Remnant 2: Best Challenger Build [Skills, Weapons, Perks]

Here is my 40+ hours invested Challenger build to maximize the damage performance.

Remnant 2: Best Challenger build
Best Challenger build in Remnant 2

There is no doubt Challenger is one of the best archetypes in close to mid-range combat. Its ability to withstand significant damage and melee attacks proves it efficient in almost every close-range face-off. However, one must create a reliable build first to get the best out of the Challenger archetype in Remnant 2. 

Key Takeaways

  • For an ideal Challenger build, selecting Engineer as the secondary class makes all the sense as it makes it efficient in all ranges in Remnant 2. Blackmaw AR-47 and Meridian deal good damage in long to mid-range, while Nightshade highlights the raw power of Challenger’s melee weapons.
  • Leto Mark II, although very heavy, makes the best armor for this build, mainly because of its tanky nature. Using either Stong Back or Untouchable as the primary trait for this build can help overcome Encumbrance due to heavy armor.
  • Die Hard, Challenger’s prime perk will go a long way with this build.
  • Rampage from Challenger and Heavy Weapon: Vulcan from Engineer are two good skill choices as they back up the overall build at all ranges. 

Author’s Trust

I have been grinding Remnant 2. That is why you can trust me with the information on my Challenger build. 

– Shahzar Khalique

Build Overview

Secondary ClassEngineer Archetype
Best WeaponsBlackmaw AR-47, Meridian, Nightshade
Best ArmorLeto Mark II
Best SkillsRampage, Heavy Weapon: Vulcan
Best PerksDie Hard
Best TraitsStrong Back, Untouchable
Best RingsRing of Omen, Burden of Destroyer, Zania's Malice, Bererker's Crest
Best AmuletsDeath's Embrace, Ankh of Power

Challenger Build Table. 

  • Find Reggie Malone by looking for a blue symbol on your map and following it. You will probably catch him around Mudtooth.
  • Get the Old Metal Tool from him for 1500 scrap.
  • Make your way back to Ward 13 and meet Wallace.
  • Craft Steel Enswell the necessary engram to unlock the Challenger archetype.

Why did I Choose Challenger?

The Challenger Archetype is marked by a heavily armored character, dealing severe melee damage at close range. I would explain this as playing with a Barbarian that can shoot. It is one of the five archetypes at the start of the game, from which players choose their first and primary class in Remnant 2

Secondary Class

You can utilize it in Solo or Co-op mode to handle swarming enemies effortlessly. Combining it with a suitable secondary class can make this tanky archetype an all-round build. These are the three most convenient options:

For this build, I went with an Engineer as the secondary archetype. Engineer is a utility-based archetype, focusing more on tools and heavy weapons.

This makes the best build combination, as the Engineer can handle enemies at any range. At the same time, the melee and tanking abilities of Challenger will be catastrophic in close-range fights.

Engineer Class
Engineer Archetype – Image Credits: Gamesual

Alternatively, many players prefer going with Hunter instead of Challenger because of its precise attacks from any range. Challenger and Hunter are suitable options for their long-range abilities and high damage.

It is all a matter of preference. For example, you can go with Invader if your primary goal is to only fight in close range. 


While selecting the primary loadout for this build, your main focus should be setting a solid melee weapon, as this is what this build is all about. Similarly, while equipping long and hand guns, your primary focus should be reliable choices to avoid mid to long-range trouble. 

Best weapons
Best weapons for Challenger Build – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Long Gun: Blackman AR-47
  • Handgun: Meridian
  • Melee: StoneBreaker

Long Gun: Blackman AR-47

Enemies at long range are not a problem if you have this monstrous long gun. Purchasable for 1000 Scrap from Brabus, this high-accuracy weapon can demolish even the strongest bosses in the game. 

Magazine Size38
Critical Hit Chance190
Weak Spot Damage Bonus10
Weapon Mod AttachmentsHot Shot, Corrosive Rounds
Mutator AttachmentMomentum
  • AR-47’s big storage capacity for ammo and its automatic firing mode ensures you don’t run out of bullets during combat.
  • It provides an elemental damage per bullet of 17 without any upgrades. Players can upgrade it up to 20 times to increase its damage per bullet to 51.
  • You can choose from two mods to equip your Blackmaw AR-47 with. The Hot Shot mod will increase your firing rate and induce a burning effect on targeted enemies. On the other hand, the Corrosive Rounds mod will leave your enemies draining their energy over time after you attack them.
  • A 1o% critical hit chance ensures you do more damage for every ten bullets fired.

Hand Gun: Meridian

Meridian’s functionality aligns with Challenger’s goals of dominating close-range combats. Being an explosive weapon, it works best at close range, handling clusters of enemies with a single blast. 

Magazine Size5
Critical Hit ChanceN/A
Weak Spot Damage BonusN/A
Weapon Mod AttachmentsScreamer
Mutator AttachmentN/A
  • The ability to deal with AoE damage makes it a tremendous crowd-control option.
  • Its elemental damage of 82 can be increased to 246 after upgrading it to level 10.
  • Equipping it with the Screamer mod is the key to unlocking its full potential. This terrific mod will let you deal 200 damage within a 2.5-meter radius by launching small rockets.
  • Another reason Meridian is an ideal choice for the Challenger archetype is that it works best in a 5-meter range, endorsing the close-range specialization of the build.

Melee: Stonebreaker

I should tell you that the Melee is the highlight weapon for this build and what truly completes it. 

For this build, Stonebreaker is a greatsword simply because of its dedicated injury. Players can craft it at the McCabe store using Hollow Heart, which is found in Yaesha. Here are a few advantages of using this weapon:

Weak Spot Damage Bonus4%
Stagger Modifier10%
Weapon Mod AttachmentsFaultline
Mutator AttachmentShieldbreaker
  • Even with its slow movement because of its bulky size, Stonebreaker can deal single-strike damage of 103, which can be upgraded to 309 at level 10. That is unbelievable, no? It can single-shot even the strongest enemies in the game.
  • The built-in Faultline mod is an impressive addition that will let you scare off nearby enemies with a strong shockwave once you attack an enemy. 
  • You also have a 4% chance of landing a critical hit.


As the Challenger is a tanky build, the priority should be to incorporate as strong armor as possible. Thanks to its bulky and robust build, nothing could be better than the Leto Mark II.

However, I found this armor quite heavy, and instead of rolling to dodge, my Challenger started doing belly flops. 

AttributeLeto Mark II ArmorLeto Mark II GlovesLeto Mark II HelmetLeto Mark II Leggings
best armor for challenger build in remnant 2
Leto Mark II – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • It has a basic armor value of 168, allowing it to withstand damage. 
  • It comprises four pieces, all discoverable in a secret area in Ward 13. You will need the Biome Portal Key to get in there, so make sure you find it first. Here are all the four components of this armor set:
    • Leto Mark II Armor
    • Leto Mark II Gloves
    • Leto Mark II Helmet
    • Leto Mark II Leggings
  • As it is a heavy armor set, Leto Mark II will take lots of your carrying capacity, which is not a problem as you can use specific rings to increase your carrying capacity.


Regarding skills, both primary and secondary archetypes will contribute one skill each to create a perfect combination. Having two Archetypes is one of my favorite features of this game, and it would be a shame if we didn’t use it properly. 

Best skills
Best Skills – Image Credits: Gamesual

Challenger Skill – Rampage

  • From Challenger, we will select the Rampage skill. It is fanatically good, boosting the fire rate by an additional 15% and reloading speed by 20%. 
  • It allows you to add a Rage stack, during which your ranged attacks deal 5% more damage than usual.
  • Reaching ten stacks will turn Challenger into Berserker, doubling damage, reloading speed, movement speed, and firing rate for 20 seconds non-stop. In this way, handling crowds becomes more accessible than ever.

Engineer Skill – Heavy Weapon: Vulcan

  • For long-range combats, Engineer’s Vulcan is my go-to choice. It can deploy a Vulcan Cannon Turret on the battlefield that brutally welcomes swarms of enemies. Moreover, you can let it automatically target enemies or make choices yourself.
  • You can also use it in Heavy Carry mode to make your work easier by overclocking it on the battlefield. 


For this Challenger build, I will go with its Prime Perk, Die Hard. It unlocks automatically after selecting the archetype. 

Prime perk for challenger build in Remnant 2
Challenger’s Prime Perk – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • It can make your character invulnerable briefly while also allowing it to recover a significant portion of its health. Usually, it will turn you invisible against any damage for two seconds, and while doing so, it also regenerates up to 50% of your health.
  • Its first upgrade at level 5 will take the invisibility time to 2.5 seconds, and health regeneration goes up to 75%.
  • The second upgrade at level 10 takes the invisibility time to 3 seconds and health regeneration to 100%.
  • You can only use it once every ten minutes. Consequently, you will have to use it very strategically.


We are left with a couple of exciting options. I recommend choosing from one of the following two choices:

Challenger's Trait
Strong Back Trait – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Strong Back: It is Challenger’s default trait. I recommend going with it since it helps reduce encumbrance significantly. 
  • Untouchable: It is an Invader’s trait. This trait can drastically improve your movements, especially your dodging speed in close-range combats. 


Rings can take your build performance to the next level. 

  • Ring of Omen: Ring of Omen turns your 15% Max Health into the grey section of your health, allowing you to utilize it to evade instead of using stamina. 
  • Burden of Destroyer: The burden of Destroyer ring is an easy way to increase the damage of any of your weapons by an additional 15% at the cost of decreased range. 
  • Zania’s Malice: This ring increases the weak spot damage by 30%.
  • Berserker’s Crest: It can increase your melee weapon’s movement speed by 20%. Moreover, it will cost 25% less stamina than usual. 


The following two amulets make the best combination for this build.

  • Death’s Embrace: Symbolizing the universal power of death, this amulet lets you deal 20% more damage with every weapon you own. It works only when your health is below 100%. 
  • Ankh of Power: This holy symbol can give you a 15% damage boost with all your weapons. It regenerates its potential with your depleting health in the game. You can enjoy a 30% damage increase for 15 seconds if you consume a relic.

  • Tanky build.
  • High Damage Output.

  • Resource Management requires practice. 
  • Gear Dependency. 

My Experience with Challenger Build

Even though each build is unique to each player’s playstyle, I hope this guide at least serves as a rough template. After playing for nearly 50 hours, I found Challenger quite a fun class. I consider myself a support class player, but this was a pleasant change.

Challenger is the tank in the game, and if you are into that, this may be the best build you can pick. You can go through most of the storyline effortlessly with all the choices available. However, you can also experiment by replacing a few things according to your playstyle. 

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