Remnant 2: How To Unlock Alchemist Archetype [Best Skills, Perks]

Unlock the hidden Alchemist archetype to utilize not only its utility based support features and create a competitive build in Remnant 2.

how to unlock alchemist archetype in remnant 2
Unlock alchemist archetype in remnant 2

Players choose the archetype at the start of the game that matches their play style. While many players go for more aggressive options, a few look for more passive or passive-aggressive options. Although the Medic archetype, at the start of the game, does a brilliant job by focusing on supporting the team following a non-aggressive approach, the Alchemist outperforms it by providing additional usage after players unlock it in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Alchemist is a support-utility-based secret Archetype that players can unlock after getting the Philosopher’s Stone engram in Remnant 2.
  • Philosopher’s Stone engram can be crafted in Ward 13 by finding the stone after defeating the Albino Bone Collector in a sewer in the Morrow Parish region of Losomn.
  • The other two crafting materials, i.e., scrap and lumenite crystals, are not much difficult to find, and players can get all these things by defeating various elite bosses in Remnant 2.
  • Spirited is the Prime perk of this class that lets players get an extra Concoction buff active. Vial: Stone Mist is the starting skill for this class, and it spawns a cloud on players’ character that will decrease damage taken by players by up to 25%.

Alchemist is one of the five secret archetypes in Remnant 2. Like the Medic archetype, Alchemist is also a support-type class. However, unlike the Medic, it is also a utility-based archetype, making it a better option. After you unlock the Alchemist, you can get its passive buffs and create a great archetype pair and some competitive builds by consuming various consumables in Remnant 2.

As you can choose two archetypes at a time and efficiently switch between them during your gameplay when needed, Alchemist makes a natural pair for a secondary archetype. I suggest using it with the Engineer archetype, another secret class with an aggressive approach in Remnant 2. 

How To Unlock Alchemist Archetype

It is a great choice to progress through the main storyline from mid to the end of the game. However, being a secret archetype, unlocking it will take some extra effort. You must craft a specific engram, the Philosopher’s Stone, to unlock it. Preparing in itself is a simple task. Finding the required materials for the crafting process is the main challenge.

philosopher's stone engram
Philosopher’s Stone Engram – Image Credits: Gamesual

Here is everything you will need to craft the Philosopher’s Stone engram in Remnant 2:

  • Philosopher’s Stone
  • 10 Lumenite Crystals
  • 1000 Scrap

Like with all other archetypes, players need to bring these materials to Wallace at Ward 13 to start the crafting process.

How To Find Philosopher’s Stone (Raw Material)

To get the Philosopher’s Stone, you must defeat the Bone Collector by finding him in a specifically randomized location. Although Bone Collector is not a boss, you will find him relatively more strong than most opponents in Remnant 2. Here is how you can find the Philosopher’s Stone by defeating the Bone Collector:

  • The first task would be to find the Bone Collector. You will have to go to the Losomn region on the map. 
  • More specifically, the Morrow Parish region of the Losomn has more chances of spawning the Bone Collector.
  • You can start your journey from Dran, an old Frankenstein-styled city. Following a dark and grievous path, you will finally reach Morrow Parish. You will know it when you see many sewer grates with shining objects in front of them.
  • Bone Collector resides in one of these sewers. Keep looking for relatively large sewer grates, one with bent bars in front of it. You will have to go below the main street into the sewers and go around the tunnel, checking every sewer grate.
  • Eventually, in one of these sewers, someone will attack you. Just to tell you beforehand, it will be a jump scare. Therefore, brace yourself and don’t jump out of your chair.
  • The screen will go blank briefly, indicating that you have been knocked out after the monster grabs you by your legs and pulls you inside the sewer. Remember that dodging the capture animation will result in losing the opportunity to get the stone. Moreover, your teammates can join you in the sewer after being killed outside.
  • After the animation, you will wake up in a pit over a pile of bones. Looking around, you will see the Albino Bone Collector there.
  • Defeating this monster will not be as difficult as defeating a boss. However, you will observe him being more powerful than most other enemies of the same caliber. Nevertheless, keep dodging his attacks and showering him with bullets. He will eventually fall to his death.

    mysterious stone
    Mysterious Stone in Remnant 2 – Image Credits: Gamesual

Make sure you get pulled by the Bone Collector from the sewers and not from the streets, as it will change the rewards at the end. Players that get pulled in from the streets will get a ring as a final reward instead of the stone, as reported by u/ididnteatit on Reddit online.

After the werewolf monster dies, you will get the Philosopher’s Stone to unlock the Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2. 

How To Get Scrap And Lumenite Crystals

Now that you have the most essential item, the Philosopher’s Stone, in your hands, all we need is to get the required amount of Scrap and Lumenite Crystals to unlock Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2. 

Here is how you can farm lots of scrap in Remnant 2:

  • Kill as many enemies as possible. They drop a small amount of scrap.
  • The World Bosses drop various useful rewards, including lots of scraps, after you defeat them in the game. 
  • You can get lots of scrap by selling useless items in Ward 13. For example, exchanging a single lumenite crystal can reward players with 150 scraps.
  • Roaming around the Adventure World will let you face enemies of all kinds. Therefore, it is an easy source of getting scrap in Remnant 2.

With enough scrap in your pocket, let’s talk about getting Lumenite crystals in Remnant 2:

  • Defeating the corrupted enemy in Labyrinth will reward players with 5 Lumenite crystals.
  • Killing the Ripsaw in the Losomn region of Remnant 2 can reward players with up to 7 Lumenite crystals.
  • Defeating elite enemies can reward you with a few Lumenite crystals, although not guaranteed.

All the required items for crafting the Philosopher’s Stone engram have been collected. Players can take these things to Wallace in Ward 13 and get the engram to unlock the Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2.

Starting Armor And Weapons

As soon as players unlock the Alchemist archetype, they will get a free armor set and three free weapons in Remnant 2. While you can change the armor with a better option after upgrading the archetype, weapons can go along until the end.

You will get the Academic’s armor set after unlocking Alchemist in Remnant 2. This set comprises:

  • Hat
  • Overcoat
  • Trousers
  • Gloves

This armor set provides moderate protection against blight, toxins, and somewhat resistance against fire. Now let’s see what the weapons bring to the table. Here are the three weapons from this archetype:

unlock alchemist in remnant 2
Wrangler 1860 (Level 1) – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Wrangler 1860: This long gun is a lever action rifle that can deal 55 damage in a single hit. It is effective in all ranges and has a carrying capacity of 50 ammo.
  • Bone Chopper: This melee weapon is a hand-carry axe that can deal 58 damage in a single hit. It is effective mostly in mid-range combats.
  • Double Barrel: A lethal handgun that rips enemies apart with a single shot. It has 110 basic damage and a maximum storage capacity of 24 ammo.

Prime Perk & Starting Skill

You can access and equip the prime perk immediately after unlocking Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2. Moreover, it will receive two upgrades at levels 5 and 10, respectively. Spirited is the prime perk for this secret archetype. Here is everything you need to know about this perk:

spirited prime perk
Prime Perk: Spirited
  • At level 0, it allows an extra Concoction buff to activate to open new tactical variations.
  • At level 5, you can get two extra concoction buffs active.
  • Level 10 takes this number to 3 concoction buffs active.

After you unlock the Alchemist archetype, the starting skill helps regenerate health in Remnant 2. It is called Vial: Stone Mist, and here is everything about it:

alchemist unlock remnant 2
Vial: Stone Mist
  • It creates a cloud above your character’s head. Standing below it will enable the Stoneskin; consequently, you will receive 25% less damage from attacks.
  • The cloud lasts 10 seconds, while the Stoneskin effects last 15 seconds, during which you will also become resistant to decay and blight. Moreover, it also provides immunity against the status effect.
  • Pressing the skill button on the ground will create this cloud on your character’s feet. Similarly, holding and releasing it would create the cloud at your target place.

It was all for the detailed guide on unlocking the Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2, and it’s starting a few unlock rewards. While unlocking the secret archetypes is always a struggle, these hidden classes always bring something interesting. How has your experience been with the game so far? How many secret archetypes have you unlocked so far? Tell us in the comments.

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