them to Trevor.
  • On Maneuvers – We must steal an Annihilator helicopter from an army base in Paleto Bay. Moreover, we have to protect it from military helicopters and jets. We have to deliver it to the Sandy Shores Airfield safely.

DLC Missions

  • The Superdollar Deal – This mission is added to the game as a part of the Los Santos Tuners DLC update. It is a contract mission in which we must steal bank plates from a military-protected vehicle. It also features the Paleto Bay area.

Being a small town and still featuring in this significant number of missions reflect Paleto Bay’s importance in Grand Theft Auto V.

Paleto Bay Police Department

Like other towns in GTA 5, such as Blaine County, Sandy Shores, and San Andreas, Paleto Bay also has its own Police Department. The Paleto Bay Police Department (PBPD) is a comparatively smaller one consisting of only 12 officers and a fleet of nearly six vehicles. It is because only a small town and its surrounding areas come under its jurisdiction.

Paleto Bay also has a sheriff’s office at Route 1 and the County’s Boulevard intersection. This station also serves as a respawn point for players killed by the police while committing crimes.

There is also a helipad behind the building where various choppers can spawn depending on your rank in the game, including Cargobob, Annihilator, and Maverick. Moreover, a wide variety of police vehicles, including Police Rangers and Police Cruisers, can also be stolen here.

Paleto Bay Sherrif's Office
Paleto Bay Sherrif’s Office

While the department is small, it still allows players to engage in police-themed activities. Players can steal a police car and go on high-speed chases, rob the police station, or even steal a police helicopter. The department also serves as a location for several missions, where players must take down criminals or rescue hostages.

Paleto Bay Enhancement

Paleto Bay is already one of the most serene and scenic towns on the map of GTA V., But if you want to take your experience of Paleto Bay even one notch up, then we got just the right thing for you.

Arnored from develops mods to enhance the experience of different towns on GTA 5’s map. These mods not only add additional scenery to these towns in the game but also put some cool places on the map, taking your city experience to the next level.

Paleto Bay Enhancement Mod provides you with the experience of a New Paleto Bay. This mod not only enhances the scenic beauty of Paleto Bay but also changes the mechanics of how GTA works.

New Paleto Bay is going to be the safest and most civilized place on the map of GTA 5. After installing the mod, you will see multiple demonstrations by the residents of Paleto Bay against crime all over the city.

Enhancement MOD update
Paleto Bay Enhancement Mod in GTA V

Moreover, to ensure a safe and peaceful environment in Paleto Bay, the use of ammunition is wholly prohibited. Any use of weapons inside Paleto Bay will be met with military resistance.

New Paleto Bay provides the picture of an ideal city that is properly developed and is a dream place for anybody to live. It has additional beautiful racing tracks added all over the county. Moreover, its scenic location beside the mountains and overlooking the sea makes it the most desirable.

How To Install Paleto Bay Enhancement?

To enjoy this enhanced version of Paleto Bay in your game, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Head over to the Paleto Bay Enhancement Mod download page.
  • Download the Mod files from the website
  • Simply copy the “paletobay” file to the “AutoloadMaps” folder inside the “scripts” folder of the GTA V installation directory.
  • Start the game and enjoy the enhanced Paleto Bay experience.

Note: Some Mods might corrupt your game files. To install this mod at your own risk, we advise you to back up your game files before installation. In case of any damage to your game files, we will not be responsible.

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In conclusion, Paleto Bay is a small but picturesque, serene location that is undoubtedly worth a visit. From the serene Paleto Bay Beach and the picturesque Paleto Bay Pier to the bustling Paleto Boulevard and the fast-paced Clucking Bell Farms, it has something for every type of player. We hope we have not missed anything. If you further know something interesting about the location, do let us know in the comments below.

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