Remnant 2: Best Traits To Level Up [Detailed Guide]

Learning about which are the best traits that you need to prioritize leveling up, amongst the 31 available.

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Which of the 31 traits do you need to prioritize? We will tell you exactly that!

Choosing the best traits is equally important as having the best weapons or selecting the suitable class in Remnant 2. There are a total of 31 traits in the game, each being a passive ability that gives you a boost in specific skills. 

Key Takeaways

  • Traits are passive skills that will give you a significant boost in certain aspects of the game. These include damage buffs, health regeneration buffs, and quicker movement.
  • At the start of the game, you are equipped with 5 Traits. Among them are four core traits, and one is your Archetype trait.
  • Moreover, the core traits are the same for all archetypes and require a trait point to level up.
  • The best core traits would be Vigor and Endurance in the game’s early stages. So, make sure to prioritize those at the beginning.
  • The best Archetype traits will depend on your playstyle. If you prefer melee battles, equip Strongback and Untouchable. A universal trait that will benefit you regardless is Swiftness and Regrowth.
  • As for the best Unlockable traits, you would want to focus on Amplitude, Rugged, Barkskin, and Revivalist. 

traits tab in Remnant 2
All available traits will be shown in this tab. ~Image Captured by Gamesual

Core Traits

Core traits in Remnant 2
The 4 Core Traits every Archetype has. ~Image Captured by Gamesual

As I already mentioned, there are four core traits that each Archetype has in common at the beginning of the game. These include Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, and Expertise.

Core TraitDescription
Endurance Increases Stamina, which is required to sprint in the game. More importantly, dodging attacks also need Stamina, and you will usually find yourself dodging attacks.
Increases Stamina by 3% at every level. (Up to 30%)
VigorIncreases Max Health. When swarmed by enemies, having a large chunk of health is essential.
Increases Max Health by 3% at every level. (Up to 30%)
ExpertiseReduces Skill cooldown. You are often in tight situations where you repeatedly want to use a skill to defeat enemies. In that case, leveling this trait up will be helpful to you in longer fights, where you constantly have enemies appearing.
Reduces Skill Cooldown time by 2% at every level. (Up to 20%)
Spirit Increases Mod Power generation. Weapon mods are charged when you use your weapons in battle, and this trait boosts how quickly you can charge them. Which indirectly means how often you can use weapon mods.
Increases Mod power generation by 2% at every level. (Up to 20%)

My picks for Core Traits.

You shouldn’t only boost one trait and leave the rest. However, focusing on your playstyle will give you the answer you need.

On the other hand, you should level up your Vigor trait initially. With all the skills and weapons, getting a hold of the mechanics in the game may take time. For that reason, having a more considerable max health makes it less punishing if you let your guard down.

I remember many times when I survived a fight with barely any health left, and that slight bonus from the trait kept me going. Apart from that, never forget to upgrade your endurance trait.

Archetype Traits

4 archetypes shown including Gunslinger, hunter, challenger, medic
Every Archetype has a unique Trait that others don’t have. ~Image Captured by Gamesual

These traits are unique to each Archetype. Initially, you will be granted a single archetype trait. After progressing the campaign, you can unlock the dual archetype system, allowing you to select a secondary trait.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend any trait points to level up these traits. They will do so simultaneously with your character’s level, which did leave me with a few extra trait points.

Archetype TraitArchetypeDescription
Ammo ReservesGunslingerIt simply improves ammo reserves by 5% in every level up. The maximum increase is up to 50%.
KinshipHandlerSubdues friendly fire damage by 8% in every level up. Max reduction is up to 80%.
LongshotHunterBoosts weapons range by 60cm in every level up. The max range increase is up to 600cm.
TriageMedicImproves Healing done by weapon mods by 5% in every level up. The maximum increase is limited to 50%.
Strong BackChallengerDecreases the armor effect on movement. Reduces 'encumbrance' by 1 in every level up. Although the scale is not defined precisely, the reduction can be up to 10.
SwiftnessExplorerBoosts movement speed in every level up. The upgrade is non-linear and can improve mobility speed by 15%.
PotencyAlchemistImproves time of consumable items by 10% in every level up. The maximum increase is up to 100%.
RegrowthSummonerEnhances ability to regain health by 0.15 seconds every level up. This can go up to a maximum of 1.5 seconds.
UntouchableInvaderIncreases the time you can evade an attack by 3% at every level. Increasing this time allows you to dodge attacks easily. The maximum increase is up to 30%.
FortifyEngineerEnhances defensive potential by 5% in every level up. The maximum increase is up to 50%.

Archetype Traits Table.

The answer to this question depends entirely on your playstyle and approach to the game.

  • Strong Back and Untouchable. If you want to get close to the battle and do some melee attacks, having Strong Back and Untouchable would be the best combo.
  • Swiftness and Longshot. If you’re playing a long-ranged class, Swiftness and Longshot may be the best traits in Remnant 2.
  • If you’re looking for a universal trait that will always be useful, we recommend choosing Swiftness and Regrowth. These will increase your ability to move around the map and make you more difficult to kill. You can never go wrong with these two traits.

A trait that isn’t the best option is Triage; even though it sounds like a fantastic skill, many better traits are available that provide more value.

Unlockable Traits

First boss appeared in Remnant 2
Some traits are unlocked after defeating enemy bosses. ~Image Captured by Gamesual

To my surprise, developers have also kept some traits in the game that can only be unlocked. So, you must complete some side quests and puzzles to get some of these traits.

TraitWhere To GetDescription
AmplitudeComplete the Labyrinth horde battle.Increases (AOE) the area in which your attack does affect by 5% every level up. Max increase limit of 50%.
Arcane StrikeDefeat all enemies and finish all slime monsters in Harvester's Reach on Losomn.Improves 'Mod Power Generation from Melee Damage' by 5% per level. This allows us to make special attacks more frequently—a maximum increase of 50%.
Blood BondIn Yaesha, complete the Root Nexus boss battle.Summons take 1% of the damage done to you, every level up. They are shielding you from harm. The maximum increase is up to 10%.
BarkskinWhen speaking to Meidra in Dappled Glade in Yaesha, answer her questions unemotionally.Subdue incoming damage by 1% per level up. This includes any damage. The maximum reduction of injury is 10%.
BloodstreamWhen speaking to Meidra in Dappled Glade in Yaesha, I answered her questions emotionally.Improves Grey health regeneration by 0.3 per second every level up. This makes Healing from injuries faster. The Max boost is 3.0 per second.
GluttonEither eat or be eaten by a co-op partner in Losomn during the Great Hall end event. You could also eat a Dran instead.Improves use speed of relics and consumables by 3% every level up. The maximum increase is up to 30%.
FootworkFinish the Train Horde battle in Terminus Station on N'Erud.Improves speed of movement when aiming by 5% every level up. Max up to 50% increase.
FitnessFinish the Vault of the Formless on N'Erud.Improve evading distance by 3% every level up. Gives you better mobility—Max up to 30% increase.
RevivalistRevive a downed teammate ten times.Improve revival speed by 5% every level up. This includes you being revived as well. Max up to 50% quicker.
ResonanceTBAExpand aura size by 5% per level up. Max up to 50% increase of Aura size.
RecoveryReturn the lost child you found in the Cotton Kiln area to the older woman.Boosts stamina regeneration by 3 per second every level up. I am making you regain Stamina quicker. Maximum boost is up to 30 per second.
HandlingFinish the first Horde Boss battle on Root EarthLowers recoil and weapon spread by 4% per level up. You are improving your accuracy. Max reduction is up to 40%.
SiphonerClear out the Dormant N'Erudian area on N'Erud.Increases lifesteal by 0.3%. Letting you restore health from attacks more. Max up to 3% increase.
ShadeskinFinish the Butcher's Quarter event on Losomn and stop the hanged man from burning.Improves resistance to Elemental damage by 2% every level up. This reduces the impact of damaging effects. The max resistance boost is 20%.
WayfarerFinish the second Horde Boss battle on Root Earth.Quickens environmental movement speed by 5% every level up. Includes climbing ladders or moving through water. Max up to 50% increase.
RuggedFree the captive NPC by defeating the end Horde battle in the Forgotten Field on Yaesha.Raises the health of summons by 10% every level up. Max health increase is 100%.
ScholarFinish the Final Boss of Remnant 2.Experience gain increased at a non-linear rate, with a maximum increase of 15%.

Best Unlockable Traits Table.

Amongst the 17 possible traits you can unlock, it is difficult to say that only one is the best. Moreover, since you get these at different stages of the game, the importance of each varies significantly.

  • Amplitude. It’s one of the best unlockable traits that lets you quickly deal with swarms of enemies.
  • Revivalist. In challenging situations, a few extra seconds are crucial.
  • Rugged. A fantastic trait if you have a summons; this is extremely helpful in later stages of the game.
  • Barkskin. A must-have trait in the game. This increases survivability and makes it harder to kill.

These were the four unlockable traits that you MUST own and level up. It doesn’t matter which class you play; most of these traits will significantly help you. So, make sure you prioritize leveling up these traits.

My Thoughts

Character progression in Remnant 2 was the most satisfying part of my 20-plus hours of playthrough. I had to manage many aspects of my build, which never felt overwhelming. Traits were an essential part of my build, and there were a few traits I focused on.

gameplay time, remnant 2
Gameplay Time – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

I was glad every class hadn’t fixed traits; some could only be unlocked through puzzles and quests. This not only kept my playthrough fresh but also kept me exploring every nook and cranny for some new trait.

In addition to the different traits, you must stack up the best weapons. You can improve your gameplay by reading more guides on our website:

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