Remnant 2: Ending [Explained]

A descriptive Remnant 2 Ending Explanation for its signature vague narrative and conclusion!

Remnant 2 Ending Explanation
Remnant 2 Ending Explanation- Credits: Gamesual

I consider Remnant 2’s climax an exciting trip that reveals the dramatic conclusion to an intriguing story. I was hyped to see where the story would lead when I was first asked to set out on a mission to collect every piece of The Index. This revelation occurs during a battle with the terrifying Annihilation, the foundation of the Root hivemind.

Spoilers Ahead!

Key Points

  • The protagonist is forced to face the formidable Annihilation, the personification of the Root hivemind when The Keeper uses the collective power of The Index to open a doorway.
  • The protagonist fights Annihilation in a violent finale, facing a novel challenge from its increased strength and reality-altering skills.
  • The protagonist, Clementine, and The Keeper must decide whether to submit to the Root or start a global reset that will purge the planet.
  • During the epilogue, the main character awakens within a peaceful meadow, signifying rebirth and encouraging reflection.
  • The idea of a fluid and interconnected reality contrasts with the Keeper’s offer of a complete reset and aligns with Clementine’s attempt to change the path of events.

Remnant 2 Ending Explanation

Annihilation, the foundation of the Root hivemind
Annihilation, the foundation of the Root Hivemind Credits: Gamesual

The Keeper, a crucial character in the story, uses the strength of the combined parts of The Index to open a gateway that leads our protagonist directly to the Root’s origin.

I had to make a courageous last-ditch effort against the unrelenting Annihilation in an epic battle. However, this enormous foe, the personification of the Root hivemind, posed a significant challenge because of its newly discovered strength and capacity to distort reality.

Protagonist reaching for Annihilation's place
Protagonist reaching for Annihilation’s place Credits: Gamesual

Amid the furious combat, the battlefield crosses dimensions, transitions across realms, and simulates an alternative reality. In my opinion, Annihilation was one of the most challenging bosses I faced during my run through the main campaign.

Its continued capacity for regeneration is a sign of the Root manifestation’s relentless persistence. The story took an exciting turn when my character was finally joined by Clementine and The Keeper, both perplexed by the Annihilation’s seeming invincibility.

The Keeper and Clementine surprised at Protagonist reaching for Annihilation's strength
The Keeper and Clementine are surprised at the Protagonist reaching for Annihilation’s strength. Credits: Gamesual

The characters are confronted with an existential decision. They must decide whether to give in to the Root’s all-consuming power or embark on a complete reset that would rid the planet of its polluting influence.

Everyone contemplating the choices they have
Everyone contemplating the choices they have Credits: Gamesual

In a flash of awareness, Clementine proposes a different course of action that might hold the key to changing the path of events. She slips The Index from The Keeper’s hands while the details are mysteriously hidden, causing an unimaginable metamorphosis.

Everyone contemplating the choices they have 2
Everyone contemplating the choices they have 2 Credits: Gamesual

In this crucial scene, Clementine’s analysis leads her to take a risky action that has the power to change destiny itself. However, I was not yet aware of her plans, so like most players, I had no idea what would come next.

She quickly snatched The Index from The Keeper’s clutches, which set off an incredible change that not only defied reality but changed it.

Clementine after snatching the key from The Keeper
Clementine, after snatching the key from The Keeper Credits: Gamesual

An extraterrestrial energy envelops everything in its path in a stunning spectacle transcending a description. People, things, and even the fundamental nature of existence change into a state resembling data or power.

People turning into data or power after Clementine merges
People turning into data or power after Clementine merges Credits: Gamesual.

The outcome of this bizarre transformation resulted in Clementine absorbing the cosmic energy. This was quite a spectacle I witnessed during the final few minutes of my campaign.

Clementing merging with Annihilation
Clementine merging with Annihilation Credits: Gamesual

I was surprised to see that even after defeating the Annihilation multiple times, the final foe always seemed to return. Clementine’s actions have profound consequences that continue to resonate throughout the storyline and set off a chain of events that breaks the laws of physics.

Annihilation reviving itself
Annihilation Reviving Itself Credits: Gamesual
Annihilation after reviving itself
Annihilation after reviving itself Credits: Gamesual

I recommend players stay till the end to witness the ending of the character they spend so much time with. The peaceful grassland in which the protagonist awakens is a striking metaphor for rebirth and possibility.

This ending left me contemplating the implications of my journey as the chaos subsides and the world comes back into focus. Also, it may seem like there is a possibility of a DLC for the game to continue this story

Player waking up in a field
Player waking up on a field Credits: Gamesual

My Thoughts On The Ending

I was glued to my seat during my first run through the world of Remnant 2. Even though the conclusion was satisfying and made me question the reality of the game, I still came back to roll the dice. Moreover, game features only has one ending and is not affected by the worlds you played.

The final few moments of the game were everything I needed from the ending. It was chaotic and placed me against the strongest monster in the game. Moreover, when the Annihilation returned for the third time, I was scared to face him again. However, I was glad to learn that Clementine would be the one to end the fight once and for all.

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