Remnant 2: 4 Best Archetype Combos [50+ Hours Tested]

Take a look at my picks for the most overpowered Archetype Combos best for any playstyle in Remnant 2!

Remnant 2 Best Archetype Combos
Remnant 2 Best Archetype Combos

The Archetype system allows the player to combine two classes simultaneously to create the most potent combos. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Remnant 2 is unique to this mechanic, but this game nails this one home. The first one will be the primary one, and the next one will be the secondary one.

Key Highlights 

In Remant 2, players can mix two Archetypes, and these are our picks for the top 4 best Archetype combinations.

  • Handler – Medic Archetype Combo:
    • Versatile combo for offense and support.
    • The handler brings a distracting dog companion.
    • Medic offers healing abilities and a healing shield.
  • Hunter – Gunslinger Archetype Combo:
    • Top choice for high damage and long-range combat.
    • Hunter reveals enemy positions.
    • Gunslinger excels in raw damage output with infinite ammo.
  • Challenger – Alchemist Archetype Combo:
    • Tank-oriented combo for reduced damage and survivability.
    • Challenger auto-revives and decreases damage received.
    • Alchemist enhances reload, melee, and movement speeds and provides various boosts.
  • Summoner – Explorer Archetype Combo:
    • Unique playstyle with summoning and exploration focus.
    • Summoner unlocked in Yaesha with Faded Grimoire.
    • Explorer is suitable for rare item collections and is unlocked at the campaign’s end.

Author’s Trust

After investing nearly 50 hours and trying out most Archetypes, I have picked some of the best Archetype combinations. Also, if you have any other questions, reach out without hesitation.

– Shahzar Khalique

gameplay time, remnant 2
Gameplay Time – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Best Archetype Comparison

Below, I will list my picks for best Archetypes, their perks, and recommended starting weapons.

Best Archetype CombosPerksRecommended Weapons
Blackmaw AR-47
XMG57 Bonesaw
Dead to Rights
Huner Master M1
Wrangler 1860
Die Hard
AS 10 Bulldog
Bone Chopper
Hero's Sword

Best Archetypes Comparison Table.

Archetype Combos

The best combo of Archetypes in Remnant is the Handler and Medic combo.

  • With the help of this Archetype combo, players can get the healing shield for him and his partner as well, which can be used every 70 seconds on the Handler. You can also use this healing shield on your companion dog, which will help you defeat enemies quickly. 
  • Medic users will also gain access to the best weapon, known as the XMG57 Bonesaw.  
  • The best class combo so far is the Handler and Medic Archetype.
  • It can also get a dog companion for the player since it’s one of the perks of Handler.

Handler – Medic Archetype Combo 

<strong>The Best Well-Rounded Archetype Combo in Remnant 2</strong>

Handler Perks 

The most potent Archetype is the Handler class, and you can combine it with the secondary Archetype, Medic. I may have a slight bias towards the cute dog companion, but he does work hard throughout the campaign.

Remnant 2 Best Archetype Combos
Medic Archetype Combos

The dog can get helpful against the enemies by distracting them and damaging the small ones, which makes it easier to win the fight against the enemies. The prime perk for the Handler is the “Bonded.” 


Below, I will list the recommended starting loadout weapons that can be used as the Handler class.

MeleeRusted Claws
HandgunTech 22
Long GunBlackmaw AR-47

Weapons Picks Table.

Here are all the skills for the Handler archetype.

Guard Dog Unlock at level 0
+15% increased threat
Support DogUnlock at level 5
+25 % movement speed
2 % HP regeneration per second
Attack Dog Unlock at level 10
deals +20% more damage

Skills table for Handler.

Medic Perks 

The Medic class is best used with the Handler Archetype.  This is how I got through my campaign on higher difficulty.

After having this class, players can gain healing power. Being a medic, you can also revive your teammates.

The best weapon that the player can use with the help of the Medic class is known by the name of “XMG57 Bonesaw.” The prime perk for the Medic is the “Regenerator.” 


Below are all the starting loadout weapons used when using the Medic class in an archetype combo.

MeleeSteel Flail
HandgunService Pistol
Long GunXMG57 Bonesaw

Weapons Loadout table.

Skills nameDetails
Wellspring Unlock at level 0
Restore 15 HP per second
Healing ShieldUnlock at level 5
Shields all teammates within 25 meters for 100%
RedemptionUnlock at level 10
Restores 75% of their max HP

Skills table for Medic.

  • Perfect Combination for both damage and medic assistance.
  • Dog Companion.

  • Exposure to enemy attack. 

Hunter – Gunslinger Archetype Combo 

<strong>The Best Offensive Archetype Combo.</strong>

Hunter Perks 

If you are one of those players who like to keep their distance from opponents, Hunter perks can greatly aid your character build in Remnant 2. 

Hunter perks work by indicating the enemies’ weak points, and not taking much damage from the enemies will give you a higher chance to win the fight against the enemies easily. The prime perk for the Hunter is the “Dead to Rights.” 


Below are my suggestions for armor and weapons when playing The Hunter. 

Nightstalker ShroudHuner Master M1
Nightstalker GrabSteel Sword
Nightstalker GlovesRepeater Pistol

Weapons table for Hunter.

Gunslinger Perks

Gunslinger is the most potent Archetype that can be combined with different classes in Remnant 2. I mean, how cool is that cowboy hat, right? 

Let me assure you that is not the only good thing about this class. It aids your character in dealing raw damage to their enemies at a very extreme speed.

 Best Archetype Combos in Remnant 2
Gunslinger Archetype Combos

Considering the far-range playthrough, Gunslinger’s perks go hand in hand with Hunter. It also helps players achieve the highest fire rate increase, which will help you damage the enemies significantly.


Below, I will list the name of the armor and weapons you can use in The Gunslinger. 

High Noon HatWrangler 1860
High Noon DudsScrap Hatchet
High Noon SolesWestern Classic

Weapons table for Gunslinger.

  • Increased Survival. 
  • Long Range Combat.

  • Vulnerable to Close Range Attacks.
  • Limited Weapon Versatility. 

Challenger – Alchemist Archetype Combo 

<strong>The Best Tank Archetype Combo.</strong>

Challenger Perks 

If the player likes to play a tank build in Remnant 2, this Archetype combination is best for you to use against the opponents.

Remnant 2 Best Archetype Combosand Classes
Challenger Archetype combos

The Challenger Archetype will help the player by decreasing the incoming damage from the enemies and also allow you to revive automatically when your health is getting low.

With the character dying numerous times during the final boss fight, I can vouch for this ability to be a game-changer. Due to this, the player will be able to fight with the opponent without dying in the middle of the battles, and it will also increase survivability.

Alchemist Perks 

The Alchemist is the great Archetype for the Challenger class. You can unlock this class after collecting some secret items you can find in the area known as the Losomn.

I am going with Alchemist mainly to receive improved reload, melee attack speed, and HP regeneration.


Academic's HatWrangler 1860
Academic's OvercoatBone Chopper
Academic's GlovesDouble Barrel

Alchemist Weapons Table.

  • Tanky Build.
  • Enhanced Survival. 
  • Focus on Melee.

  • Limited Mobility.
  • Limited Damage Output.

Summoner – Explorer Archetype Combo 

<strong>The Best Exploration Archetype Combo in Remnant 2</strong>

Summoner Perks 

The player can unlock the Summoner Archetype when they reach the place called the Yaesha. Here, players must buy the item called the Faded Grimoire from the Blood Alter. 

Here are the three summoner Archetype items that will help you unlock the class: 

Minion ReaverRuthless
Minion FlyerDominator
Minion HollowOutrage

Summoner Skills and Perks table. 

Explorer Perks 

Players can unlock the Explorer, and Summoner is the Archetype class combo after reaching midway in the game. However, it is recommended to choose the Explorer class only when you want to collect rare items.

MeleeHero's Sword
HandgunRepeater Pistol
Long GunFord's Scattergun

Explorer Weapons Table.

Planeswalker Unlock at level 0
+20% movement speed
80% reduced stamina
Gold Digger Unlock at level 5
+15% decrease in damage
+1.5 HP regeneration per second
Fortune HunterUnlock at level 10
Tell you about all the unique items that you can find within 40 meters

Explorer Skills Table.

  • Unique Playstyle.
  • High Damage Output.

  • Unlock Requirement for gear.

Which Is The Best Combo?

I consider the Handler–Medic Archetype Combo best in Remnant 2.

In my humble opinion, Handler and Medic are two of the best-designed supporting classes in this game. I was quite surprised by these classes' skill set and felt almost invincible.

It was great to have a Dog companion who also revives you if you ever go down. Now mix that with the healing abilities of the Medic class, and you have a full package.

I recommend players mix and match and create something that suits their playstyle. Still, if you are looking for a well-rounded class that is easy to form, you should try the Handler and Medic combo.

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