Street Fighter 6: How To Use Perfect Parry

Learn how to perform perfect parry against the opponents in Street Fighter 6 to get the upper hand in matches.

Perfect Parry technique in Street Fighter 6
Check out our definitive guide on how to perform a Perfect Parry in Street Fighter 6 and its uses in matches against opponents,

In this detailed guide, we will discuss how to execute and use Perfect Parry in the tough matches of Street Fighter 6 and how you can perform it to attack your opponents off guard. Among several strategies you can use in Street Fighter 6, one of the most amazing is the Perfect Parry in the game, otherwise known as “Drive Parry” in Street Fighter 6. 

Key Highlights 

  • Perfect Parry is an amazing strategy to have in your combos, and although it is not anything that novice players should sweat too much about, it is still essential to master it.
  • Drive Perfect Parry is a shielding mechanism that every character on the roster can use. 
  • The mechanism can even stop direct Super Arts, so it’s an effective go-to for players who need help blocking their rival’s attacks. 
  • Parries cannot be executed constantly in matches and rapidly deplete the Drive Gauge meter as you block incoming attacks. 
  • When successfully performed, Drive Parry lets you automatically dodge an opponent’s attack, take no damage, and recover a part of the Drive Gauge. If you accomplish a Perfect Parry and escape just before an opponent’s attack hits you, it will trigger a slow-motion effect that lets you counter with a combo attack that wouldn’t otherwise connect. It will use about half of your Drive Gauge bar. 
  • Parries may be able to counter the deadly combo attacks while dealing with super moves. 
  • Street Fighter 6’s Drive Parry is an active counter to block notable damage during your opponent’s attack. It’s also a returning mechanism, previously a part of Street Fighter 3.

But first, let’s discuss what Perfect Parry is. Perfect Parry is the technique that drives the Street Fighter 6 Parry structure closely to the Street Fighter 3 Parry structure. A Perfect Parry can be incorporated into the matches using the assigned button input just before the opponent attacks. 

Additionally, Perfect Parries will take up some of your energy from the drive gauge bar and allow the players to block basic attacks and special moves, including Super Arts. Drive Parry repels opponent attacks automatically while filling your Drive Gauge from each hit you manage to parry successfully. Below, you will see why we should use the Perfect Parry mechanism rather than Blocking in the matches of Street Fighter 6.

How To Use Perfect Parry 

Perfect Parry starts by pressing MP + MK simultaneously, and Parry will block all incoming strikes, including upper, lower, and attacks from every trajectory. The only attacks and moves that Perfect Parry can’t counter are throws. Furthermore, you will also be unable to block a grab attack.

If the opponent attacks from the top or bottom and uses combos, it will be hard for the players to block that move successfully. However, we can counter it by switching to Perfect Parry. Structurally, the perfect parry mechanism is similar to blocking and standing guard, which can counter almost all strikes except for grabs and throws. 

Perfect Parry in Street Fighter 6
Perfect Parry in Street Fighter 6
  • Perfect Parry uses a significant amount of energy from the drive gauge; thus, Parry is powerful for Blocking the incoming attack while attempting to escape your opponent. Perfect Parry can be easily activated with buttons depending on your modern or classic controls.
  • It can be helpful to counter the attacks that can come from any trajectory.
  • The Perfect Parry can block most in game attacks. Once you have practiced enough you will be able to repel special moves like Super Arts. Furthermore, it is a highly powerful technique capable of blocking any Unique Attacks each character in Street Fighter 6 can perform.
    Perfect Parry technique in Street Fighter 6
    Parrying high attacks
  • Furthermore, it should also be acknowledged that the Perfect Parry mechanism has the same recovery as blocking; thus, one technique has no significant advantages over others. The players should parry or block incoming attacks depending upon the attack and playstyle of their opponent. So look for a pattern to counter or parry your enemy’s attacks accordingly!

Importance Of Perfect Parry

Historically, in 1994, the SNK Fighting game Samurai Showdown 2 was first recognized for incorporating the Perfect Parry system in fighting games. However, the parrying mechanism was popular and most polished in Street Fighter 3.

How To Use Perfect Parry in Street Fighter 6 (4)
Counters after Parrying

No matter the attack, it can be dodged by parrying, and no damage will happen. However, some attacks cannot be parried; these are basic grabs and throws. Perfect Parry is very different from counterattacks, as the latter uses in-game moves to be launched immediately after the opening attack.

  •  If a Parry blocks the attack within the initial two frames, it will become a Perfect Parry, followed by a quick freeze frame. It can be more useful when performed directly as it can stop the opponent from finishing off their attack and deliver a guaranteed punishment counter.
  • Every character in Street Fighter 6 can use the Perfect Drive Parry, from Chun-Li to JP, and even your custom character. 
  • Perfect Parry is way more challenging if the animation lags or you perform it after your opponent attacks. Therefore, it will execute perfectly when you get the opportunity or a two-frame window to land the perfect Parry. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent method to turn the fight around quickly in your favor.
    Parrying low atttacks
    Parrying low attacks

Characters like Ryu can parry the attack and recover faster than their opponent. Because of this, Ryu can Perfect Parry from several attacks and still have time to start the combo. However, because of its unique input, Ryu can miss Parry easily if the button input is incorrect. Therefore, he will be left vulnerable to more attacks. 

Tips And Tricks

Below, we discuss the tips and tricks for Perfect Parry. The players should practice the move before incorporating it into their moveset and using it in matches.

How to Perfect Parry in Street Fighter 6
Tips for parrying
  • A Perfect Parry can block all the counterattacks.
  • When you land the Perfect Parry, follow up using only the most extensive and powerful combos you know.  
  • Also, remember that if you start playing the game from the beginning, Perfect Parry is not something you should be sweating about, as it is an expert-level move. 
  • By practicing enough, Parrying will become easy to perform for you, and it will help you develop your moveset greatly. First, you need to learn blocking effectively to make things simple. Parrying can be done after you have mastered the basic moves of your character. 

This was all you needed to know on Perfect Parry in Street Fighter 6. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions regarding the technique!

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