Remnant 2: First Boss [Strategy & Rewards]

Conquer the First Boss and Unravel the Enigma - A Guide to Success in Remnant 2

The opening of the game that leads to the fight with the First Boss
Remnant 2 First Boss

Gaming enthusiasts constantly seek thrilling adventures, and The First Boss in Remnant 2 promises just that! In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Remnant 2’s first boss, its unique features, and how players can conquer this exciting challenge. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey!

Key Takeaways

  • The First Boss of Remnant 2 is The Root Mantis.
  • The Root Mantis is a larger and mightier version of the normal mantis monsters.
  • The boss appears in the tutorial area of the game.
  • You must defeat the Root Mantis to explore the world of Remnant 2.
  • The three main attacks the Root Mantis relies on are Root Swing, Ground Stomp, and Ranged Root Attack.
  • Avoiding melee attacks, using the NPCs as bait, constantly moving, and targeting the red spot on its head are the main guidelines you need to follow to beat the First Boss of Remnant 2

The First Boss of Remnant 2 is named The Root Mantis. The Root Mantis commands attention with its imposing presence, a larger and mightier version of the normal mantis monsters.

This boss is a true test of players’ skills, demanding them to be at their best to emerge victorious. Throughout the exhilarating battle, players must remain engaged and on their toes as the Root Mantis possesses a combination of deadly attacks, adaptive AI, and intricate mechanics.

Cinematic cut scene for the First Boss of Remnant 2
The Root Mantis, First Boss of Remnant 2

Root Mantis Location

During the tutorial phase, players will meet two NPCs who will assist them on their journey to the Ward. These NPCs will be vital in the later part of the game. Upon reaching the Ward, players gain access to the vast and mysterious world of Remnant 2. But before reaching the Ward, players will face the formidable Root Mantis, a larger and stronger version of the normal mantis monsters.

These NPCs prove to be crucial in the buildup to the First Boss
NPCs who will be a part of the journey toward the First Boss

The Root Mantis executes a series of deadly attacks in a specific pattern, keeping players on edge throughout the battle:

Root Swing

The Root Mantis unleashes its powerful roots at the players, causing damage and pushing them back. Players must be agile and quick on their feet to evade this devastating attack.

Ground Stomp

When players venture too close to the Root Mantis, it responds with a deadly jump, stomping the ground and dealing damage in a wide area of effect (AOE). Keeping a safe distance is vital to avoid this powerful assault.

Ranged Root Attack

From a distance, the Root Mantis hurls its roots at the players, adding another layer of complexity to the battle. Players must stay vigilant and anticipate these incoming projectiles to evade them successfully.

The Root Mantis is known for its unyielding aggression and constant movement. Players must remain prepared to dodge attacks that may come unexpectedly from any direction.

Defeating Root Mantis

To beat the Root Mantis, follow the guidelines as mentioned:

  • Avoid close combat due to the Root Mantis’ powerful Area of Effect (AOE) attack. Attack from a safe distance to keep yourself out of harm’s way.
  • Let the NPCs draw the Root Mantis’ attention by acting as bait while you focus on ranged attacks from a secure position.
  • Continuously reposition yourself to evade the Root Mantis’ incoming attacks and maintain a safe distance from its dangerous strikes.
  • Prioritize targeting the glowing spot on the Root Mantis’ head, which is its weak point. Concentrate your attacks on this vulnerable area to deal the most damage.
    The glowing red spot in the middle of the First Boss' head that is the weak point
    The weak point of Root Mantis

After repeating these guidelines several, any player can surely defeat the Root Mantis. In any case, if your health gets depleted, do not panic. One of the NPCs will revive using a special object.

NPCs reviving players with special item
Special Items that helps revives the players


After the exhilarating fight with the first Boss of Remnant 2, it does not leave you empty-handed. Successful defeat of the Root Mantis gives you one Trait Point. Trait Points are a critical metric in the game. It helps you increase the basic characteristics of your players. Characteristics like endurability, vigor, experience, etc. You will also receive Root Ganglia can be used later in the game for various purposes. 

Rewards that you get after beating the First Boss in Remnant 2
Rewards for beating the Root Mantis

Prepare to conquer the thrilling challenge of The Root Mantis, Remnant 2’s first boss! Embrace the adrenaline-pumping encounter, showcasing your skills and determination as you aim for victory. Remember to prioritize ranged attacks, evade deadly assaults, and focus on the weak point to emerge triumphant. Embark on your unforgettable journey to save the plagued world of Remnant 2 and savor the taste of triumph over the first boss!

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