Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Kill Regenerators

Here is how you can defeat the infamous Regenerators in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

regenerators re4 remake resident evil
Regenerators in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Regenerators are hands down one of the scariest enemies I encountered in Resident Evil 4 Remake. I consider these monsters a full-on nightmare fuel. These enemies will throw the fans of the original game for a loop, as these enemies are not precisely like players would remember.

Major Takeaways

  • Regenerators are an enemy type you can encounter in Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 of the game.
  • The Regenerators can regrow limbs and body parts where they are shot at. Moreover, they can extend their hands to grab Leon across a room.
  • These Regenerators have a weakness: parasites or Plagas hiding in their bodies.
  • You must acquire the Biosensor Scope and attach it to your Rifle to see these Plagas through the scope.
  • All you need to do is to shoot these Plagas to kill these Regenerators.
  • The Iron Maiden is the mutated second form of these Regenerators. These are stronger and harder to kill with needles sticking out of their body. The Iron Maiden can shoot out these needles as projectiles, which can cause severe damage.

There are currently three types of Regenerators in the game. All three of these Regenerators have the same basic abilities and may look somewhat similar in appearance. 

Regenerators – The Original Form

regenerators re4 remake resident evil 4
Regenerators – Image Captured by: Gamesual

I am glad to see these enemies look even more terrifying with a fresh coat of paint. With sharp fangs, glowing red eyes, and textured skin in the Remake, these enemies send chills down every player’s spine.

It’s not even the appearance that makes these enemies terrifying. The Regenerators received a significant speed and attack boost in the latest entry.

The enemy type famous for being slow in the original is now fast and persistent in the Remake. So they will run around the Facility to get a hold of you, and shooting will slow them down.

Plus, they will not stop until you have moved on to a different section or ultimately killed them off.

  • These enemies can grow back their limbs and continue chasing you. So, no amount of bullets will be able to keep them off your backs for long. They even have limbs that can stretch and attack you from a distance.
  • Even entirely cut-off limbs will grow back after a while, so the Regenerators will fully heal once you return.
  • If you shoot off their legs, the Regenerators will use their hands and upper body to jump toward you. 
  • The Regenerators make their first appearance in the final section of Chapter 13 of RE4 Remake. I would not have been as terrified if someone had told me this earlier.
  • During this chapter, you are tasked with saving Ashley Graham from the Facility.
  • Your next objective is to acquire and upgrade a key card level by level. This is also where you will first see the Regenerators lurking in the dark hallways.
  • You must run around upgrading your crucial card and trying to survive being attacked by these ungodly monsters. 
  • The Regenerators are not easy to kill at first. So, running in the opposite direction when you first encounter these creatures is best recommended, as you will waste your valuable ammo.
  • In the later section, you are tasked with upgrading a key card in a frozen room. Upgrading the critical card will take some time, and the Regenerator will be right before you.
  • You can use ammo or parry with your knife to avoid their long, incoming arms.
  • Once you have your card upgraded, it is best to run to the next objective, where you will be taken to the lab. However, during this section, the playing field gets leveled.
  • This is the section where you will find the Biosensor Scope, which is vital in eliminating these enemies.
biosensor scope re4 remake resident evil
Biosensor Scope – Image Captured by: Gamesual
biosensor scope location re4 remake resident evil
Location of Biosensor Scope – Image Captured by: Gamesual
  • Your current objective is to upgrade the card to the final third level inside the Incubation Lab.
  • You need a wrench to open the slot where you will insert the key card. This is also the section where you will find the Thermal Scope or the Biosensor Scope. This is where I first learned that these monsters have a weakness.
  • It is important to attach your scope to an Assault Rifle.
  • Now, you need to view these Regenerators through the scope, and you will see parasites or organisms (Plagas) within their body.
  • Shoot these organisms to kill these Regenerators for good. These organisms would be glowing orange through the scope.
  • Once you have shot all these organisms, the Regenerators will explode and fall to the ground. 
weakness regenerators plaga
Plagas Inside Regenerators – Image Captured by: Gamesual

You will also see a wrench inside one of these Regenerators. Just shoot the vat and shatter the glass, throwing the Regenerator out and ready for a fight. Again, I would recommend fighting as few of these beasts as possible because you may run out of ammo before you put most of them down.

Iron Maiden – The Second Form Of Regenerators

iron maiden in Resident Evil 4
Iron Maiden – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The Iron Maiden is the even more terrifying form of the Regenerators in the RE4 Remake. It was a different strain of the Regenerators you encountered in the original. 

These monsters are formed once you have received enough bullets inside a Regenerator and have killed all the parasites. The Regenerator might look like they are about to die; instead, they come back alive as the Iron Maiden.

These look like Regenerators with one distinct add-on; now, they have hundreds of spikes sticking out of their bodies.

This is a horrifying sight, as the already unkillable monster is coming after you and shooting needles out of this body. On top of the original attack, where these creatures used their limbs to pull you toward them, they can now shoot needles out of their body. Meaning, even at a distance, Leon is not safe.

  • You will encounter the Iron Maidens in Chapter 14 of the game, so ensure you are prepared.
  • It is essential to remember that not all the Regenerators will transform into the Iron Maidens. You will only discover once you have shot all the parasites or the Plagas within the body.
  • The Regenerator will either die after this or mutate into the Iron Maiden variant.
  • You will see it happening as the Regenerator returns alive instead of dying. The revived form is the Iron Maiden and will shoot needles, so it is best to use corners to your advantage and avoid getting stabbed.
  • These creatures will also be roaming the hallways of the Facility.
  • Iron Maidens are angrier Regenerators, so killing them was the same for me.
  • You will see the parasite within the head once you have killed the Plagas in the body, and the creature transforms into the Iron Maiden.
  • Their weak point is within their heads, but killing these monsters is no easy task. 
iron maiden plagas re4 remake
Plagas Inside Iron Maiden – Image Captured by: Gamesual
  • Just because you could take out parasites within the Regenerator’s body with a single rifle shot, this is not the case with Iron Maidens. These monsters are built like tanks; you must repeatedly shoot their weak points to take them down.
  • Once you have gotten a shot in their heads, these creatures will be momentarily stunned, and this is your opportunity to shoot more.
  • It is best to take out their legs at the start so they are slower and more accessible to shoot. 
  • The Iron Maidens, even when dying, can give out significant damage. You will see these creatures shaking before they die, and upon their death, they will explode, shooting needles in all directions.

Regeneradors – The Strong Threat

The Regenerador can be considered an upgraded mutated form of the Iron Maiden. 

As part of the Merchant request, The Wandering Dead, you will have to fight this sort of a boss of all the Regenerators. Moreover, you will get this Merchant request during Chapter 14, once Ashley has taken down the Cargo Depot walls with a wrecking ball.

  • The request wants you to kill an even more potent version of the Iron Maiden that has spawned within the Incubation lab. It is best to hide Ashley before you pick on the monstrous creature.
  • This version of the Iron Maiden will have many Plagas within its body, and killing a single Plaga will not stun the enemy. The Strong Threat will chase you until you finally put it down.
  • The attacks will stay the same as this is another form of the Iron Maiden.
  • You will have to avoid the flying needles and the elongating limbs. The creature is also built like a tank, so make sure your ammo situation is good before you take on the enemy.
  • Just equip the Biosensor Scope on your Rifle, potentially the Stingray. Keep shooting the weak point until the enemy finally goes down.

Challenges Faced & My Advice

Regenerators are one of the most terrifying enemies I encountered in the game. Not only do they look horrendous, but they can also absorb a ton of bullets.

Even though I had anticipated them coming, I was still surprised. The fresh coat of paint does make them seem even more scary.

My advice would be to get through his section as quickly as possible. Try to fight the minimum amount of these creatures and use the Biosensor Scope to target their weak points. I hope you get to see the other side.

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