Remnant 2: Best Solo Class [Equipment & Perks]

This guide will take you through the best solo class in Remnant 2 and its specifics.

Remnant 2 Best Solo Class
Remnant 2 Best Solo Class | Credits: Gamesual

Choosing the Handler boasts many abilities and perks, which help it become a solo demon. Moreover, not only is the Handler suitable for solo adventuring but it can also be used in a co-op as you can buff your allies. Moreover, it is possible to combine two archetypes and form a “custom class” of sorts.

Key Takeaways

  • The starting armor for Handler is mediocre, but the starting weapons, Blackmaw AR-47, Tech 22, and Rusted Claws, are the perfect middle ground.
  • The Handler has a dog Companion that stays with you and can provide many buffs to help you in fights and general adventuring.
  • It features three active skills: reduced damage taken, increased healing, and damage output.
  • It is best to juggle between the Support Dog and Attack Dog skills, Support Dog for general exploration, and Attack Dog for significant fights.

Author’s Trust

Remnant 2 has been some of the most fun I have had with any recent campaign. Like me, if you are going to tackle this campaign solo, I recommend going with the Handler Class for the optimal experience.

– Shahzar Khalique

Remnant 2 Handler Archetype
Handler Archetype | Credits: Gamesual

Starting Equipment

Here are the weapons and armor you start with when you choose the handler class,

Armors Weapons
  • Trainer Cap
  • Trainer Clothes
  • Trainer Workboots
  • Trainer Bracer
  • Blackmaw AR-47
  • Rusted Claws
  • Tech 22

Although the armor is nothing to write home about, being very mediocre, the starting weapons are pretty decent. The Blackmaw AR-47 is a classic fully automatic rifle. Although it may not have the highest damage or fire rate, it is in the perfect middle between the two.

I stayed with the Blackmaw AR-47 for nearly two worlds and used the fire bullets as my preferred Mod.

Moving on to the pistol option, the Handler is provided with a Tech 22, which is an automatic pistol, perfect for up-close combat when your AR-47 is out of ammo. 

With the Rusted Claws, you can achieve your lifelong dream of being a (dollar store) Wolverine. 

Prime Perk

Prime perks are unique abilities that come with every Archetype when selected as the main class. The Prime Perk for Handler is called Bonded. With this, your Companion can revive you when adversaries strike you down. Moreover, the Bonded perk can be upgraded at levels 5 and 10, reducing its cooldown.

Name Type Description Cooldown
Bonded Prime Perk When Handler is downed, Companion will attempt to revive them at 50% Max Health. It can be used to revive allies with Command. The downed ally must have a Relic charge. Default: 120s

Level 5: 105s

Level 10: 90s

This Prime Perk is one of the significant reasons the Handler class is so good for solo gameplay. When playing Solo, you don’t have anyone to support or help you up; that’s where this perk comes in.

Archetype Perks

Perk Name Pack Hunter Spirit Of The Wolf Teamwork Best Friend
Type Damage Perk Team Perk Utility Perk Relic Perk
Unlock Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Base Stats Gain 3% Ranged and Skill Damage while Companion is active and within 25m of the player. Increases with Handler Level. Increases Movement Speed by 10%. All allies within 10m of the Handler gain the Handler’s Movement Speed (if faster). Handler and Companion gain 5% increased Revive Speed. Using a Relic fully restores the Companion’s health.
Upgrade Level Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Upgraded Stats Gain 30% Ranged and Skill Damage while Companion is active and within 25m of the player. Increases with Handler Level. Increases Movement Speed by 10%. All allies within 10m of the Handler gain the Handler’s Movement Speed (if faster). Reduces the Stamina Cost of actions for allies by 15%. Handler and Companion gain 30% increased Revive Speed. While Handler or Companion are reviving, they receive 50% less damage. Using a Relic fully restores the Companion’s health and grants them 25% Damage and 35% Damage Resistance for 15s.

Archetype Perks are generally buffs for you and your allies. The archetype perks are unique to each Archetype. 

These perk types are Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic. The perks slowly unlock with level up and then are upgraded once throughout the whole game. The table has detailed info regarding all of the Handler’s perks.

As you won’t have teammates to help you in your fights, why not buff yourself so you won’t ever need a teammate? These perks help you gain the range you need to maintain space from the enemies’ while also giving you the movement speed to run away from situations.

Moreover, your skills gain increased damage, making it easier to mow down your adversaries. In addition, you can heal yourself to the fullest to prevent the situation of revival ever coming. However, if you get downed, you can revive faster while your Companion takes less damage.


The Handler has three unique skills to work with. Skills are active abilities, and only one can be equipped at a time. However, you can still swap out skills when you are out of combat for free. 

Skill Name Guard Dog Support Dog Attack Dog
Unlock Level Unlocked from start Level 5 Level 10
Description The Companion will follow the Handler and generate a 15% increased Threat while attacking. All damage to them is reduced by 20%. Companion will follow the Handler and continuously heal allies within 3.5m for 0.25% of Max Health per second.
A companion will follow the Handler and deal 20% additional damage.
Single Press Companion engages enemies near the targeted location.
Double Tap Companion returns to the Handler and remains by their side.
Hold Howl reduces damage by 15% to all allies within 20m, and the Companion generates additional Threats. Lasts 20s. Howl grants 2% of Max Health per second and 25% increased Movement Speed to all allies within 20m. Lasts 25s.
Howl increases damage by 20% for all allies within 20m. Lasts 20s.
Cooldown 84.6s 84.6s 84.6s

All of the skills have the essential ability to signal your Companion to engage or disengage from a fight. Using this efficiently helped me divert enough attention away whenever I needed a few precious seconds to either heal or reload my guns.


Traits are unique to each Archetype. These are effects or perks that upgrade with every level of your character. The Handler’s trait is Kinship, which reduces the friendly fire damage from you.

The following is the amount of damage reduction with each level,

Levels % Friendly Fire Damage Reduction
Level 1 -8% Damage Reduction
Level 2 -16% Damage Reduction
Level 3 -24% Damage Reduction
Level 4 -32% Damage Reduction
Level 5 -40% Damage Reduction
Level 6 -48% Damage Reduction
Level 7 -56% Damage Reduction
Level 8 -64% Damage Reduction
Level 9 -72% Damage Reduction
Level 10 -80% Damage Reduction

Pros and Cons

  • Solo Versatility: Well-suited for solo play.
  • Buffing Allies: Can provide buffs in co-op.
  • Customization: Allows combining two archetypes.

  • Mediocre Starting Armor: Initial armor is average at best.
  • Limited Skill Slots: Only three active skills are available at a time.
  • Solo Reliance: Prime perk for solo revival.

My Thoughts

I would consider Handler the best Solo Class in Remnant 2.

During most of the 40-plus hours of my campaign, I played with the Handler Class. It could be that I was already sold on having a Dog as your companion.

However, I can also safely say this is one of the best classes, with some excellent skills. I mean, nothing beats pointing your Dog at an enemy, and he drains their health one bite at a time.

gameplay time, remnant 2
Gameplay Time – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

As a result, I would point my Dog at a tanky boss while I took care of the smaller enemies nearby. If this wasn’t enough, my companion came in clutch with the revive whenever I needed it. 

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