Punch Enchantment in Minecraft [How it Works & How to Craft it]

If you want to deal with a large mob with ease, using the punch enchantment on a bow is a clever idea.

Punch Enchantment in Minecraft
Punch Enchantment in Minecraft

When you shoot an arrow from your bow, it deals damage and knocks back the target. The punch enchantment boosts this effect and can be applied to any bow you acquire.

Key Takeaways

  • Punch Enchantment adds a significant boost to the knockback effect of the arrow-ranged attacks. 
  • This enchantment has a maximum of two levels. “Punch I” knocks enemies back three blocks, while Punch II doubles that, knocking them back six blocks.
  • You can get the punch enchantment via the Enchantment Table or an Anvil.
  • An Anvil will require enchantment books if you want to enchant any item. These books can be yours by trading with villagers or finding them by looting or fishing.

Method 1: Enchantment Table

Once your enchanting table is ready, place it anywhere that’s convenient. I recommend surrounding the table with bookshelves, as that gives you access to higher-tier enchantments with the table. However, that’s not necessary for the punch enchantment in Minecraft.

Crafting Enchantment Table
Here’s how enchanting tables are crafted.

Last but not least, you will need Lapuz Lazuli. This is an essential mineral in Minecraft that you need to enchant any item from your inventory. Players can get it by smelting Lapus Lazuli ores or mining their blocks.

Here are the steps you’ll want to take to get the punch enchantment:

Crafting Punch Enchantment in Minecraft
This is what an Enchanting Table looks like in the game
  1. Open the enchanting table to bring up the enchanting menu. You’ll see two slots for placing materials there. 
  2. Now, select and move your bow from the inventory into the first slot (the left one). Do the same for Lapuz Lazuri, putting it into the slot next to it.
  3. Click on the area on the right with the numbers and strange markings to enchant your bow.
  4. The game will tell you what you’ll get before you click to enchant.
  5. The Punch enchantment is secondary and rare as it is a primary enchantment shown on the table.
  6. If you don’t get the punch enchantment right away, you’ll need to try again till you get it. Of course, this wastes some Lapus Lazuli, but it doesn’t take long to get Punch 1.

The process may be a bit involved, especially if you are a beginner. Still, enchanting is something that even newbies should try to be familiar with. 

Method 2: Using The Anvil

Crafting an Anvil is easy. You need to combine iron ore and ingots. Now, with your anvil ready, you’ll need to prepare enchanting items and combine them with Enchanted books. 

Crafting an Anvil
This is how you craft an anvil.

Once your anvil is ready, you can prepare your enchanting items. However, you’ll need to combine those items with Enchanted books to enchant them.

Of course, you’ll need to find these enchanted books sooner than later. Here’s how you can find them:

Looting Treasures

I explored dungeons for chests containing enchanted books. I also found them in shipwrecks, desert temples, and specific areas. 

Chests in Minecraft
There are numerous hidden treasures in every Minecraft world

You can also open loot chests and locate buried treasures in these areas to find enchanted books. Luck plays a role in getting the specific book you want. You can try to open as many chests as possible and use treasure maps to uncover hidden high-value chests


Fishing in Minecraft
Fishing in the game is oddly therapeutic.

If you thought looting chests required patience, wait till you try fishing to get enchanted books.

I would not encourage people to spend half an hour fishing just to get the specific enchanted book. Even if the chances are low, it might reward you if you persevere and stay diligent.

Trade With the Librarian

Trading With Librarian in Minecraft Village
Finding librarian villagers requires some luck.

While exploring villages, I came across librarian villagers who sell enchanted books. And one of those Enchanted books is the Punch Enchantment.

You can engage with the librarian, trade items, and level them up through continuous trading to unlock more options. And eventually, get your hands on the Punch Enchantment. 

Once that does happen, here are the steps you need to take to upgrade a bow with the punch enchantment.

Pro-Tip: You can increase your chances of getting enchantment books by turning regular villagers into librarians. To do this, you’ll have to snatch a villager from their village and take them to your home base. Craft a lectern and place it in front of the villagers. Trap them around the lectern, and the villager will become a librarian. It’s a bit heinous, but it works.

Using Anvil for Punch Enchantment
The anvil is great for upgrading your items.
  1. Open the anvil. Just like the enchanting table, you’ll see your inventory below.
  2. From the inventory, drop your bow into the first box and the punch enchantment book into the second one.
  3. Depending on your enchantment book, you’ll either get Punch Enchantment I or upgrade to Punch Enchantment II.
  4. Like Punch Enchantment, players can craft unstable enchantments to gain explosive character abilities. Here is a complete guide to learning unstable enchantment Minecraft.

My Thoughts On Punch Enchantment

The Punch Enchantment is my favorite because it can be beneficial in The End while fighting the Ender dragon as it soars the skies of the End world.

Knockback effects not only work with dealing with damage but also ensure a unique experience for dealing with the enemies that annoy the most in gameplay.

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