Remnant 2: Best Medic Archetype Build [Definitive Guide]

Medic Archetype can help you win even in the most troublesome situations. Here is how this build is going to help you in Remnant 2.

Best medic Build in Remnant 2
Best Medic Build in Remnant 2

Medic is a support-oriented archetype in Remnant 2, mainly focusing on increasing the survival chances of teams during harsh conditions. As it is based solely on survivability with enhanced healing and practical relics, Medic is unlike all other archetypes focusing on offensive or defensive functions. 

Key Takeaways

  • An optimized Medic build can help players finish the storyline efficiently and quickly in Remnant 2. 
  • Players can unlock the Medic Archetype by selecting it at Ward 13 while speaking with Wallace at the start of the game. 
  • Medic armor set will get you through most beginner-level gameplay until better alternatives are available. 
  • Players can swing between XMG57 Bonesaw for its higher ammo capacity, Steel Flail for close-range melee damage, and a Service Pistol to finish opponents in style.
  • Wellspring is a vibrant option with unmatched potential in the whole game. It can go with you throughout the game in your medic build. Redemption is a good alternative. However, it is not as much efficient.
  • Regenerator, the Prime Perk of Medic Archetype, will go throughout the game, and players will only switch to other options when needed.

Author’s Trust

I have spent over 50 hours during his first campaign in Remnant 2, allowing me to progress the best medic build below. If you have any questions regarding this build, reach out without any hesitations.

– Shahzar Khalique

Medic Archetype
Medic Archetype overview (Image credits: Gamesual)

Why did I Choose Medic?

Even though Medic is a Support character, I had no problems playing alone and taking an offensive approach.

Medic Build Overview

Medic Archetype (How To Unlock)At the start of the game, by speaking to Wallace Ward 13.
By crafting the Caduceus Idol Engram
Weapons Choice XMG57 Bonesaw (For better ammo capacity)
Steel Flail (close-range melee attacks)
Service Pistol (one-on-one close to mid-range)
Armor ChoiceMedic Armor Set
Skills Choice
Wellspring (throughout the build)
Redemption (possible alternative)
Perks ChoiceRegenerator - Prime Perk

TraitTriage (any level)

Build Overview Table. 

Mainly because of its ability to grant players a stubborn health bar, the Medic Archetype is an all-around resilient class choice during any situation in the game. Here is how players can unlock it:

  • The first and easiest way would be to select this Archetype at the start of the game while watching the tutorial. To do so, interact with Wallace at Ward 13 and choose your preferred Archetype.
  • If you have already selected any other archetype and are now looking to change it to the medic one, there are a few steps you will have to follow. Here are their details:
      • Purchase the Medic Pin from Dr. Norah.
      • Collect 10 Luminite Crystals.
      • Get 1000 Scraps.
      • Craft Caduceus Idol Engram using all these materials in Ward 13 and exchange it with Wallace to get the Medic class.

Now, let’s review what I consider the best Medic build in Remnant 2.

Basic Armor

Field Medic Set is the first set in this Archetype to help you progress through most of the storyline. It should be your priority armor set at the beginning stages of your build. Here are the various components that players can find throughout the game:

  • Field Medic Mask: Purchasable for 425 Scraps from Whispers, this basic headgear/helmet can withstand notable damage.
  • Field Medic Overcoat: Purchasable for 1150 Scraps from Whispers, this body armor provides dependable resistance against Blight and Bleed.
  • Field Medic Trousers: Purchasable from Whispers for 825 Scraps, these basic leg armor trousers ensure your safety by providing you with Blight and Bleed resistance.
  • Field Medic Gloves: Purchasable from Whispers for 325 Scraps, these essential gloves grant resistance against Bleed, Blight, and Toxin.


Here are the best weapons in this Medic Archetype build:

  • XMG57 Bonesaw (Long Gun): With 300 ammo and 150 in the magazine, Bonesaw is a powerful machine gun in Remnant 2 that will take your gameplay a class apart, especially at beginner levels. Players can purchase it from Brabus at Ward 13.
    Best Medic build in remnant 2
    Long gun in Remnant 2 (Image credits: Gamesual)
  • Steel Flail: A melee weapon that can help players convert momentum into destruction. It features reliable damage, good enough for a melee weapon. Players can purchase it from Brabus at Ward 13.
    steel flail remnant 2
    Steel Flail in Remnant 2 (Image Credits: Gamesual)
  • Service Pistol: It is a military-grade handgun, especially helpful in close to mid-range combat. It has a maximum capacity of 90 ammo. 
    Service Pistol
    Service Pistol in Remnant 2 (Image credits: Gamesual)


Each Archetype features three different skills. The first of these three skills will be automatically unlocked after selecting the class. The second and the third skills will unlock at levels 5 and 10, respectively.

The same is the case with the Medic class. 


Wellspring medic skill

This is definitely one of my favorite skills for any available class in the game. Interestingly, players can quickly get their hands on this skill after opting for the Medic Archetype. Its usefulness throughout the journey makes it the best option for your Medic build. 

  • It channels healing energy into players’ fists.
  • Players can launch it on the ground to create a healing spring that lasts 15 seconds.
  • The healing spring has a large Area of Effect (3 meters). Anyone within the range will restore 10.5 Health per second.
  • This skill considerably increases the Blight Decay.
  • It has a cooldown period of 57.6 seconds.

Healing Shield

Best medic build in Remnant 2
Healing Shield

Unlocks automatically at level 5; Healing Shield is another alternative to the Wellspring that can help you revive multiple players. We recommend excluding it from your build as a more competitive option is available. 

  • It creates a healing shield immediately when triggered.
  • All allies nearby within a range of 25 meters will survive behind the shield.
  • The shield lasts 10 seconds and ensures your allies don’t lose health within this period.
  • Players will also regenerate 21% of their health bar within this period.
  • Unfortunately, it has a higher cooldown period of 96 seconds, making it less desirable than the Wellspring.


redemption skill in medic class

It unlocks automatically at level 10. It is a better alternative to the Healing Shield and an effective competitor to the Wellspring.

I would consider focusing on this skill if you are playing especially with your friends. 

  • It creates a shockwave of healing energy with an Area of Effect of 30 meters
  • Any teammate within this range will recover their health considerably. It can also revive your allies and recover half of their health bar.
  • The shockwave lasts 10 seconds; players can extend it by holding the skill button. Therefore, players will be able to recover more health over a more extended period.
  • Unlike other skills where a dedicated cooldown period exists after every use, Redemption also limits players’ usage to revive allies for another 180 seconds after they have benefitted from it before.
  • Redemption features a standard cooldown period of 115.2 seconds


Perks provide essential passive buffs to your characters. They exist in five different forms, and players can only equip one perk from the whole category.

Similarly, different archetypes will have other perks. Out of the five perks, one will be a prime Perk.

Prime Perk – Regenerator

best medic build in Remnant 2

Regenerator is the prime perk of Medic Archetype, which means players can upgrade it twice in Remnant 2. With so many uses, it is an all-around choice in whatever medic build you create in the game.

If I was being honest, anything that grants you more health is one of the must-have skills during your campaign. Here are all the details that you would want to know about it:

  • Using Regenerator, you can regain a relic charge you have spent while recovering your teammates’ health. 
  • It becomes only available after restoring 350 Total Health.
  • Your collected healing will be lost if you rest or respawn at a worldstone.
  • Its first upgrade at level 5 will allow you to regenerate a relic charge after 300 health is recovered.
  • Level 10 upgrade will let you regenerate the relic charge after 250 health is recovered.

Invigorated – The Damage Perk

Invigorated perk
  • It unlocks at level 1 of your Medic Archetype. In its basic form, Invigorated can increase any attack’s damage by 2.5%.
  • Invigorated can be upgraded at level 6, where, in addition to providing 2.5% increased damage, it will also offer an additional 5% critical chance.
  • The damage and critical chance increase with each level.

 Benevolence – Team Perk

best medic build in Remnant 2
  • Benevolence unlocks at level 2 and increases the efficiency of Relic by an additional 15%. At the same time, it restores your teammates’ health bar by up to 30%.
  • After its upgrade at level 7, Benevolence will be able to do so but with an extended perk. If players’ health is below 35%, it will regenerate their health to up to 60%

Backbone – Utility Perk

  • It unlocks at level 3 and allows players to take one extra down before their health bar drops below grey.
  • After its upgrade at level 8, players’ health bar will become more stubborn and resilient.
  • It can take two more blows before dropping the grey health. It is helpful in a solo build against powerful enemies.

Benefactor – Relic Perk

  • It unlocks at level 4 and allows players to increase the Relic usage speed by up to 20%.
  • Players can utilize their healing abilities more efficiently when upgraded at level 9. Benefactor will let players increase the relic usage speed by 20% and provide a -1 stagger. 


The Triage Archetype has a unique trait that provides passive buffs to its primary abilities. It is the distinctive trait of the Medic class, and it lets players improve the healing capacity of their weapons mods.

I would suggest players use a Mod build to focus on this Trait. As players progress with their Archetype, their traits will increase with enhanced rewards.

Triage Trait
Triage Trait in Remnant 2 (Image credits: Gamesual)
Triage LevelBonus
Level 1At the beginner level, the healing provided by weapon mods increases by 5%.
Level 2One level up, and your weapon mods will get a 10% healing boost.
Level 3The third level increases the healing boost by 15%.
Level 4This level gives four times the basic boost, i.e., 20%.
Level 5This is the middle level at which the healing boost will jump up to 25%.
Level 6Level 6 rewards players with a 30% healing boost.
Level 7At level 7, players can enjoy a 35% increase in healing boost to their weapon mods.
Level 8This level will increase the Triage's healing boost by 40%.
Level 9The second last level will take it to 45%.
Level 10Finally, at level 10, players can enjoy a whopping 50% increase in their elemental healing boost.

Triage Level Table.

  • Resilient Class Choice.
  • Extensive Armor Set.
  • Access to Variety of Perks.

  • Limits Exploration.
  • Highly Dependent on Specific Weapons. 

My Recommendations & Experience With Medic Build

Most of my 50 hours of the campaign were spent playing the Medic class because of its versatility and access to unique skills and perks. I have always been a fan of the support class, and Remnant 2 perfected the healer. My two Archetypes were mainly Handler and Medic, and I would constantly switch between the two as my primary class.

gameplay time, remnant 2
Gameplay Time – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

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