Remnant 2: Council Tribunal [Quest Walkthrough]

Puzzle-solving, traitor-hunting adventure with epic rewards. Unmask the killer in Council Tribunal Remnant 2.

This image shows the Start of Remnant 2
This image shows the start of the Game Remnant 2. Image Credit Gamesual

The Council Tribunal Remnant 2 is a complex quest. Finding the traitor who killed the One True King in this quest would be best. This quest involves ferocious enemies and a powerful boss. Furthermore, the quest involves a chamber filled with difficult challenges. This quest is based on a complex puzzle, and you would need to follow our guide to succeed in the Council Tribunal Remnant 2. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Council Tribunal quest involves solving a complex puzzle to find the traitor who killed the One True King.
  • Start the quest in the Beatific Palace, where you will receive instructions from three characters.
  • Obtain the Magic Quill from Jester to open the door of the Council Tribunal.
  • Enter the Council Tribunal and face numerous enemies in different rooms.
  • Be cautious in the heavily filled second room; attack from outside to handle enemies individually.
  • Collect keys, place them correctly to open a door, and find the Assassin’s Ring and Dagger.
  • The icon and color on the Dagger will reveal the killer’s identity.
  • Confront the suspects, select options based on the Dagger’s icon, and make an accusation.
  • Rewards for completing the quest include the powerful Ornate Sword and Fae Protector Signet, boosting elemental resistance.
  • Obtain the Council Tribunal trophy and achievement for successfully solving the quest.

Council Tribunal Location

This quest is all about solving a puzzle. You to find the killer of the One True King. The killer is one of his council members. To start your journey, you will begin in the Beatific Palace. Once you start your journey, you will need to follow our guidelines.

Council Tribunal Remnant 2
Start of the Quest

Once you start your journey, you will visit the Beatific Palace and find three characters there. Talk to these characters, and they will provide you quest to solve. You will reach where you need to kill every enemy to get Magic Quill. 

Council Tribunal Remnant 2
Door to enter the tribunal

Tips & Tricks

  • Enter the Council Tribunal and go down.
  • Fight with enemies as you progress.
  • Clear the first room of enemies and continue forward.
  • Be cautious in the heavily filled second room and attack from outside.
  • . Keep an eye on the statues at the top of the area.
  • Once you enter the Council Tribunal, you will have to go down, and you will get to fight with several enemies. By the way, there are only two in the hallway. But as you go further, you will find more. Therefore you will have to keep killing the enemies and go further you. You will find the first room of enemies; clear that room and go further.
  • You will find another room. Take your time in this room because it’s heavily filled with enemies, attack from outside. The enemies will come out of the room. Therefore, You will have a better chance to kill them individually as they come out of the room; once you kill all of them, go further. 
Council Tribunal Remnant 2
Placing the keys
  • Once you finish all the enemies out there, you will go up and find some keys there.
  • Collect all the keys and place them according to their appropriate positions and colors. This will open a new door.
  • Head up, and you will find Assassin’s Ring. Go up, and you will find Assassin’s Dagger.
  • At the end of the Dagger, you will find the icon and color, which will help you recognize the killer of One True King.
Council Tribunal Remnant 2
Killer’s dagger
The conversation to follow 
Have lousy news about who ate the imposter. 
I am prepared to make an accusation. I 
found this embedded in One True King’s body.

Once you collect the Assassin’s ring and Assassin’s Dagger, move back to the Tribunal Chamber. You will see which person it is based on the color; talk to them. First, you will select the first two options provided in the table. 

Then you will be given a few options where you need to tell who killed the One True King. Select the option according to the icon at the bottom of the Dagger. In the end, you will select one from the last list of options given to you, and that will be.

Council Tribunal Remnant 2
End of The quest


Rewards Advantages
Ornate Sword Tier 3 sword that deals 150 physical damage and 50 elemental damage. 
Fae Protector Signet  increases your resistance to fire, lightning, and poison damage by 15%.

There are also some magnificent rewards if you get succeed in this quest. You will get an Ornate Sword, which is a mighty sword that can deal a massive amount of damage. Furthermore, You will also get Fae Protector Signet, a ring that increases the resistance against elemental damage. Furthermore, you will get a Council  Tribunal trophy and Council Tribunal Achievement. 

The Council Tribunal Remnant 2 is a challenging and rewarding quest that requires keen observation, strategic thinking, and puzzle-solving skills. With the right approach and following the guidelines, players can uncover the killer’s identity and claim valuable rewards.

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