Remnant 2: Top 3 Best Class [Stats & Perks]

Heres the detail of what classes are the best in each category for all new Remnant 2.

Best Remnant 2 Classes
Remnant 2 Best Classes

Remnant 2 is the sequel to its predecessor, “Remnant: From the Ashes,” and has flocked many hardcore gamers into its market. However, this article will discuss the Remnant 2 best class.

Moreover, we will also be ranking the Classes in Remnant 2 and what share of strengths each class has and divide it into separate categories.

Key Takeaways

  • Each class has a prime perk, four regular perks, and three skills.
  • There are two level upgrades. For prime perks, one is at level 5 and the other at level 10.
  • Regular perks also have 1 unlock level and one upgrade level.
  • Players are given armor and weapon when they get a new class.
  • Each class has three skills that are unlocked at different levels.
  • It would be best if you had various engrams to unlock multiple classes.
  • It is possible to change classes later on in the game. However, doing it at the beginning is recommended since builds need to be well combined with class.
  • The Explorer class is considered the worst due to its underwhelming performance in finding loot and lack of significant impact in late-game scenarios.
  • The Medic class is the best support class in Remnant 2, providing essential utility and healing capabilities, making it valuable in both co-op and solo gameplay.
  • Gunslinger is the best solo class, excelling in sustained ammo and mid-range DPS, making it ideal for duels and shooting-oriented gameplay.
  • Remnant 2’s class system allows players to choose their preferred playstyle, offering diverse options to suit different preferences and experiences.

There are a total of 9 classes in Remnant 2. These include Alchemist, Challenger, Explorer, Gunslinger, Handler, Hunter, Medic, Summoner, and Engineer (types are also called archetypes). In Remnant: From the Ashes, the gameplay of such courses would end rather very identically in the late game.

However, in this game, the developers kept the previous game’s flaws in mind. They developed a well-versed class system to be selected initially and elaborated dynamically in the late game.

All classes have a prime perk, which is unique to each type. Each perk has two main upgrades in the game, one of which can be obtained during level 5 and level 10.

Even more, All classes have three skills each, and only one of them can be equipped at a time. It is also to be noted that even though selecting classes early on is essential, you can change the class later in the game.

Nonetheless, now we will classify each class as a particular best category in this article.

Medic – Support Class

Medic Profile In remnant 2
Medic Icon

If you are a team player, then Medic is the class for you as it provides excellent utility combined with what we would say an essential for every team. The Medic class is relatively more straightforward than the rest and high-impact.

Furthermore, medics also have to manage micro-management. However, it must be remembered that medic, as a class’s fundamental, works on survivability and healing. 

You must make the Engram “Caduceus Idol” to unlock the class, which can be done by buying the Medic pin from Dr Norah.

The trait of the Medic class is “triage,” which increases the health regeneration capabilities of various weapon modifications.

Medic Avatar

Starting Armor and Weapons

Weapon Armor
XMG57 Bonesaw Field Medic Mask
Steel Flail Field Medic Overcoat
Service Pistol Field Medic Trousers
———————————————- Field Medic Gloves

Prime Perk

Prime Perk for Medic
Prime Perk: “Regenerator”

The prime perk of Medic is that it gives a relic charge once you have healed your teammates by 350. Resting or Respawning at a Worldstone resets healing accumulation. The healing needed is increased by 50% for each new player.

The upgrade of this perk is at levels 5 and 10. The stats required to get the relic charge is reduced to 300 and 250, respective to levels 5 and 10. This prime perk is overpowered if used correctly; thus, it is Remnant 2 best class for being a support.

Perks and Trait

Perk Name Damage Perk Team Perk Utility Perk Relic Perk
Unlocked and Upgraded at which level Unlocked at level 1 and upgraded at level 6. Unlocked at level 2 and upgraded at level 7 Unlocked at level 3 and upgraded at level 8. Unlocked at level 4 and upgraded at level 9.
Perk description when unlocked increases All Damage by 2.5% rises as the medic level does 15% more Relic Efficacy is gained, and 30% of the overall healing value is distributed to surrounding allies as healing. It gives the Medic one more hit before losing Grey Health. 20% increase in Relic Use Speed
Numbers on perks when upgraded Grants a 2.5% increase to All Damage and 5%. Relic efficacy is increased by 15%, and adjacent allies are healed for 30% of the total healing value (which increases to 60% for teammates with less than 35% overall health). Medic can take two more hits before their grey health is lost. Increases 20% faster Relic Use Speed. Gains from Relic Use: -1 Stagger

Here is the trait scaling of the class.

  • Level 1:Increases healing by 5%.
  • Level 2:Increases healing by 10%.
  • Level 3:Increases healing by 15%.
  • Level 4:Increases healing by 20%.
  • Level 5:Increases healing by 25%.
  • Level 6:Increases healing by 30%.
  • Level 7:Increases healing by 35%.
  • Level 8:Increases healing by 40%
  • Level 9:Increases healing by 45%.
  • Level 10:Increases are healing by 50%.


Skill Name Wellspring Healing Shield Redemption
Unlocked at Unlocked with the Class Level 5 Level 10
Cool down 57.6s 96s 115.2s
Ability description The medic concentrates healing energy into their fist, striking a hole in the ground to create a 3m Healing Spring AOE that drastically speeds up blight decay rate and restores 10.5 health per second. 15 seconds. Allies within 25 meters of the Medic are quickly shielded for 10 seconds at 100% of their maximum health. Allies regain 21% of their total health while shielded. The Medic’s “Redemption” skill unleashes a 30m shockwave, reviving allies and healing 52.5% max health over 10s. Holding the button longer (up to 4s) boosts healing up to 210%. Revived allies get 50% healing and can’t be revived again for 180s (reset on Wordstone or death).

Even though the class category has very few rivalries, it is still one of the top three classes in the game as it provides a necessity for each team. While also constricting some fun, you are still able to play the role without any prior practice/hard work. 

Medic has versatility in co-op and solo gameplay; thus, it is considered very strong in the early and late games. Remnant 2’s Medic class also provides AOE healing; therefore, it can be a “life saver” in certain situations while rewarding heals done.

Gunslinger – Shooter

Best Shooter Class in Remnant 2
Gunslinger Icon

Unlike the Hunter class, Gunslinger is a DPS class focusing on sustaining ammo while doing as much damage in mid-range. Skills that make reload and fire rate faster make this Remnant 2 the best class regarding shooting.

Raw damage and ammo sustenance are excellent in this class/archetype, as you can reload the gun while changing toward your secondary rifle.

Gunslinger Avatar

Starting Armor and Weapons

Weapon Armor
Wrangler 1860 High Noon Duds
Scrap Hatchet High Noon Soles
Western Classic High Noon Armguards
—————————- High Noon Hat

Prime Perk

Prime Perk Of Gunslinger
Prime Perk: “Loaded”

The prime perk of Gunslinger is “Loaded,” when activated, all guns are reloaded by using a skill, and you get infinite ammo for five seconds. On level 5, the timer increases to 6.5; on level 10, the timer increases to 8.

Perks and Trait

Perk Name Swift Shot Posse Up Quick Hands Sleight of Hand
Unlocked and Upgraded at which level Unlocked at level 1 and upgraded at level 6. Unlocked at level 2 and upgraded at level 7 Unlocked at level 3 and upgraded at level 8. Unlocked at level 4 and upgraded at level 9.
Perk description when unlocked Gain 2.5% ranged damage and 1.5% fire rate. Ammo pickups grant each player 20% more ammo, with the gain being distributed equally among teammates. 10% more reload Speed is added to firearms. A Relic can be used to reload a firearm.
Numbers on perk when upgraded Gain 15% Fire Rate and 5% Ranged Damage. Ammo drop awards 30% additional Ammo per player, with the bonus split equally among teammates. It causes Ammo Box to drop other ammo on the ground. Firearms gain 10% Reload Speed. The bonus is doubled if the magazine is empty. Using a Relic reloads equipped Firearm and increases Ranged Damage by 15% for 10s.

Here is the trait of a Gunslinger

  • Level 1:+5% Ammo Boost.
  • Level 2:+10% Ammo Boost.
  • Level 3:+15% Ammo Boost.
  • Level 4:+20% Ammo Boost.
  • Level 5:+25% Ammo Boost.
  • Level 6:+30% Ammo Boost.
  • Level 7:+35% Ammo Boost.
  • Level 8:+40% Ammo Boost.
  • Level 9:+45% Ammo Boost.
  • Level 10:+50% Ammo Boost.


Skill Name Quick Draw Sidewinder Redemption
Unlocked at Unlocked with the Class  Level 5  Level 10
Cool down 38.4s 76.8s 57.6s
Ability description The “Trusted Side Piece” fires up to six Critical Shots from the hip, dealing double the stagger value and 35 base damage per shot. Pressing the trigger automatically fires at any enemy within 25 meters of view, distributing rounds equally among targets. Holding and releasing the trigger allows for manual aiming and releases a single, strong shot. The power of the Desert Sidewinder increases ADS Movement Speed and Draw/Swap Speed by 50%. It automatically reloads incoming Firearms during weapon cycling and lasts for 12 seconds. The Gunslinger’s Full Strength unleashes increased Fire Rate (20%) and Reload Speed (50%) for all ranged weapons. Single-shot weapons switch to full auto with instant reloads. Bows and Crossbows gain a 15% increase in critical chance and 50% projectile speed. Lasts for twenty seconds.

The game’s central aspect uses shooting, and other classes optimize shooting in various ranges, but for consistency and longevity in duels, Gunslinger is the best. With the perk of having easy reloads while sustaining ammo for the fight.

This class’s increase in crit chance and ammo drop makes the gameplay more duel heavy, which most players look for in-game rather than having interferences during the fight.


Worst Remnant 2 class
Explorer Icon

Explorer is an archetype/class in Remnant Two which focuses on finding loot and maintaining utility. More or less, after observing the numbers of the explorer class in the game and how it fends with friends and foes, the explorer class is underwhelming. 

The explorer archetype is unlockable by crafting the Golden Compass. To unlock the engram, you must first defeat the boss, “Annihilation.” The boss can be found in the main story at Root Earth. For a better visual aid for the tutorial, watch the Gamers Heroes video on unlocking Explorer.

The trait that Explorers have is swiftness which can be consistently increased in the leveling up of the scheme, arguably the only fun trait this class has.

Nonetheless, to get the whole idea, we will show you the stats of this class and elaborate on why these stats and abilities make the class low in the tier list.

Engram of Explorer
Engram of Explorer

Starting Armor and Weapons

Weapon Armor
Ford’s Scattergun Realmwalker Beret
Hero’s Sword Realmwalker Tunic
Repeater Pistol Realmwalker Pantaloons
—————————- Realmwalker Gloves

The initial armor and weapon are among the few things appealing in numbers about the class. Thus, it is as low-ranked as it is. However, we want to give credit where credit is due, as Remnant 2 has made the class system quite balanced; thus, it can be said, more or less, the classing system disparity isn’t much as you would expect.

Prime Perk

Prime Perk Lucky
Prime Perk: “Lucky”

The Prime perk of the Explorer class in Remnant 2 is “Lucky.” Moreover, Lucky gives a chance to get a rare item when defeating a more potent enemy (case of 10%).

As for the two upgrades each Prime Perk has at level 5 and level 10. “Lucky” increases the chance to 20% at level 5 and 35% at level 10. These numbers might be alluring. However, the gameplay of it is very linear and repetitive.

Perks and Trait

Perk Name Scavenger Metal Detector Relic Perk Self Discovery
Unlocked and Upgraded level Unlocked at level 1 and upgraded at level 6. Unlocked at level 2 and upgraded at level 7 Unlocked at level 3 and upgraded at level 8. Unlocked at level 4 and upgraded at level 9.
Perk description when unlocked For 15 seconds, pickups enhance All Damage Dealt by 0.5% in each stack. Additional piles lengthen the duration up to 60s. There are five maximum stacks. Increase the chance of finding ammunition, currency, and metal for the entire group by 10%. When an Explorer finds a relic Fragment in the game, the chance he gets a rarer item is more. Utilizing a Relic immediately replenishes Scavenger Stacks and stops Stack Decay for 15 seconds.
Numbers on perk when upgraded At upgrade, the Scavenger raises the All Crit Chance by 5% while active. Prospector enhances the likelihood that chests may reward you with consumables at upgrade. Explorer has a 5% chance of picking up a second gem of the same type or quality after picking up one. Self Discovery gets +30 stack after using a relic and is shielded from stack decay for one second.

Here is the trait of Explorer’s scaling 

  • Level 1:+1% Movement Speed.
  • Level 2:+2% Movement Speed.
  • Level 3:+3% Movement Speed.
  • Level 4:+5% Movement Speed.
  • Level 5:+6% Movement Speed.
  • Level 6:+7% Movement Speed.
  • Level 7:+10% Movement Speed.
  • Level 8:+11% Movement Speed.
  • Level 9:+12% Movement Speed.
  • Level 10:+15% Movement Speed.


Skill Name Planeswalker Gold Digger Fortune Hunter
Unlocked at Unlocked with the Class Level 5 Level 10
Cool down 58.8s 44.1s 88.2s
Ability description 20% more movement speed and an 80% stamina cost reduction for friends. 30 seconds long Dig into the ground to release a fountain that bestows a random bonus. Both fountains and their buffs have a 45-second lifespan.
A fountain may offer 10% more damage, 15% less damage, 1.5 seconds of health regeneration, or HASTE.
Increases the Explorer’s treasure sense to reveal special items within 40m for all allies. Lasts 60 seconds.

Conclusive Reasoning

The Explorer class is so low because the entertainment aspect of the class is limited to only the trait (swiftness) they have, which can only be fully potent in the late game.

However, we would argue at that point of the game, the primary use of Explorer has already been ventured, which is getting loot. It might accelerate the process of getting loot; however, that being the main selling point of the class leaves something to desire.

Remnant 2 has nine classes, each with unique perks and abilities. The worst class is the Explorer, lacking impact and entertainment value.

The best support class is the Medic, offering healing and utility. Gunslinger (more so Handler, as shown in the other article) excels with sustained ammo and mid-range DPS for solo play. Remnant 2’s class system caters to various playstyles, providing players a balanced and enjoyable experience.

That is all we have on the best class in Remnant 2. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. 

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