Remnant 2: Cathedral Of Omens [Puzzle Guide]

Here is a detailed guide on solutions of Cathedral of Omens Puzzles in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Shadow puzzle
Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens

Besides the gameplay, the developers of Remnant 2 Gun Fire Games gave the game fantastic world-building, intricate puzzles, and challenges that bring joy to many players when they achieve victory over these challenges. One of these challenging puzzles lies within Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens, The Shadow puzzle of Cathedral of Omens.

Key Highlights

  • The Cathedral of Omens location can vary between players and even between playthroughs as the game uses algorithms to auto-generate the main open world of every world. Some worlds go as far as having two different timelines, which can come randomly.
  • The Cathedral of Omens is an abandoned dungeon with no other boulder than a single puzzle, so you don’t have to worry about getting into an unbeatable boss fight.
  • The shadow puzzle originally contained three doors, but one is already looted, and there’s also no secret stash there. It may have one in another timeline, but nothing has been found yet.

The Cathedral of Omens is located in the region of Yaesha. It’s an optional dungeon that contains a single yet little brain-poking puzzle. It isn’t unfair or too hard, but if you haven’t played games recently that don’t have those classic dungeon puzzles like in Skyrim, you hit a wall trying to make sense of this puzzle. This guide is here to help one escape this predicament and get the rewards inside the Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens

Cathedral of Omens is located in Yaesha, where you encounter the Root Nexus. Now there’s no specific guideline on where it is located because, if you didn’t know, the game uses an algorithm for procedurally generating some of the main areas except for the dungeons. So these areas can vary between players and even among different characters you use. This does give the game more replayability and, with coop, a fun game to revisit with friends.

The base location of the Cathedral of Omens will be near the Nexus Root always. So try searching the area yourself; you should locate the dungeon quickly.

Shadow Puzzle Solution

Upon entering the dungeon, you will be confronted with a mechanism running lever in front of the main entrance, which is responsible for moving the triangular-shaped machine part which casts its shadow on the floor. 

Shadow puzzle symbols Remnant 2
Symbols in the Shadow puzzle that you will need to keep in mind

This hall contains two shut-off doors and a third door that’s broken and looted already. So to open the other two, you will need the help of a mechanism lever on the left side from the entrance, which operates the circular shadow-casting mechanism.

Lastly, the last mechanism can be found on the right side door from the main entrance, which has a lever to move the mechanism. This one operates the symbol’s shadows on the ground to reposition them to solve the puzzle.

First Door Solution

The first door is in front of you when you enter from the main entrance. The puzzle name for this door is called the Calamity, with the triangle pointing to the left side of the room. You will need to use the lever on the primary entrance side to indicate the triangle shadow to the left side of the room. Then use the right-side door lever to shift the symbols on the ground so that the Doe symbol is on the primary entrance side and the Ravager Symbol is on the side of the middle door.

And for the left side lever, you need to use it and position the circles so that one is on the Ravager and the other on the left side on the Death symbol in between the triangle’s tip point and the Ravager’s point end. This should open the first door, and you can loot the riches.

Note: Only one Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens door can remain open.

Remnant 2 Cathedral of omens puzzle
First door puzzle solution

Second Door Puzzle

The second door is on the right side of the room from this door. This puzzle is called the Blood Moon, in which the triangle points between the middle and right doors. Use the main entrance lever to reposition the triangle just like it’s presented on the slab above the door. 

After positioning the triangle, you must put the symbols such that the Doe and Death symbols are on the slopes of the triangle, On the left and right sides. The Sun will be in the left circle point, and the Moon in the right circle of the triangle.

As for the two circles, position them so that one is on the moon and the other is on the ravager symbol on the bottom right side of the triangle.

This should open the second door and let you loot the riches. 

cathedral of omens second door solution
Second door solution

That concludes the guide and all you need to know to solve the Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens puzzle puzzle puzzle. If you have further queries or requests, ask them in the comments section.

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