Remnant 2: What Is Bulwark? [Explained]

In this guide we will tell you all about Bulwark in Remnant 2 and what are its uses in the game.

Remnant 2 Bulwark
Remnant 2 Bulwark

Although Remnant 2 has done a fine job of explaining its components. Still, some aspects need explanation. One such aspect is the “Bulwark.” In this guide for Remnant 2 Bulwark, we will show you how to use it and obtain its stacks.

Key Takeaways

  • Bulwark is a buff in the game Remnant 2. This buff offers Damage Reduction. Each stack offers up to 5% Damage Reduction.
  • Bulwark’s in-game description is unavailable, making it confusing for players. But to get in-game descriptions, players must activate Bulwark and the process to the “Character” Menu, and there will be the buffs along with their description in the Top Left Corner.
  • To get easy access to this buff, players can choose Challenger Archetype at the start of the game. This Archetype offers inherent damage reduction in its skill “Juggernaut” and its perk “Face of Danger(Relic Perk).”
  • Even without this Archetype, players can still access this buff by equipping themselves with materials like Soul Guard, Fae Bruiser Ring, Guardian’s Ring, and Hardcore Metal Band.

Bulwarks is a buff for damage reduction in Remnant 2. The Challenger Archetype is naturally available to players as this class offers tanking damage and close combat. Hence it is only natural that this archetype reduces damage in its kit. However, within the game, certain items and accessories can give players access to stacks of Bulwark, with each stack offering a 5% damage reduction.

Although developers have done a fantastic job, Bulwark remains a source of confusion for most Remnant 2 players since the game provides no in-game description. However, players fail to note that Bulwark has an active effect, meaning they need to activate Bulwark. Once activated, go to the “Character” Menu, and in the top left, you will find your character buffs with an explanation.

Challenger Archetype 

The game Remnant 2 offers various paths for players; players get to choose which class they want to play with each class offering different perks, abilities, weapons, armor, triage, etc. Challenger is one of the starting classes of Remnant 2.

This class offers increased survivability and close combat. Also, these characteristics make it ideal for a tank role in the game.

This image shows Challenger Archetype
This image shows Challenger Archetype. Image Credit Gamesual
Class Skill ( Needs to be activated) Perk(Passive Effect) Weapon Triage Armor

Challenger Archetype


  • Warstomp  Using this ability emits waves of energy dealing damage in all directions.
  • Juggernaut This skill grants players Bulwark Stacks. Enhancing their defense capability. Additionally, it also increases their melee prowess.
  • Rampage  The Rampage Skill increases firing rate, reload speed, and character movement speed.
  • However, it should be noted that players can only equip one skill at one time.
  • Die Hard(Prime Perk) When players receive Fatal Damage they become invulnerable to attacks for some time with some health restored.
  • Close Quarters(Damage Perk)  Using this increases the amount of damage you inflict on all close adversaries.
  • Intimidating Presence(Team Perk) This ability reduces the damage adversaries inflict upon you. However, it is only applicable to adversaries that are nearby.
  • Powerlifter(Utility Perk) This perk reduces the stamina cost increase with each weight bracket.
  • Face of Danger(Relic Perk) When you use a relic close to an enemy, you will receive two stacks of Bulwark.
  • AS-10 Bulldog
  • Iron Greatsword
  • Silverback Model 500
  • Strongback This trait reduces Encumbrance.
  • Bruiser Helmet
  • Bruiser Bodyplate
  • Bruiser Boots
  • Bruiser Gloves

If players want damage reduction in the game, they can choose the Challenger Archetype, as it has built-in damage reduction, which is stackable.

  • Using the skill “Juggernaut” will grant players 3x stacks of Bulwark. This means a 15% damage reduction for approximately of about 25 seconds. However, remember that you can unlock “Juggernaut” at Level 5. Additionally, players can equip their character with only one skill at a time.
This image shows Juggernaut Skill in the game
This image shows Juggernaut Skill in the game which offers Bulwark Stacks—image Credit Gamesual.
  • In addition to the skill  “Juggernaut,” one of the perks of this class is “Face of Danger(Relic Perk).” When you use a Relic close to an enemy, it grants you 2x stacks of Bulwark. This perk can be unlocked at Level 4

Other Sources Of Bulwark

Bulwark is a damage reduction buff in Remnant 2. To get early and easy access to the stat, players can choose Challenger Archetype. However, the developers have ensured that players who choose other classes are not denied this buff.

Since the World of Yaesha is vast, you come across various merchants, accessories, and other equipment while exploring it, and some of this equipment can be used to get stacks of Bulwark. This stat or buff allows the player to sustain damage during an attack and cope with this game’s high levels of difficulty.

Item  Ability Location Some Additional Tips
Guardian’s Ring

This image shows Guardian Ring which can be used to provide stacks of Bulwark

When equipped with this ring, players will automatically add 1x stack of Bulwark when an enemy is nearby. Additionally, increases to 2x Bulwark Stacks when you take melee damage. In the Nameless Nest in the World of Yaesha  
Soul Guard 

This image shows Soul Guard which is a ring that grants player Bulwark stacks.

The Soul Guard is a ring in Remnant 2 that offers 1x Stack of Bulwark with each active summon. Can be Crafted at the Blood Moon Altar In Yaesha. For this item, players will require Blood Moon Essence, which can only be obtained during Blood Moon Period in Yaesha.
Fae Bruiser Ring

This image shows the Fae Bruiser Ring which grants players stacks of Bulwark.

If equipped with this ring, you can gain 2x stacks of Bulwark for 7 seconds by dealing melee damage. Losomn Random World Drop We cannot provide a precise location as this item can spawn anywhere on the Map.
Hardcore Metal Band 

This image shows Hardcore Metal Band which grants player stacks of Bulwark.

When equipped with this ring taking damage grants you 1x Stack of Bulwark stacking up to 5 max stacks of Bulwark. Found in NE’rud Random Drop We cannot provide a precise location as this item drops randomly.

These are some items with which the layers can equip themselves to provide better sustain during a fight. Hence compensating for the lack of inherent damage reduction provided in classes other than Challenger.

  • To get Blood Moon Essence, the players must reach Yashea during the Blood Moon Period and kill a specific pink jellyfish-like creature called Root Wisp that will be flying around in Yaesha during Blood Moon Period. However, killing a single Root Wisp will grant players only 1x Blood Moon Essence.
  • Additionally, it should be remembered that when players enter Yeasha, it isn’t Blood Moon Period. It won’t be happening no matter how much time you spend there. Instead, we recommend you head back to Ward 13 and come back again to check if it is Blood Moon Period. You will have to do this for some time as a Blood Moon Period is rare and is hard to come by.

Remnant 2 is a challenging entry in the series. However, something unknown to players may always significantly impact the game. Thus, to better understand how the game works and its components, check out some of our other helpful guides that will improve your gameplay and provide a better understanding of the game’s complexities.

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