Remnant 2: Best Amulets [Top 25]

The top 25 amulets in Remnant 2 ranked to help you choose a better loadout.

Remnant 2 Best Amulets Top 25
Remnant 2 Best Amulets | Credits: Gamesual

Looking for the best amulet to wear in Remnant 2? Remnant 2 is the successor to the well-loved original Remnant. The game lets you choose from a variety of amulets. This guide will rank the best 25 amulets in Remnant 2, making choosing what amulet to wear for your build easier.

Key Takeaways

  • Amulets are accessories in Remnant 2 that provide buffs and effects.
  • Only one amulet can be equipped at a time.
  • There are 59 amulets in the game, which can be obtained through quests, bosses, merchants, crafting, and random world drops.
  • Amulets can prove essential for different types of builds.
  • Here are the top 25 amulets in order of best to worst, Butcher’s Fetish, Death’s Embrace, Jester’s Bell, Ankh Of Power, Escalation Protocol, Indignant Fetish, Shock Device, Talisman Of The Sun, Vengeance Idol, Hallowed Egg, Rusted Navigator’s Pendant, Soul Anchor, Scavenger’s Bauble, Twisted Idol, Toxic Release Valve, Stalker’s Brand, Energized Neck Coil, Emergency Switch, Insulation Driver, Weightless Weight, Downward Spiral, Broken Pocket Watch, Core Booster, Full Moon Circlet, and Range Finder.
  • This list may change over time as Gunfire Games buffs or nerfs the amulets or the items they work well with.

The Amulets are accessories in Remnant 2 that can be worn to gain buffs and numerous effects. The player can only wear one Amulet at a time throughout the game, unlike the rings, which can be equipped four at a time. The amulets’ effects can be monumental in helping you defeat different bosses and enemies. Remnant 2 boasts 59 amulets, most of which you will probably never come across, all with their unique effects and aesthetics.

These amulets can be gained through various methods. However, not all are easy to obtain, and in fact, obtaining some of them is so difficult that most of the players will never even attempt to gain them. The other amulets can be bought from merchants, gained through random world drops, boss rewards, quest rewards, and just randomly finding them stashed somewhere.

Best 25 Amulets Ranked

Here are the top 25 best amulets in Remnant 2 so you can journey your way through the game efficiently and help shape specific builds catered to your needs. These are ranked from the best to the worst (relative) with their effects and the locations where they can be obtained,

Amulet Icon Effects Location
Butcher’s Fetish Remnant 2 Butchers Fetish After striking the enemy with a Charged Melee Attack for 15s,

  • Critical Chance increases by 15%.
  • Critical Damage increases by 25%.
It can be bought from Reggie for 1,000 scraps, who is a resident of Ward 13.
Death’s Embrace
Remnant 2 Deaths Embrace When under 100% Health, gain 20% of all damage, and gain HASTE when below 50% Health. There are two ways to obtain this amulet,

  • Finding it in the Yaesha area.
  • Bought from the Bedel of the Vaunnt merchant in Yaesha for 400 scraps.
Jester’s Bell Remnant 2 Jesters Bell Mod and Skill Cast Speed is increased by 35%. All damage increases by 20% for 15s if Skill or Mod is cast.
Palace in Losomn; Find the Jester before he gives you the Magic Quill, and while he is juggling the balls, do the Clap emote, and you, with your team, will get rewarded with the Jester’s Bell.
Ankh Of Power Remnant 2 Ankh Of Power All damage is increased by 15%. The bonus is doubled for 15s if a Relic is consumed.
Found in the Root Earth area.
Escalation Protocol
Remnant 2 Escalation Protocol Increases all damage dealt by 2.5% for 10s after killing an enemy. Stacks 10x. Dealing damage refreshes the timer.
Found in the Root Earth area, go to the first checkpoint in the Corrupted Harbor and check the cargo docks’ left wall.
Indignant Fetish Remnant 2 Indignant Fetish Taking damage from enemies increases all damage dealt by 25% and reduces all incoming damage by 10%. Lasts 20s.
Found randomly as a world drop in the Losomn area.
Shock Device Remnant 2 Shock Device Increases SHOCK damage by 20% and OVERLOADED damage by 50%.
Found in Morrow Parish, located in Losomn, the secret passage in the Asylum.
Talisman Of The Sun
Remnant 2 Talisman Of The Sun Increases FIRE damage by 20% and BURNING damage by 50%.
Found in The Expanding Glade inside the Yaesha area.
Vengeance Idol Remnant 2 Vengeance Idol Increases all damage dealt by 30% when the wearer’s Health is below 50%.
It can be found in the Yaesha area.
Hallowed Egg Remnant 2 Hallowed Egg Spending at least 30% of Firearms magazine to deal damage increases Melee’s damage by 10% for 7s. Stacks 5x.
Given as a reward for the Root Nexus boss and has a chance of spawning in The Far Woods inside the Yaesha area.
Rusted Navigator’s Pendant
Remnant 2 Rusted Navigators Grants 15 Health, 15 Stamina, and -15 Armor Encumbrance.
In the control room before stepping into the pod at the N’Erud in the Astropath’s Respite area.
Soul Anchor Remnant 2 Soul Anchor Summoning increases all damage dealt by 20% for 30s.
It is crafted at the Bloodmoon Altar in the Yaesha area.
Scavenger’s Bauble
Remnant 2 Scavengers Bauble Increases Scrap pickups by 50%, Automatically pick up any nearby crafting materials.
Found as a random drop in the Yaesha area, particularly The Twisted Chantry, The Withering Weald, The Far Woods, and The Forbidden Grove.
Twisted Idol Remnant 2 Twisted Idol Increases Armor Effectiveness by 30% and reduces Encumbrance by 15.
Bought from Cass, located in Ward 13, for 400 or 1,000 scraps.
Toxic Release Valve
Remnant 2 Toxic Release Valve Swapping Firearms releases a Toxic Cloud, which deals 148.5 ACID Damage to all enemies within 7m. and applies CORROSION. It can only happen once every 3s.
Found in the N’Erud area.
Stalker’s Brand Remnant 2 Stalkers Brand Gain 10% Ranged and 15% Melee damage. Bonus double versus enemies not targeting the wearer.
Found in the Yaesha area.
Energized Neck Coil
Remnant 2 Energized Neck Coil Increases Status Effect damage by 25%. Applying a damaging Status Effect creates a 5m Explosion for 20% of the Status Effect full damage.
Found in The Labyrinth area, go to the door between the two staircases and follow a tunnel by crouching through the small hole to find it.
Emergency Switch
Remnant 2 Emergency Switch When below 50% health, the chance to consume Relic on use is reduced by 35%. Final Relic Charge is not consumed on use, but the effect cannot be triggered again for the 60s.
Found in the N’Erud area.
Insulation Driver Remnant 2 Insulation Driver While BULWARK is active, gain 15% to all damage dealt and HASTE.
Given as a reward for The Flooded Room Event in the N’Erud area.
Weightless Weight
Remnant 2 Weightless Weight Increases Movement Speed by 0.75% and Reduces Stamina Costs of all actions by 0.75% for every 5 points of Armor Encumbrance.
Found as a random world drop in the Losomn area.
Downward Spiral
Remnant 2 Downward Spiral Increase Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Attack Speed by 15%. For every missing 10% of Max Health, gain 3% Ranged Damage (Max 15%) and 4% Melee Damage (Max 20%).
Found in The Chimney in the Yaesha area.
Broken Pocket Watch
Remnant 2 Broken Pocket Watch Increases Stamina Regen by 25 and reduces Stamina cost by 50%
Found in the Root Earth area.
Core Booster Remnant 2 Core Booster Increases weakspot damage by 50% for 10s after killing an enemy.
Found under the Ascension Spire in the N’Erud area.
Full Moon Circlet
Remnant 2 Full Moon Circlet
Ranged damage Lifesteals 3% of base damage dealt. At full health, the damage increases by 20%.
In the Yaesha area, go to The Imperial Gardens in a room hidden below a trapdoor marked with a golden full moon crest. This trapdoor only opens when there is a blood moon.


Range Finder Remnant 2 Range Finder After killing an enemy, gain 10% Ranged damage and 2m Firearm Range. Stacks 3x Lasts 10s. Ranged Weakspot Hits will refresh the duration.
Found in the N’Erud area. It can also be crafted at the Drzyr Replicator merchant.

This wraps up the best amulets in Remnant 2. Hopefully, this list helped you choose your next amulet for your build, be it critical strike or haste. This list is subject to change as Gunfire Games buffs or nerfs the amulets or other items these work well with. Do comment and share the amulet that worked for your build.

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