Remnant 2: Engineer Archetype [Weapons, Skills, Perks]

Unlock the hidden Engineer archetype in Remnant 2 to play game with an offensive approach now.

Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2
Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2

The overwhelming number of Archetypes is an engaging way to enhance the gameplay for players in Remnant 2. With several versatile options available, each providing an exquisite experience and a separate approach to tackle the same problem in N’Erud, Remnant 2 grasps players’ attention in every way possible. The secret Engineer archetype, however, is unlike all other classes in Remnant 2, requiring a complex mechanism to unlock it at the end of the main storyline. 

Key Takeaways

  • Engineer is one of the five secret archetypes in Remnant 2. It focuses on heavy weapons and makes a great pair with a support-oriented class
  • Players can unlock it after leveling up the Explorer archetype to the maximum level. They need to find the Alien Device and exchange it with Drzyr Caliper.
  • The Technician set, which players find while looking for the Alien Device, works as the starting armor for this class. Pulse Rifle works as the long gun for mid-range encounters. Atom Smasher is the perfect melee weapon for close-range fights, and Rupture Cannon is a great handgun for one-on-one mid-range face-0ffs.
  • Vulcan is the first Engineer skill, and it uses heavy turrets to continue attacks for longer periods. Unlocked at level 5, Flamethrower burns the enemies to the ground until its ammo runs out. Impact Cannon, the last Engineer skill, unlocked at level 10, deploys a canon on the ground to launch AoE attacks.
  • High Tech is the prime perk that increases the damage, fire rate, and ammo recovery. Metalworker is the damage perk that increases skill damage and ammo recovery. Magnetic Field is the team perk that decreases the total damage dealt by the team. Heavy Mobility is the utility perk that increases the movement speed while holding heavy weapons. Surplus, the relic perk, increases the ammo recovery speed.
  • The special trait for the Engineer class is Fortify, which increases the armor’s effectiveness in Remnant 2.

Engineer Archetype

Once you have unlocked all the archetypes in Remnant 2 and have progressed the Explorer archetype to level 10, you will be eligible to unlock the secret Engineer archetype. It is a heavy-weaponry-focused archetype that can deploy serious attacks using turrets with swift speed and movements. Its different skills and perks, when combined with another class, especially the Medic archetype for support, will prove you unstoppable.

Engineer Archetype (How To Unlock)
  • Level up the Explorer archetype.
  • Find the Alien Device.
  • Exchange it with Drzyr Caliper.
  • Use Drzyr Caliper to unlock Engineer Archetype.
Type Heavy weapons focused
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Atom Smasher
  • Rupture Cannon
Starting Armor

The Technician Set

  • Heavy Weapon: Vulcan
  • Heavy Weapon: Flame Thrower
  • Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon
  • Prime Perk – High Tech
  • Damage Perk – Metalworker
  • Team Perk – Magnetic Field
  • Utility Perk – Heavy Mobility
  • Relic Perk – Surplus
Traits Fortify

How To Unlock Engineer Archetype

Engineer is one of the five secret archetypes in Remnant 2. Therefore, players will have to struggle while finding the required materials to unlock it in the game. Especially the Alien Device is a huge pain to find. Here is our step-by-step guide for doing so:

  • Progress through level 10 of the Explorer archetype.
  • Look for the Alien Device on the second overworld of the N’Erud map.
  • For that purpose, go to the Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon to begin an extensive search.
  • What makes this challenge exceptionally difficult is that fog clouds surround these areas. The fog is highly dense and dangerous, limiting the view of players as well as eating out players’ health drastically.
  • You can strategize a plan and start looking for a section with a short cliff on the left and an area with many spiky rocks on the right side.
  • Once there, make your way down inside. However, ensure you find the device as soon as possible, as you can lose your progress by dying of the fog.
  • Therefore, jump in the hole quickly and, after puking, pick up the Technician armor set from the dead engineer’s corpse there.
  • Immediately make your way to the left and collect the Alien Device. Afterward, let the fog take away your life and respawn again to find the Alien Device in your inventory.

A pro tip would be to use the Treasure Hunt Explorer tool to quickly scan the whole area for the dead engineer’s corpse. With the Alien Device in hand, we can move forward to the next step of unlocking the archetype. For that, we will need the Drzyr Caliper. Here’s how you can do that:

Wallace at ward 13
Wallace at Ward 13 (Image credits: Gamesual)
  • Make your way back to Ward 13.
  • Find and speak with Wallace in there.
  • Exchange the Alien Device, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and 1000 Scrap with the Drzyr Caliper.
  • Use the Caliper to unlock the Engineer archetype.

Now that we have unlocked the Engineer archetype in Remnant 2, let us discuss everything about it in detail to get the best out of it:

Starting Armor

The Technician set players to get from the dead engineer’s corpse will go a long way with them. It is the starting armor for the Engineer archetype. It is one of the best armor sets in Remnant 2, and it comprises the following components:

  • Technician Helmet: A resilient headgear against Fire, Shock, and Toxin.
  • Technician Bodyplate: a strong body armor against attacks with shock resistance. Not as much effective against Bleed, Blight, Fire, and Toxin.
  • Technician Greaves: Excellent choice to protect legs against Shock, Fire, and Toxin.
  • Technician Gloves: A reasonable protection against Shock, Toxin, and Fire but not as effective against Bleed and Blight.

Starting Loadout

This archetype features mostly attack-focused weapons in Remnant 2. Even the starting loadout can give the players an exaggerated experience. Here is the detail of the best Engineer archetype loadout in Remnant 2:

  • Pulse Rifle (Long Gun): Best for most mid-range encounters and an elegant choice to one-shot opponents, this long gun, with a huge ammo capacity of 210, comes pre-equipped with the archetype. Players can enter the Abyssal Rift using Decorum Cipher and Memory Core II. The basic damage, 16, can be increased to 48 by upgrading the gun to level 20.

    Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2
    Pulse Rifle
  • Atom Smasher (Melee Weapon): It is a chaotic close-range weapon that can destroy even atomic bonds satirically. With a huge basic damage of 72, Atom Smasher can be obtained after the Train Event in N’erud in the last train buggy. Level 20 update can take its basic damage to 216 per hit.

    Atom Smasher
    Atom Smasher
  • Rupture Canon (Hand Gun): Another effective weapon for mid-range face-offs. Players can get it during a boss event in N’erud’s Vault of the Formless. Rupture Canon can deal basic damage of 42 without any upgrades. Upgrading it to level 20 will boost its damage to up to 126.

    Rupture Canon
    Rupture Canon


Like the other archetypes, the Engineer also features three unique skills. Players can choose one of these skills to carry around during the gameplay. Here are the skills and their details in Remnant 2:

Heavy Weapon: Vulcan

heavy weapon vulcan skill
Heavy Weapon: Vulcan

It is the first Engineer skill and unlocks automatically after equipping the Engineer class. Vulcan uses heavy turrets and unleashes a prolonged series of attacks until it runs out of ammo.  Here are the relevant details about this skill in Remnant 2:

  • Pressing the skill button will ignite the skill to launch the prolonged attack until its ammo runs out. You can aim at various targets to prioritize hitting them. Moreover, if you want it to target opponents automatically, press the skill button once again.
  • Holding the skill button will start the heavy carry mode, and if you have the prime perk activated, it will overlock the weapon wherever it is.
  • Double pressing the skill button will reclaim 75% of its ammo.
  • About the cooldown period, players can reuse it after it has regenerated 25% of its ammo, which it does at 1.02% every second. 

Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower

Heavy Weapon Flamethrower
Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower

It is the second Engineer archetype skill that unlocks automatically at level 5 in Remnant 2. As the name suggests, the Flamethrowers use a flame thrower to burn their enemies to the ground. Moreover, players can use it in a turret or heavy carry mode. Here is everything you would need to know about this skill in Remnant 2:

  • Pressing the Skill button will unleash the flamethrower on enemies. It will continue to unleash wrath and burn enemies to the ground until its ammo runs out. While you can specifically target enemies to prioritize attacking them first, this skill also lets you launch autonomous attacks by pressing the skill button twice.
  • Holding on to the Skill button will enable the heavy carry mode, allowing players to overlock it on the ground anywhere using the prime perk.
  • Double pressing the Skill button will reclaim 75% of its ammo.
  • Regenerating 25% of the weapon’s ammo will allow players to reuse it in Remnant 2. On average, ammo restores 1.02% every second.

Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon

Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon
Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon

The last Engineer skill unlocks at level 10, and it deploys an impact cannon to deal explosive damage to the opponents over a longer period within a wide range. You can learn more about the Impact Cannon skill below:

  • Pressing the Skill button will deploy an impact cannon on the battlefield, continuing its action until it runs out of ammo. While it can prioritize specific targets, pressing the Skill button again will run it in autonomous mode.
  • Players can enable the heavy carry mode by pressing the Skill button. This will overlock the cannon on the battlefield with the prime perk enabled.
  • Double pressing the Skill button will reclaim 75% of its ammo.
  • Its ammo restores 1.02% every second, and players can reuse it only if it has recovered up to 25% of its ammo.


Like all other archetypes, Engineer also features five different perks in Remnant 2. While the prime perk can receive two upgrades, the remaining four perks only receive one. Here are these perks:

  • Prime Perk: High Tech
  • Damage Perk: Metalworker
  • Team Perk: Magnetic Field
  • Utility Perk: Heavy Mobility
  • Relic Perk: Surplus

Prime Perk – High Tech

Prime perk of Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2
High Tech

High Tech is the prime perk for the Engineer archetype in Remnant 2. It unlocks automatically at level 0 and can be upgraded at levels 5 and 10, respectively. Here is everything you will need to know about High Tech in Remnant 2:

  • Players can use their weaponry with increased damage, fire rate, and unlimited ammo for a limited period. 
  • At the beginner level, players can get unlimited ammo for 15 seconds and increase damage by 25%. It has a cooldown period of 58.8 seconds.
  • After reaching level 5, players can upgrade the perk and extend the usage duration to 20 seconds. The cooldown period, however, remains the same.
  • Level 10 will bring the second upgrade, and players can extend the usage duration to 25 seconds. Moreover, the cooldown period will be reduced to mere 20 seconds.

Damage Perk – Metalworker

Metalworker perk for Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2

Metalworker unlocks automatically when the Engineer reaches level 1. After that, players can upgrade it only once at level 6. Here is everything about this damage perk in Remnant 2:

  • Metalworker increases the skill damage and ammo capacity of Heavy Weapons. At the beginner level, players can expect a 5% increment in their skill damage, a 5% increase in ammo capacity, and a 2.5% increase in Max health.
  • Once players level up the perk to level 6, they will get the only upgrade for Metalworker. This will increase the skill damage and ammo capacity to 50%, Max health, weak spot damage by 25%, and critical damage by 10%.

Team Perk – Magnetic Field

Magnetic Field
Magnetic Field

Players can access and use the Magnetic Field perk after leveling up their archetype to level 2. Magnetic Field receives its only upgrade at level 7. Here is what you can expect from this perk in Remnant 2:

  • It shields the allies to reduce the damage taken by them from heavy weapons. At the beginner level, it can reduce damage taken by allies by 15% within 2.5 meters range.
  • At level 7, after upgrading the perk, players will be able to receive 15% less damage within 2.5 meters, which also allows ammo recovery for the team.

Utility Perk – Heavy Mobility

Heavy Mobility
Heavy Mobility

Heavy Mobility perk unlocks when the Engineer Archetype reaches level 3 in Remnant 2. It receives its only upgrade at level 8. Here are all the details about this perk in Remnant 2:

  • It enhances the movement speed of players while carrying heavy weapons. Blocking and dodging attacks also become speedy. When unlocked and equipped, Heavy Mobility can effectively increase the movement speed by up to 35% while carrying heavy weapons.
  • After upgrading it to level 8, evading and distance speed increased by 25%, increasing the movement speed.

Relic Perk – Surplus


Surplus, the Relic Perk of Engineer archetype unlocks at level 4 and receives an upgrade at level 9. Learn more about it in Remnant 2 below:

  • Surplus restores the ammo of your heavy weapons. Surplus can restore 15% ammo of your heavy weapons without any upgrades.
  • After the upgrade at level 9, when the heavy weapon is stowed, ammo recovery increases to 30%.

Fortify Trait

Fortify is the unique trait for the Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2. Similarly, like with all archetypes, it levels up as the Engineer archetype progresses in the game. It increases the effectiveness of armor in Remnant 2. 

 Level 1 Increases armor effectiveness by 5%
Level 2 Increases armor effectiveness by 10%
Level 3 Increases armor effectiveness by 15%
Level 4 Increases armor effectiveness by 20%
Level 5 Increases armor effectiveness by 25%
Level 6 Increases armor effectiveness by 30%
Level 7 Increases armor effectiveness by 35%
Level 8 Increases armor effectiveness by 40%
Level 9 Increases armor effectiveness by 45%
Level 10 Increases armor effectiveness by 50%

It was all for our guide on the Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2. Being a secret class, Engineer does not cease to impress players with what it brings to the table. It has some of the best skills and perks in Remnant 2. Equipping it with a support-oriented secondary archetype can revolutionize your gameplay experience. How far have you made it in the game? And what is your favorite archetype in Remnant 2? Tell us in the comments.

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