GTA 5: Phantom Car [Location Guide]

Learn where to find the Phantom Car in GTA 5, which is considered a ghost car that suddenly appears and drives around the Los Santos.

Phantom Car in GTA 5
Phantom Car in GTA 5

Have you ever come across a car in GTA 5 that appears and then fades? It has become a hot topic among players worldwide. Discovering more about this incredible car will spark your interest. This enigmatic car is called a “Phantom Car in GTA 5.”

A Phantom Car in GTA 5 Online is a ghost car that appears and drives around Los Santos and Blaine County streets. This car usually seems to be going with no driver, instilling fear into players as it stalks its prey. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s ride to explore the mysterious world of phantom cars in GTA 5!

Key Takeaways

  • A Phantom Car in GTA 5 is a ghost car that appears and drives around Los Santos.
  • These cars usually seem to go without a driver, instilling fear into players.
  • You will find a phantom car anywhere on the map.
  • The car won’t attack a target player; it just follows them.

Specification Of The Phantom Car

When you search the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County, you can find the phantom car in Garnet Red with a Graphite roof. It has whitewall tires with OG Hunnet wheels. And a licensed plate with the “EAB 211” number is its special feature.

Also, it features a unique detuned horn and particular flame sounds and effects. An invisible NPC will drive it to give the appearance of moving on its own.

How Does Phantom Car Target

Phantom Car in GTA 5 targeting

The Phantom Car won’t attack a target player while in a moving vehicle; it will just follow them around. On the other hand, when they’re on foot, it turns hostile, the hood catches fire, the headlights turn red, and it tries to ram and kill them.

The target player can burst into flames from the car when attacked, and the fire will continue till they die, which differs from the default settings but has no impact on non-target players. Even though the Phantom Car is indestructible, explosive weapons can still defeat it.

Once when target player is killed or defeated, the event is over, and the Phantom Car disappears. If someone traps this car for a long time, it will despawn. There is no collision with a pedestrian. It forced players to enter a building like Los Santos Customs.

Time And Spawn Location Of A Phantom Car In GTA 5

Appearance of a Phantom Car

You can find a phantom car anywhere on the map, but you need a few requirements for an encounter, such as being in free-roam mode, not inside a building. A minimum of 16 minutes, or 8 hours in-game, must have passed since you started the game.

Solo play is not permitted; it requires at least two players. You should be in a standard vehicle or on foot. Weaponized vehicles like helicopters are not allowed. In-game time must be from 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

If the preceding circumstances are met, the GTA Online Phantom car may spawn nearby. You will notice a scary revving sound when this happens. If you’re on a drive, the killer car will follow you; if you continue driving without interacting with it, it will soon leave.

The GTA Phantom car goes into full Christine mode as you exit your vehicle or start to walk. It explodes with blood-red headlights, and the primary intention is to run over. Get an excellent vantage point or move to the side to avoid its spinning circle because, before destruction, it gets much damage.

If you enter another vehicle at any time, the flames will disappear. As a result, the GTA Phantom Car will restart its shadowing mode, giving you some breathing room.

How To Customize Your Own Phantom Car In GTA 5?

Customizing the phantom car

You can also customize your own phantom car in GTA 5 Online. Benny’s Original Motor Works, where the players may purchase Tornado Custom, offers the base car for just $375,000. Later, you can customize it from the same shop to resemble the Phantom car. The player can modify the Tornado Custom to reach the Phantom Car in the following ways.

Garnet red is the primary color, red is the secondary color, and black is the iridescent color. You can customize the wheel as Benny’s Original, OG Hunnets, Chrome Lip, and Retro White Wall. You may change the trim color in Graphite and wheel color as the default Alloy.

Livery and secondary liver remain unchanged. You can change Red Lights with Xenon and Light Smoke in Windows Smoke, toggled Extras in 12 – Dashboard air freshener, Hydraulics in Ouad Pumps, and Panel Color.

The lack of application options prevents the addition of the flame effect and the invisible driver ability. When the Phantom version of the car debuted last year during the Halloween event, Rockstar Games added those features to GTA Online.


Phantom cars in GTA 5 are a critical element that has drawn the interest of many gamers throughout the years. Even though no players control these cars, they seem to drive themselves. Whatever the reason for Phantom cars in GTA 5, they have affected the culture and community of the game.

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