Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event [Farming Guide]

Your guide to the random and mysterious Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event and the ways you can farm all of its rewards.

Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event
Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event

The world of Remnant 2 includes many mysteries and puzzles. In this one, experience the enticing coldness of the Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event, and explore a dangerous, mysterious environment as the blood moon rises, revealing unique difficulties and rewards. Get ready to put your abilities to the test, deal with strong opponents, and discover the mysteries buried within the spooky blood moon cycle.

Key Points

  • A unique crafting substance that captures the spirit of change is called Blood Moon Essence and is located only in Yaesha and obtained by defeating Root Wisps during the blood moon event.
  • Blood Moon Essence is necessary for obtaining Bloodmoon Altar items like the Knotted armor set. For the possibility of gear, Blood Moon Essence must be harvested.
  • Yaesha’s purple wisps, which might be challenging to collect, produce Blood Moon Essence. Purple wisps appear close to wooden structures during the red moon eclipse.
  • Look for a red moon in Yaesha and spawn close to log cabins. There is a plan to use certain world bosses to start the Blood Moon event.

Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event

Searching for purple Root Wisps during Blood Moon Essence Event
Searching for purple Root Wisps during Blood Moon Essence Event Credits: Gamesual

The Blood Moon’s fundamental nature is metamorphosis, even though many people correlate it with death. While frequently undesirable for those who experience it, change can take many different and profound forms. Blood Moon Essence is a unique crafting material in Remnant 2, a mysterious orb that defies explanation. This sphere represents the very essence of change and suggests chaotic times.

It is obtained by defeating Root Wisps during a blood moon event and is only found in Yaesha. Blood Moon Essence is essential to gain artifacts from the Bloodmoon Altar, such as the coveted Knotted armor set, Soul Anchor, and the enigmatic Sanguine Vapor. Harvesting this essence is an investment that enthusiasts looking for more gear possibilities must make because doing so is only possible when the crimson moon shines over Yaesha.

Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event location
Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event location Credits: Gamesual

Blood Moon Essence’s presence emphasizes Remnant 2’s dynamic gameplay, which features players fighting literally and figuratively against moving forces. In Remnant 2, purple wisps can be used to obtain Blood Moon Essence, a crucial resource. You can find these purple particles in the Yaesha area. It might be challenging to gather them, especially during the rare red moon eclipse event.

During this event, purple wisps only appear near wooden buildings, making it necessary to take a calculated approach to collect the required 66 Blood Moon Essence for getting all the items at the Bloodmoon Temple.

Understanding the Blood Moon Event is necessary for productive farming. Due to the red moon above you, this rare event changes Yaesha’s landscape by giving it a reddish tint.

Blood Moon Essence for killing a purple Root Wisp
Blood Moon Essence for killing a purple Root Wisp Credits: Gamesual

During this event, players can see the moon’s distinctive red glow, functioning as the event’s inspiration. To farm well, stick to the following guidelines:

Go to Yaesha first, and see whether there is a blood moon event. Travel to another world and then return to Yaesha if there is no red moon. Once in Yaesha, during the blood moon event, look for wooden cottages because here are where the essential purple wisps spawn. Take part in the battle with the wisps to obtain Blood Moon Essence.

Retrace your steps after passing through a golden vapor door to increase effectiveness. This will cause the wisps to reappear, allowing you to collect more essence. Repeat the previous process to gather every required Blood Moon Essence.

Shooting at Root Wisp
Shooting at Root Wisp Credits: Gamesual

Players can fully utilize the Bloodmoon Altar’s powers by mastering this farming method. However, patience and persistence are essential due to the event’s randomness and the unique conditions required for wisps to arise. Yaesha’s blood moon essence farming is simple and mainly takes place in nearby areas of wooden houses.

It is essential to determine the actual existence of the event, which is indicated by a reddish-hued landscape, rather than the exact location of the event because you won’t come across any Root Wisps otherwise. These wisps can be blasted to produce a vivid purple orb that contains 1x Blood Moon Essence. The Essence can then be exchanged for a range of priceless artifacts at the Bloodmoon Altar. 

We have a strategy for ” farming” Blood Moon Essence. This approach guarantees you will experience a red blood moon throughout your explorations in Remnant 2. This strategy consists of progressing through Yaesha’s primary mission and running across particular world bosses, like the Ravager. Players need to kill the Doe.

Killing the Doe
Killing the Doe Credits: Gamesual

Players must also spare the Ravager because that will get them a reward. That reward is Ravager’s Mark Amulet, which would make future bends to trigger zones more likely to result in a Blood Moon event. You can learn more about it in our Remnant 2 ravagers kill the Doe guide. 

Cutscene after sparing corrupted Ravager
Cutscene after sparing corrupted Ravager Credits: Gamesual

Although there are many hypotheses on what causes Blood Moons, the only proven method is to check back for their occurrence routinely. It is thought that an internal timer is responsible for this incident’s appearance of unpredictability.

Before warping back, players are encouraged to completely depart Yaesha or head back to Ward 13 to avoid potentially refreshing the area and triggering a queued Blood Moon.

The timing for this event forces players to explore other parts of Remnant 2 before returning to Yaesha because the likelihood of a Blood Moon coming seems to increase over time. Even while Remnant 2’s procedural design is excellent, triggering particular events like this one cannot be easy.

Blood Moon Altar

Reward Name Material Cost
Sanguine Vapor 500 Scraps, 1 Blood Moon Essence
Knotted Greaves 600 Scraps, 7 Blood Moon Essence
Knotted Cage 800 Scraps, 10 Blood Moon Essence
Knotted Helm 300 Scraps, 5 Blood Moon Essence
Knotted Gloves 250 Scraps, 3 Blood Moon Essence
Blade of Gul 1,250 Scraps, 10 Blood Moon Essence
Soul Guard 750 Scraps, 5 Blood Moon Essence, 2 Lumenite Crystals
Faded Grimoire 1,500 Scraps, 15 Blood Moon Essence, 5 Lumenite Crystals
Soul Anchor 1,000 Scraps, 10 Blood Moon Essence, 3 Lumenite Crystals


Blood Moon Altar rewards
Blood Moon Altar rewards Credits: Gamesual.

Players can exchange the Blood Moon Essence they get for the fantastic rewards above. The Bloodmoon Altar is a place where players can gather the essences required for a range of priceless purchases, even though starting the event may be tiresome. Following the guidelines below will significantly benefit the players to increase their chances of farming ideally and getting all the Blood Moon Essense.

Blood Moon Altar
Blood Moon Altar Credits: Gamesual

Maintaining composure once a Blood Moon event appears in Remnant 2 is crucial. Despite the timing of these events, players can effectively farm the Blood Moon Essences required to properly exploit the Bloodmoon Altar by using the right strategy. During an active Blood Moon, the process of farming can be streamlined by doing a few easy steps:

  • Strategic Location: If readily available, try to locate Root Wisps next to a door going to another Zone.  These Gateways can serve as beneficial locations for productive farming.
  • Avoid engaging with Worldstones: To avoid ending the Blood Moon event, avoid interacting with any Worldstone or milestones while farming.
  • Create Warp Zones: Don’t forget to set up some warp zones nearby so that you can quickly respawn if the root wisps win the battle.
  • Kill and Repeat: Destroy the Root Wisps next to the gate, enter another region through the gate, and then quickly return to the Blood Moon zone. Doing so, the region is reset, and the players can interact with the Root Wisps again. If required, repeat this procedure until you get all of them.

Farming for Blood Moon Essence becomes relatively simple once the event starts. The actual difficulty lies in starting the event, which can take a lot of time for players. In conclusion, mining Blood Moon Essence effectively during a Blood Moon event requires taking calculated risks.

 Hopefully, this guide helped you with Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event. Down below are some more Remnant 2 related guides.

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