Remnant 2: Faelin Or Faerin [Solved]

Conquer enemies, claim rewards, and shape your destiny in the ever-evolving world of Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Faelin or Faerin
Remnant 2 Faelin or Faerin

Players can revisit different worlds and always encounter different loot, items, and enemies in the exact location during their playthrough in Remnant 2. One of these worlds is called Losomn, where players must choose between fighting Faerin or Faelin. Your objective is to kill one of them to help the other. Which one you kill depends on the items you want in return for doing so.

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 offers an ever-changing gaming experience with different loot, items, and enemies in the exact locations.
  • In the Losomn world, players must choose between fighting Faelin or Faerin. The decision depends on the rewards desired and the ease of defeating the chosen enemy.
  • To enter the boss fight in Losomn, players must find Faelin’s Mural Mask and Faerin’s Mural Mask, placing them in front of the respective locations – Beatific Palace for Faelin and Malefic Palace for Faerin.
  • Defeating Faelin rewards players with the Imposter’s Heart, a unique crafting material. This can be exchanged with McCabe for a long-range rifle gun called McCabe, which is effective both at long-range and in melee situations.
  • Defeating Faerin grants players the Melded Hilt crafting material. Taking this back to Ward 13 allows players to obtain the powerful God Splitter melee weapon. God Splitter can exploit opponents’ weaknesses.
  • After defeating one of the enemies, players should return to the other location to inform them of the outcome. Faelin rewards players with the Faerin Sigil, enhancing critical weak spot hits and increasing mod power by 10%. Faerin Sigil works specifically with God Splitter.
  • The choice between Faelin and Faerin should be based on the desired rewards and the player’s ability to defeat the chosen enemy.

Faelin and Faerin are both enemies from which you have to choose one to kill. It all depends upon the rewards you would want in return. Furthermore, it depends on which enemy you can easily find and kill. Faelin and Faerin are both critical in Remnant 2.

If you want to enter the boss fight of Losomn, you must find Faelin’s Mural Mask and Faerin’s Mural Mask. The Beatific Palace and Malefic Palace are the locations of Faerin and Faerin, respectively. For that instance, you must place the masks you collected in front of the door in the courtyard.

Defeating Faelin

Crafting Material obtained Imposter’s Heart
Location Beatific Palace
Advantages Able to get a weapon from McCabe,  a long-range gun; get 10% mod power from Faerin Sigil Ring.
Remnant 2 Faerin or Faelin
Crafted Weapon After defeating Fealin

You will receive Imposter’s Heart after defeating Faelin. This unique crafting material will help you craft such a powerful weapon. You will be able to change it with deceit Back at McCabe.

Moreover, players will receive a Long-range rifle gun with tremendous long-range ability. Furthermore, it can keep you safe in the melee range of opponents. You will find Faelin in the Beatific Palace.

After beating Fealin, what you will have to do is you will return to Fearin by traveling to the Malefic Gallery. You will tell him about how you killed the Faerie. Faerin will reward you with a ring called Faerin Sigil. Faerin’s Sigil enhances critical weak spot hits. Furthermore, it increases mod power by 10%.

Remnant 2 Faerin or Faelin
Remnant 2 Faelin

Defeating Faerin

Crafting Material obtained Melded Hilt
Location Malefic Palace
Advantages Able to get God Splitter Melee weapon, Get 10% mod power from Faelin Sigil Ring.
Remnant 2 Faerin or Faelin
Remnant 2 God splitter

Faerin is a bit more challenging to defeat as compared to Faelin. You will have to choose a switch near the masks and put the masks in front of the giant door in the courtyard. After defeating it, you can access the God Splitter melee weapon.

Moreover, after defeating Faerin, you will get Melded Hilt as a drop. Melded Hilt is a unique crafting material. You can take it back to Ward 13 to get God Splitter melee weapon.

God Splitter is one of the powerful weapons. You can take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses with God Splitter’s help. Ensure to return to the Beatific gallery after killing Faerin and inform Faelin about it. Faelin will reward you with Faerin Sigil, which only works with God Splitter, and it increases Mod power to 10%

Remnant 2 Faerin or Faelin
Remnant 2 Faerin

In conclusion, Remnant 2 is an exceptional and dynamic gaming experience that continues to captivate players with its ever-changing worlds, loot, items, and enemies. The Losomn world, in particular, presents a crucial decision for players as they must choose between defeating Faelin or Faerin, two formidable enemies, to reap unique rewards.

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