Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event [Farming Guide]

Your guide to the random and mysterious Blood Moon Essence Event and the ways you can farm all of its rewards.

Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event
Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence Event

The Blood Moon Essence Event explores a dangerous, mysterious environment as the moon rises, revealing unique difficulties and rewards. 

Key Points

  • A unique crafting substance that captures the spirit of change is called Blood Moon Essence and is located only in Yaesha and obtained by defeating Root Wisps during the Blood Moon event.
  • Blood Moon Essence is necessary for obtaining Bloodmoon Altar items like the Knotted armor set
  • Yaesha’s purple wisps, which might be challenging to collect, produce Blood Moon Essence. Purple wisps appear close to wooden structures during the red moon eclipse.

What Is Blood Moon Essence Event

Searching for purple Root Wisps during Blood Moon Essence Event
Searching for purple Root Wisps during Blood Moon Essence Event Credits: Gamesual

Blood Moon Essence is a unique crafting material, a mysterious orb that defies explanation. This sphere represents the very Essence of change and suggests chaotic times.

It is obtained by defeating Root Wisps during a blood moon event and is only found in Yaesha. Blood Moon Essence is essential to gain artifacts from the Bloodmoon Altar, such as the coveted Knotted armor set, Soul Anchor, and the enigmatic Sanguine Vapor.

Harvesting this Essence is an investment to unlock gear possibilities. For that instance, I started searching for the purple wisps, which led to the Blood Moon Essence. It might be challenging to gather them, especially during the rare red moon eclipse event.

Blood Moon Essence for killing a purple Root Wisp
Blood Moon Essence for killing a purple Root Wisp Credits: Gamesual

During this event, purple wisps only appear near wooden buildings, making it necessary to take a calculated approach to collect the required 66 Blood Moon Essence for getting all the items at the Bloodmoon Temple.

Farming Blood Moon Essence

Understanding the Blood Moon Event is necessary for productive farming. Due to the red moon above you, this rare event changes Yaesha’s landscape by giving it a reddish tint.

In my experience, the event was initiated with a red glow

  1. Firstly, head to the Yaesha.
  2. You can return to the previous zone if the event is unavailable and then rotate to find the event.
  3. Once in Yaesha, search for wooden cottages during the Blood Moon event because the essential purple wisps spawn here. I took part in the battle with the Wisps to obtain Blood Moon Essence.
  4. Retrace steps after passing through a golden vapor door to increase effectiveness. It caused the wisps to reappear, allowing my character to collect more Essence. I repeated the previous process to gather every available Blood Moon Essence.
Shooting at Root Wisp
Shooting at Root Wisp Credits: Gamesual

Players can fully utilize the Bloodmoon Altar’s powers by mastering this farming method. However, patience and persistence are essential due to the event’s randomness and the unique conditions required for wisps to arise.

Yaesha’s blood moon essence farming is simple and mainly takes place in nearby areas of wooden houses.

Reward Name Material Cost
Sanguine Vapor 500 Scraps, 1 Blood Moon Essence
Knotted Greaves 600 Scraps, 7 Blood Moon Essence
Knotted Cage 800 Scraps, 10 Blood Moon Essence
Knotted Helm 300 Scraps, 5 Blood Moon Essence
Knotted Gloves 250 Scraps, 3 Blood Moon Essence
Blade of Gul 1,250 Scraps, 10 Blood Moon Essence
Soul Guard 750 Scraps, 5 Blood Moon Essence, 2 Lumenite Crystals
Faded Grimoire 1,500 Scraps, 15 Blood Moon Essence, 5 Lumenite Crystals
Soul Anchor 1,000 Scraps, 10 Blood Moon Essence, 3 Lumenite Crystals


Blood Moon Altar rewards
Blood Moon Altar rewards Credits: Gamesual.

Challenges Faced In Blood Moon Event

Blood Moon event gives a fun and neat exploration of the game while also keeping up the bar for rewards. However, one trouble that I faced the most was encountering the event to farm the Blood Moon essence. Unfortunately, that is the only approach to farm the item, and no other workaround like killing the doe guarantees the spawn of the Blood Moon event, in my experience.

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