Minecraft: Quick Charge Enchantment [Crafting Guide]

Players can learn everything about Quick Charge Enchantment in Minecraft in our extensive guide below.

Quick Charge Enchantment in Minecraft
Quick Charge Enchantment in Minecraft

There are many enchantments or performance-enhancing tools in Minecraft. Each latest update introduces new enchantments that increase the potential of tools and weapons even more. Unlike many universal enchantments, the Quick charge enchantment is particular in its usage in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • Quick Charge Enchantment is one of many enchantments in Minecraft. It can considerably downsize the time it takes to reload a crossbow in Minecraft.
  • It comes in three different levels. The first level of Quick charge can reduce reloading time by 0.25 seconds, while the Quick Charge III can reduce it to a mere 0.5 seconds.
  • Players can get quick charge enchantment in Minecraft through an Enchanting table or an Anvil.
  • Anvil requires enchanting books to enchant any item in Minecraft. The enchanting books can be found in loot chests, fishing, or trading with villager librarians.

It has three different levels, but all serve the same purpose. What is its purpose in the game? How to get it? And how to use it? These are some questions that we will answer in this guide. Make sure to read our guide till the end.

Quick Charge Enchantment in Minecraft
Guide: Quick Charge Enchantment in Minecraft

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Quick Charge Enchantment In Minecraft

A quick charge considerably reduces the reloading speed of a crossbow in Minecraft. It is advantageous during PvP fights in Minecraft, where launching transient attacks against opponents is necessary. While the usual reloading speed of a crossbow is 1.25 seconds, a quick charge enchantment can reduce it by a significant margin in Minecraft.

Just like quick charging speed with this enchantment, players can also expand their inventory-holding capabilities with another unique enchantment. Here is a complete guide that will allow you to learn Minecraft enchantment holding and how to craft it for your character.

Killing enemies using enchanted crossbow
An enchanted crossbow can reload at a faster rate.

Moreover, the crossbow can be a great weapon against zombies. Crossbows can play a significant role in making traps successful in Minecraft. There are three available levels/variants of a quick charge in Minecraft. These are:

  • Quick Charge I – reduces the reloading time to one second, saving 0.25 seconds.
  • Quick Charge II – reduces the reloading time to 0.75 seconds. Thereby making the reloading two times faster.
  • Quick Charge III – reduces the reloading time to only 0.5 seconds. Thereby making the reloading almost instant.

How To Get Quick Charge In Minecraft

Quick Charges I & II are easy to find in Minecraft. However, the Quick Charge III is difficult to obtain due to its uniqueness. Hence, to make it easy for players, we have explained how to make all these variants of Quick charge enchantment in Minecraft in our guide. The two available options to make a quick charge in Minecraft are described below:

  • Enchanting Table
  • Anvil

Enchanting Table

An enchanting table allows players to use their experience points to upgrade or enchant their valuable items in Minecraft. Players can get an enchanting table either by mining it with a pickaxe or they can craft it by combining a book with two diamonds and one obsidian in a crafting grid.

Enchanting table
An Enchanting Table in Minecraft

Then, players can use this table to create Quick charge I or any other enchantment in Minecraft. However, players will need an essential ingredient, along with the crossbow, to complete the task. That ingredient is Lapis Lazuli, an essential mineral used for multiple enchanting and decorative purposes in Minecraft.

Players can get this mineral by smelting the blocks of Lapiz Lazuli ore. Moreover, players can mine these blocks in Minecraft. Each block can release up to nine pieces of mineral when smelted in a furnace.

Quick Charge I Enchantment In Minecraft

A step-by-step guide to getting Quick Charge I enchantment using the enchanting table is given below:

  • Open the enchanting table. There will be two slots for placing the raw materials in there. Players can also see the available raw materials from the inventory box below the enchanting grid.
  • Select and move your crossbow from the inventory into the first slot of the enchanting grid. Similarly, fill in the second slot with the Lapis Lazuli mineral. Your regular crossbow will be upgraded with the Quick charge I enchantment automatically.
  • You can move the enchanted crossbow from the enchanting grid into your inventory to save it.
enchanting table to create quick charge enchantment in Minecraft
Creating Quick charge enchantment in an Enchanting table

The process may seem difficult to beginners. However, it is an effortless and efficient way of getting the Quick Charge enchantment in Minecraft. Most novices suffer while grasping these essential features.

On the other side, many beginners also don’t know how to handle horses in Minecraft, a basic part in-game. If you are one of these beginners, we recommend our extensive guide on How To Get Off A Horse in Minecraft.


An anvil is an essential tool in Minecraft that gives players multiple options to edit or rename an item and allows them to mix up enchantments. Players can craft an Anvil by combining three blocks of iron ore with four iron ingots on a crafting table.

Anvil in Minecraft
An Anvil in Minecraft

The Anvil can make Quick Charge enchantment in Minecraft and many other enchantments. However, it will also need some raw materials. The primary raw material here is the Enchanted book.

An enchanted book is an essential pre-requisite that allows players to enchant many things in Minecraft. Players can find these enchanted books in the following places:

Trading With The Librarian
A librarian in Minecraft
Librarian in Minecraft

Players can find Librarian in villages scattered around Minecraft maps. Once you have found a librarian, clicking on it will pop up many trading options for you. Players must keep trading items with the Librarian until they get the enchanted book.

More and more items can be traded with each level-up. Librarians will keep leveling up along with trades, thus increasing your chances of getting what you want.

Once you have a few regular books and the required emeralds, you can easily trade them for an enchanted book. After that, you can easily make quick charge enchantment for a crossbow in Anvil by using these books in Minecraft.

Trading with Librarian
Trading for enchanted books with a librarian

Sometimes, an error pops out, telling you you cannot trade certain items as they are locked. Move aside from the Librarian, stop the trading, and start a new trade from scratch with a new librarian. Many such errors occur in Minecraft. We suggest you must read our guide on a prevalent mistake: Minecraft Realms Could Not Invite.

Loot Chests And Treasures

Players can find many chests in dungeons of Minecraft, and they have relatively high chances of having enchanted books. Desert temples and underwater shipwrecks also have a high probability of spawning enchanted books. A lucky way of getting the enchanted books is by opening loot chests and buried treasures in Minecraft.

enchanted books in a chest
Enchanted books in a chest

Open as many chests and treasures as possible to increase your chances of getting enchanted books to get the Quick Charge enchantment in Minecraft. Moreover, buried treasures found around the beaches and sometimes on sea beds can also contain enchanted books. Therefore, never miss a chance to open these treasures to achieve secret rewards.


There are slight chances of getting enchanted books by fishing in Minecraft. However, the chances are still worth the try. Get your fishing rod, find a boat, and travel to an ideal location for fishing. Fishing is a time-consuming task. However, it can reward players with some surprising items in Minecraft.

fishing to get enchanted books to make quick charge enchantment in Minecraft
Fishing can also give enchanted books in Minecraft

Players can also capture different fish in Minecraft and keep them as pets for breeding purposes or as a food source. Beginners can learn more about these fish, how to get them and how to feed them in Minecraft in our guide on What Do Minecraft Fish Eat? 

Once you have your hands on enchanted books, you can quickly get the quick charge enchantment on your crossbow in Minecraft using the Anvil. Follow the steps below to enchant your crossbow in Minecraft:

  • Simply open the Anvil in Minecraft. You will also see your inventory below the Anvil table.
  • From your inventory, move the crossbow into the first empty slot of the Anvil. Now, move the enchanted book to the second slot.
  • Depending 0n the enchantment cost of the enchanted book, the crossbow will be upgraded with either quick charge II or quick charge III in Minecraft.
  • Move the enchanted crossbow into your inventory to save it permanently. Now, you can use this enchanted crossbow to defeat your enemies in Minecraft quickly.

    Using anvil to create quick charge enchantment in Minecraft
    Enchanting a crossbow using Anvil

We conclude our comprehensive guide here. You can ask us any questions related to this guide in the comments. If you found our guide helpful, don’t forget to read our extensive guide on Minecraft: How To Make Iron Nuggets?

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