Remnant 2: Top 10 Best Weapons

Here are some of the best weapons you can get in Remnant 2.

Best weapons remnant 2
Best Weapons - Remnant 2 : Image by Gamesual

Remnant 2 allows players to shuffle between a long-range gun, a handgun, and a melee weapon. I had a great time with the gunplay during my gameplay and had multiple favorite weapons in my arsenal. However, these weapons require scraps for upgrades and mods that can further buff up the gun. Therefore, knowing which weapon is worth the resources before spending them is better.

Key Takeaways:

  • With over 35 melee weapons available in the game, players can only pick and use one. 
  • Weapons like Enigma and the Gas Giant can produce significant passive area damage. 
  • I strongly recommend going for Sorrow and Labyrinth Staff for their accessibility and neat damage performance in the long range. 

Weapon Name Damage Cost Or Location
Enigma 22 1 Cipher Rod
MP60-R 9 1000 Scraps
Blackmaw AR-47 18.7 1000 Scraps
Gas Giant 74 Tal Ratha
XMG57 Bonesaw 13.2 1000 Scraps
Atom Smasher 72 Terminus Station
Merciless 13 Corrupt Ravager
Nightfall 31 Cursed Dream Silks
Labyrinth Staff 64 The Labyrinth
Sorrow 45 Tear of Kaeula

Author’s Trust

During his 50-plus hours with the game, Shahzar shot his way to the end of the campaign. He considers the weapon choices in this game to be some of the best in any recent game. He tested out and tried almost all the weapons available during the campaign. The weapons listed below are some of the best weapons you should consider whenever jumping into Remnant 2.


enigma remnant 2
Enigma – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual
Weapon Name Enigma
Damage 22
Rounds Per Second 4
Magazine 30
Ideal Range 12m
Max Ammo 120

The Enigma is hands down one of my favorite and best submachine guns in the game. This electrocuting SMG is made of stone and releases strong electrical currents whenever the trigger is pressed.

Moreover, the Enigma is capable of electrocuting multiple enemies at once. As a result, I immediately started using the Enigma to manage large hordes of enemies.

You must first reach the Labyrinth as part of your campaign. Once at the Labyrinth, explore the area nearby until you see a teleporter that changes location. Therefore, jump inside the teleporter once you see an empty sky and a ledge. 

I was lucky to stumble at the right location on my first try. However, a few of my friends had to do this multiple times to jump. You may need to take care of a few enemies at first.

Therefore, collect your Cipher Rod and bring it back to Ward 13 to craft into the Enigma. As this is an SMG, it will only use handgun ammo commonly available in the game.


MP60-R remnant 2 best handgun
MP60-R – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual
Weapon Name MP60-R
Damage 9
Rounds Per Second 14.2
Magazine 42
Ideal Range 17m
Max Ammo 252

The MP60-R is another early-game weapon I got my hands on. I acquired this fully automatic handgun during my initial visits to Ward 13. Therefore, players must travel to this world and head on to Ford’s room, the older man you met at the start of the game. Ford’s room is next to the World Crystal and on top of the Weapon Upgrade shop.

However, once in Ford’s room, you will see a locked Red Chest in the corner. The Chest requires players to enter the combination 0415 to unlock the Chest finally. Within the Chest is a key that players can use to access a secret room and find the gun. Moreover, the private room is located at the scrapyard, with all the Cargo Containers. You can learn more about it from the Cargo Control Key guide.

I cannot recommend this gun enough, as it is an excellent upgrade from your regular pistol early on. Moreover, the fully automatic allows players to unload many bullets within seconds. 

Blackmaw AR-47

blackmaw ar-47 remnant 2
Blackmaw AR-47 – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual
Weapon Name Blackmaw AR-47
Damage 18.7
Rounds Per Second 7.3
Magazine 38
Ideal Range 20m
Max Ammo 190

The Blackmaw AR-47, as the name suggests, is one of the game’s primary assault rifles. The Rifle has a rugged look, barely held together by duct tape. This weapon quickly became the primary weapon during the early parts of my campaign because of its impressive damage and reasonable reloading speed.

Moreover, you can also attach the Hot Shot mutator to fire-burning bullets that cause bleed effect damage. You can also use iron and other resources to upgrade the weapon further. However, as this is a starting weapon, spending a tiny amount on upgrades is best. Moreover, it is better to sell the gun when you get a better weapon. 

I started with the Handler class, and this Rifle was my starting weapon. However, you can buy this gun for 1000 Scraps from the shop if you play in a different style.

Gas Giant

gas giant remnant 2
Gas Giant – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual
Weapon Name Gas Giant
Damage 74

The Gas Giant is one of the first special melee weapons. Melee weapons are your only support when you run out of bullets or the enemies get too close.

Moreover, one of my favorite features of the Gas Giant is its ability to put on the corrosion effect. So whenever you strike an enemy with this, you put on a poison effect on them.

The item required to craft this weapon can only be found in the world of N’Erud. The game requires you to defeat the planet’s final boss, Tal Ratha, to get your hands on the material. Once you defeat the boss in the Astral Plain, he will drop material and his echo. 

Therefore, bring this material back to Ward 13 and craft your new melee weapon. 

XMG57 Bonesaw

bonesaw remnant 2 long gun
Bonesaw – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual
Weapon Name XMG57 Bonesaw
Damage 13.2
Rounds Per Second 9.5
Magazine 150
Ideal Range 19m
Max Ammo 300

The XMG57 Bonesaw is an excellent starting weapon for most players. This weapon can play an integral role in the early hours of your campaign.

Moreover, the gun is practically a machine gun capable of spewing 150 rounds in one magazine and having 150 rounds in reserve. Therefore, I had no problem unloading a storm of bullets into the enemies.

However, it is essential to remember that the reloading time of this weapon is prolonged. Therefore, it is recommended to pick a safe corner before you go on to reload this weapon. The XMG57 Bonesaw is relatively easy to acquire and a starting gun for the medic class in the game. However, while playing with the Handler class, I had to purchase this gun for 1000 Scraps later.

Atom Smasher

Weapon Name Atom Smasher
Damage 72

The Atom Smasher is another great melee weapon to have in your arsenal. This sledgehammer is capable of dealing significant damage with a single hit. Moreover, the weapon comes with an 11% Stagger rate.

I had a great time using the special attack of Atom Smasher, which allows you to accelerate heavy attacks. As a result, I could hit enemies quickly with severe attacks and land more damage.

I found this heavy weapon on the Planet N’Erud at the end of the Terminus Station. Therefore, head on deep down in the Terminus station. You will be required here to kill off waves of Robots within a time limit.

However, I almost missed the Atom Smasher, as you are required to climb the train from a secret platform and jump inside the cabin to get the weapon.

The Atom Smasher was a great addition to my weapon arsenal, adding great variety to the combat.


Weapon Name Merciless
Damage 13
Rounds Per Second 8.6
Magazine 50
Ideal Range 20m
Max Ammo 250

The Merciless is another excellent gun in your arsenal and one of the best weapons. This alien-looking gun is capable of shooting 50 bullets from a single magazine.

The bullets from this weapon can also inflict bleeding damage on the enemies. The bleeding damage came in handy during my fight against tanky enemies.

The Mod for this weapon transforms it into a shotgun-rocket launcher hybrid. This will enable players to fire penetrating shots that deal incredible damage to multiple enemies at once. You can easily acquire this weapon from the world of Yaesha.

However, I had to defeat the Corrupt Ravager and get my hands on the particular item. I had to sacrifice the Doe; otherwise, I would get a different weapon. Therefore, bring this item to Ward 13 and craft it into your new favorite Long Gun.


Weapon Name Nightfall
Damage 31
Rounds Per Second 5
Magazine 10
Ideal Range 18m
Max Ammo 90

The Nightfall is a long gun that can be crafted in Remnant 2. This gun may not seem like a lot initially due to its weak stats. However, let me assure you that this weapon has a broken and overpowered weapon mod. The Dreamweaver mod transforms this gun into an absolute beast.

Once the Mod is activated, the gun gains infinite ammo. Moreover, the weapon gets an additional 35% fire rate and grants a 10% life steal. This makes you unstoppable for the time this Mod lasts. I used this Mod with other mod-generating relics and rings to disintegrate major bosses without a sweat.

However, I had to defeat the Nightweaver boss in Losomn to craft this weapon. The boss will drop a Cursed Dream Silk once he is defeated. Then, players can bring this material back to Ward 13 to prepare this great new weapon.

Labyrinth Staff

Weapon Name Labyrinth Staff
Damage 64

The Labyrinth Staff, as the name suggests, can be found in the Labyrinth world. This long Staff is capable of dealing significant amounts of damage to your enemies.

Moreover, the Staff can generate Mod, which worked well with my build. The Staff can also land a heavy attack that can create shockwaves. These shockwaves allowed me to hit multiple enemies nearby.

the labyrinth remnant 2
The Labyrinth – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Therefore, you must first head to the Labyrinth to acquire this weapon. Then, I had to find the shifting portals and fight the miniboss known as Bastion.

After defeating the miniboss, they searched the area and found the Labyrinth Staff. This long-ranged melee weapon will be a great new addition to your arsenal. Moreover, this weapon can be effective if you need to generate Mod.


Weapon Name Sorrow
Damage 45
Rounds Per Second 2.6
Magazine 5
Ideal Range 16m
Max Ammo 45

The Sorrow is another incredible handgun available in Remnant 2. This handgun is a mini crossbow that classifies as a side arm. Moreover, this tiny crossbow also grants additional Relic Charges, which is one of the reasons I kept this gun on me. This incredible effect allows players to expand their inventory by carrying this weapon.

Moreover, players would not need to worry about this gun’s ammo. I found this Eulogy Mod to be incredibly satisfying as this allowed me to call back the bolts I had already fired.

These bolts can cause significant damage once they enter and leave the enemy. Moreover, this also regenerates the player’s health and lets you get back ammo.

I recommend the players go out of their way to gather the Tears of Kaeula to craft this side gun.

My Recommendations

You can always keep up to one long gun, handgun, and melee weapon equipped. However, you can switch between any weapon anytime during your playthrough, which is a great feature. As a result, I was carrying both Sorrow and Labyrinth Staff. for progressing mid-game to endgame areas. 

I recommend that all players pick and try out these unique weapons. It is essential to choose a weapon that supports your playstyle the most. That is all we have to rank the best weapons in Remnant 2. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. 

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