Remnant 2: Forbidden Grove Puzzle Solution

Stuck at the Forbidden Grove Puzzle in Remnant 2? Don't worry as we have mentioned the best solution in our guide below!

Forbidden Grove puzzle location in Remnant 2
Forbidden Grove puzzle location in Remnant 2

There is a place in Remnant 2 that is known as the “Dense Forest of Yaesha.” if the player can investigate the dense forest, they will find a larger riverway that has a gap in it where they might lose their balance or be unable to cross the river, where the player has to solve the Forbidden Grove Puzzle to cross the river that is in the forest of Yaesha in Remnant 2. Our exclusive guide below will give you all the details about this puzzle, how to solve it, and progress in the main story.

Read our guide to learn about the puzzle and figure out how to solve the Remnant 2 Forbidden Grove Puzzle.

Key Highlights 

  • A large river with a gap in the Dense Forest of Yaesha in Remnant 2 is unavailable for players to cross until they solve the Forbidden Grove Puzzle. 
  • To cross the river, the player has to complete the puzzle to get the bridge down so you can easily cross it and get to the next part of the biome. 
  • To get the bridge down, the player has to play the melody correctly by putting the number orderly in the music box. 
  • There is a book in The Lost Temple world stone room with many clues for the player to complete the puzzle efficiently in Remnant 2. 
  • The player has to put a number in the line of the book correctly to create the right melody that helps the player to get the bridge down so the player can go further in their exploration. 
  • The 0 number is known as the skip one. If you see the “0” in the book, you must skip the line and go to the following line to raise the note in Forbidden Grove Puzzle. 
  • After the melody, the bridge will come down, and the player will get to the next area, where they have to fight with the boss to get the lever. 
  • The player will find the lever behind the boss after the fight goes well, which will help the player to complete the Forbidden Grove puzzle of Remnant 2. 

In Remnant 2, there are some most challenging puzzles and quests where the player will face unexpected experiences and difficulties while making their way through intensive locations. The players are required to explore and locate all the clues in the area that are hidden to finish a biome. These clues will give the player an idea of where to find the puzzles in Remnant 2. Forbidden Grove Puzzle is also known as the “Harp Puzzle” in Remnant 2.

To solve the Forbidden Grove Puzzle, the player must provide the energy the machine needs. The player cannot unlock the Forbidden Grove puzzle without powering the machine.

  • The player will have to explore the biome, activate and solve the Harp puzzle, and locate and power up the required machine in Remnant 2 to solve the Forbidden Grove puzzle.   
  • Moving forward, the player must go to the world stone room close enough to you reach the door where the next section of the biome starts in Remnant 2.
  • The player should then enter the door and fight all the way through to get to the next part of the biome of the Forbidden Grove Puzzle. 

Puzzle Location

In this new part of the Forbidden Grove Puzzle, the player can enter a world stone room, where the player can find the lever after the main boss fights in this area that will help power the harp in Remnant 2.

Forbidden Grove puzzle location in Remnant 2
Reaching Forbidden Grove

After moving forward in the biome, the player will now be able to open a shortcut in the Forbidden Grove Puzzle that will lead back to the lost temple world stone room, where the players can rest if they want to and can also interact with the book that they can find in the room.

  • This book is the best way for the player to solve the puzzle quickly and contains a lot of clues. 
  • The book in the World Stone room will give a note to help you activate and complete the Harp puzzle.
  • The hints will guide and help the player play the melody correctly if you are facing some difficulties in the Forbidden Grove Puzzle.  

Available Clues

After returning to the harp, the players can collect the notes in the book.

Collecting Clues for Forbidden Grove puzzle in Remnant 2
Exploring areas and collecting clues

Lifting the pin high in the book will count as the note in Forbidden Grove Puzzle, and on the other hand, leaving the pin down on the book will count as the blank area.

  • To complete the puzzle, the player must raise the pin at least five times in a clearly defined order and a suitable spacing. 
  • The Forbidden Grove Puzzle is a challenging puzzle for the player to face in Remnant 2, allowing the player to interact with the massive Harp.
  • The Harp is an essential part of the Forbidden Grove Puzzle because it’s not only the center decoration piece but also helps the player to unlock all the hidden areas. 

In Forbidden Grove Puzzle, the player can only add one note to the line in the book.

Forbidden Grove puzzle solution in Remnant 2
The Forbidden Grove Puzzle

You must go to the following line to put another note when you raise the note.

  • If the player sees the line in the book that demands no notes, this will be called zero, so the player has to go to the next without raising any notes on that line.
  • The O note will be known as the skip one. 
  • The player must put the number in the music box to play the melody correctly to solve the puzzle.
  • This looks so difficult at first, but it will become relatively easy when the player knows how to put the number correctly.
  • This number is also known as the “Peggs.” 

Puzzle Solution

Below we will tell you the numbers to put in the book from left to right, where the player can raise the notes. 

Rows Numbers  
1st Row   5 Peg
2nd Row  skip 
3rd Row  4 Peg 
4th Row  skip
5th Row  3 Peg 
6th Row  4 Peg
7th Row  1 Peg
8th Row  skip

After putting this number in an orderly, the harp will play the melody correctly, but nothing will happen if the player cannot put the number correctly.

  • Finally, after getting the melody correct, the bridge that will allow you to progress will come down, allowing the player to cross the large river in the Dense Forest of Yaesha and take the player to the Ravager’s lair.
  • After crossing the area, the players will go to the next area in Forbidden Grove Puzzle, where they must prepare to fight the deadliest boss.
  • When you have completed the fight, a lever behind the boss will help the player complete the Harp puzzle of Remnant 2. 

This will complete our guide Forbidden Grove Puzzle of Remnant 2, which is all you need to know about the puzzle. 

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