Remnant 2: Dormant N’Erudian [Complete Walkthrough]

Learn how to clear Dormant N’Erudian dungeon in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Dormant N’Erudian
Remnant 2 Dormant N’Erudian

Dormant N’Erudian is a dungeon that spawns randomly and is also called the unremembered facility of the World. Each location includes events, landscapes, boss fights, enemies, and items in Remnant 2. It is located on the Alien desert moon, accessed using fast travel in Ward 13.

Key Highlights 

  • Dormant N’Erudian has several events, landscapes, bosses fighting, enemies, and items. 
  • You need to figure out many secrets for the player in the Dormant N’Erudian during exploration. 
  • A lot of loot is waiting for you in the end, which you will get after completing the Dormant N’Erudian of Remnant 2. 
  • Failsafe is one of the rewards you receive in the dungeon that increases an attack mod by 10%.  

Dormant N’Erudian Items 

The dungeon has a handful of items available for players to earn after completion.

Remnant 2 Dormant N’Erudian Rewards and Items
Rewards and Items – Picture Capture Credits: Gamesual

Below, I will list the items of Dormant N’Erudian and where the player can get them so it will be easy to find them quickly.

Item NameWhere To Find
Biome-Control GlyphLocated in the Secret Passage
SiphonerBy completing the Quarantine Event
FailsafeWeapon Mutator
Defensive Action LoopRandom World Drop
Memory Core 2Unlocked by using the Biome-Control Glyph
Tome of KnowledgeCollecting them from the boss fights
Toxic Release ValueUnlocked by using the Biome-Control Glyph

Biome-Control Glyph 

The quest item in the Dormant N’erudian will help the player receive more quests and main stories of the quest. It can also help you discover more areas that can be unlocked with the help of Biome-Control Glyph.

Remnant 2 Dormant N’Erudian
Dormant N’Erudian Facility – Picture Capture Credits To Gamesual


Siphoner is the trait that the player can unlock by completing the Quarantine Event. It will increase your chances and help you recover quickly after having an attack.


A Failsafe can aid players by increasing the damage of mod attachments, allowing them to deal with 10% higher mod damage. When the players are at level 10, the percentage of the mod attack will increase from 10% to 15%. Failsafe is the Mutator Weapon that enhances the mod attacks effectively. 

Defensive Action Loop 

The defensive Action Loop is an accessory resembling rings in Remnant 2. When the player reloads the ring for 3 seconds, it will decrease the damage from the opposite side by more than 10%, which will help you complete the Dormant N’Erudian quickly. 

Memory Core 2 

One of the most essential items I will recommend in the Dormant N’Erudian is the Memory Core 2. It can be unlocked with the help of Biome-Control Glyph.

It is used for heavy memory storage, knowledge, learning behavior, filters, and classification that help the player complete the Dormant N’Erudian efficiently. 

Tome Of Knowledge 

Tome of Knowledge is a consumable item that is not craftable in Remnant 2. You can use the item the moment you collect it. Tome of Knowledge will help you gain the trait points of +1. The trait point can be used later by the player in the Dormant N’Erudian. 

Toxic Release Value 

Toxic Release Value is also an item that can be unlocked with the help of Biome-Control Glyph, the same as the Memory Core 2 in Remnant 2. It helps the player by releasing the spring on a toxic cloud that takes part in an exchange of empty Firearms.

Toxic Cloud deals with the Acid Damage from all the enemies in Dormant N’Erudian, who are in the range of 7 meters and can be used every 3 seconds. 


There are a ton of enemies you will face in the facility.

Remnant 2 Dormant N’Erudian Enemies
Enemies and aberrations – Picture Capture Credits To Gamesual
EnemiesDetailsItem Drops
Baby ParasiteThis parasite is located in Phantom Wasteland, The Hatchery.
It is a newborn parasite.
Baby Parasite is from the race of the bug.
Slug Parasite Slug Parasite is also located in Phantom Wasteland, The Hatchery.
It is also known as the “Septisite.”
Handgun ammo
Long Gun ammo
Lumenite Crystal

Dungeon Walkthrough 

Once you can understand the mechanics, the Dormant N’Erudian walkthrough is simple for the player.

Unlocking The Glyph Door 

To unlock the Glyph door, you must use the item known as the Biome-Control Glyph, which can be easily found in the Dungeon of the secret level.

Opening the Glyph Door
Opening the Glyph Door – Picture Capture Credits To Gamesual

To unlock the Glyph door, I recommend you go to the place shown on the map in the top right corner. You will also be able to find some broken railings in the dormant. 

  • If you can drop down the pipes of the Glyph door carefully, you can quickly discover the new secret. 
  • Moving forward to the next step of unlocking the Glyph door, the player has to walk down until he reaches the green-lit area and enters. 
  • After reaching the top, the player has to explore the top floor, where he can find interesting stuff like a crate, a checkpoint, and the Biome-Control Glyph that helps the player unlock the Glyph door. 
  • After collecting the Biome-Control Glyph, the player has to bring the item back to the Glyph door to unlock the door and get the loot that is inside the door.  
  • Inside the Glyph door, the player should also find the random ring known as the defensive Action Loop and the Memory Core 2 items. 

Entering Main Airway

Upon going through the main airlock of the Dormant N’Erudian with the red light, you can come to the two-story room. This gives you an option that helps him to move left or right. The left way is a much easier route for the player to move forward because of enemy spawn placements.

Remnant 2 Dormant N’Erudian Facility
Dormant N’Erudian Facility – Picture Capture Credits To Gamesual

The first area of the enemy spawns in Dormant N’Erudian, which has a large room that also contains the platform where the player runs around a little bit of a deep hole in the ground. 

  • Enemies come from every side, especially from behind.
  • The enemies are mostly squid and beetle-like, and sometimes, you will see more of the giant squids with bone armor in Dormant N’Erudian.
  • The large squid ones are the real issues for the players because they are the tough ones, and they will push you back very hard, so you need an alternative plan that may be used in an emergency and helpful to defeat the enemies. 

Killing Enemies

As you know, the entire Dormant N’Erudian is one more significant circular path where the player needs to move forward in the area. On your way, you will see the small room with large machines in the center of the room where random loot is available. So make sure you grab it for your future ventures.

Exploring and clearing Dormant N’Erudian Facility – Picture Capture Credits To Gamesual

Moving forward, players must go to the next room that contains the large purple energy generator. 

  1. This will help the player go to the secret upper level, and after the Dormant N’Erudian walkthrough clears up, the player can come back whenever he wants to. 
  2. After that, the beetle and the giant squid return to the area, and this room of the Dormant N’Erudian will get a bit tough for the player to complete.
  3. You must defeat both to move to the next part of the room.
  4. The third region is another tiny area for the player where the room is divided into two levels. 
  5. The final area of Dormant N’Erudian features a large gap in the room. I must give you a word of warning as this region is extremely dangerous. 


The dungeon involves one major boss fight. You can encounter the boss in the secret room at the end of the facility. But follow my advise to first obtain every loot I mentioned above and only then trigger the purge to spawn the boss. Trust me, it is definitely worth the effort. 

Remnant 2 Dormant N’Erudian Bosses
Dormant N’erudian Boss fight- Picture Capture Credits To: Gamesual

After defeating the boss, you will be able to receive the Failsafe. 

My Thoughts On Dorman N’erudian

I enjoyed clearing dungeons and coming across newer quest items during my playthrough. Dormant N’Erudian, on the other hand, is one of the dungeons that still gives me the creeps.

This facility is invested by the weird bug monsters and a few robots. This added enemy variety to this dungeon, which always kept me on my feet.

However, that is not everything, as, by the end of this dungeon, I was able to collect a decent amount of loot and a few new upgrades for my weapons. Therefore, if you ever come across this dungeon, check it out and get all of the loot for yourself.

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