Remnant 2: Hardened Iron [Locations & Farming Guide]

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Hardened Iron is the last and the best tier of Iron found in Remnant 2. It is a rare item with a low drop rate used to upgrade special or regular weapons. Hardened Iron can be bought from Cass, Looted from enemies, or found while exploring. This guide will help you find efficient and farm Hardened Iron.

Key Takeaways

  • You can loot, buy, or find Hardened Iron while exploring.
  • Corrupted Harbor and The Labyrinth are the best spots to farm.
  • Explorer Archetype is the best for farming.
  • Scavenger’s Bauble, Vacuum Seal ring, and Pusling Heart Relic improve farming yield.

Hardened Iron is an essential item in Remnant 2. If players use a regular weapon, they can upgrade it up to level 5 using standard Iron. To further upgrade, you must use Forgen Iron until level 10. Then Galvanized Iron is required to upgrade up to level 15. In addition, upgrading your regular weapon to level 19 requires Hardened Iron, and maxing it out at level 20 requires Simulcarum.

In the case of Special Weapons:

 Upgrade Level  Upgrading Cost
 Level 1  5 Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 450
 Level 2  10 Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 525
 Level 3  15 Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 600
 Level 4  15 Forged Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 675
 Level 5  20 Forged Iron, 3 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 750
 Level 6  15 Galvanized Iron, 3 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 825
 Level 7  20 Galvanized Iron, 3 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 900
 Level 8  15 Hardened Iron, 4 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 975
 Level 9  20 Hardened Iron, 4 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 1050
 Level 10  1 Simulacrum , 5 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 1125

Ways To Get Hardened Iron


In Remnant 2, Hardened Iron comes after Iron, Forged Iron, and Galvanized Iron. The easiest way to get this item would be to Buy it from Cass for 300 Scrap. Cass is a merchant found in Ward 13. You should also know that she only sells a limited amount of Hardened Iron, and you would have to wait for her shop to reset after each sale.

However, Cass doesn’t start selling Hardened Iron until the player has progressed to a certain point in the game. To farm Scrap faster so you can buy more Hardened iron, consider going through this guide; Best Ways To Farm Scrap. 


Another easy way to find Hardened Iron is to explore the world and pick up random pieces of Hardened Iron around the map. Hardened Iron is most commonly found in Ward 13. Players can use Adventure mode to re-explore areas they have already been through to find any Hardened Items drop they missed.


When you defeat an enemy, it drops Lumenite Crystals, Scrap, Iron, or other Items. The enemy, upon defeat, will drop Iron according to the player’s need or weapon level. To increase the Hardened Iron drop, make sure at least three of your weapon levels are 15 if you are using Regular Weapons or Level 7 if using Special Weapons, and the overall power level is at least 16.

The game will recognize that you need Hardened Iron to upgrade further and will increase the drop quantity. You can also play the game on a higher difficulty or defeat bigger enemies, such as bosses, to further increase the Hardened Iron drop. 

Farming Locations

In Remnant 2, you can find an enemy that drops Hardened Iron and is close to a checkpoint. The player then can defeat the enemy, collect the loot, and activate the checkpoint. This will respawn the enemy, and you can keep doing this until you have enough items or get bored.

The Labyrinth, Fractured Ingress

The image shows a player shooting an Elite Golem.
Labyrinth Farm Location – Image Credits: Gamesual

The most popular and famous farming spot known in Remnant 2. Go to Fractured Ingress. Go up the stairs on the left-hand side of the big portal. Enter the area with the big statue in the middle. Kill the Elite Golem and collect the dropped Hardened Iron. Elite Golem’s weakness is the big glowing purple circle.

Find the portal that leads the player into a new world. Take the portal to the new world and then use the portal to come back. This will spawn the Elite Golem again. You can also activate the checkpoint or drink Liquid Escape to respawn Elite Golem again. Repeat until fulfilled.

Root Earth, Corrupted Harbor

The image shows a player shooting an Elite Bane.
Root Earth, Corrupted Harbor Farm Location – Image Credits: Gamesual

The last World in Remnant 2 is Root Earth. Being the last world, it contains more powerful enemies, therefore, a higher density of loot. Corrupted Harbor in Root Earth is the best spot to farm. Corrupted Harbor contains at least 8-9 Elite enemies. Players can progress through the area by eliminating all enemies and collecting the loot.

Afterward, they can use Liquid Escape or activate the last checkpoint to reset and spawn the enemies again. This can be repeated until you have enough material or get bored.

Farming Build

To maximize your loot and get a higher amount of Hardened Iron in lesser time, follow the following Build.

Explorer Archetype

The image shows Explorer Archetype's prime perk.
Explorer Archetype – Image Credits: Gamesual

This guide will not detail every perk and specification of this Archetype but will only specify why it is suitable for farming items. Equip Explorer as your main class. This will allow you to avail the unique prime perk. This prime perk grants

 Upgrade Level  Unlocks
 Level 1  When you defeat powerful enemies, there is a 10% chance of getting extra items and rarer drops.
 Level 5  When you defeat powerful enemies, there is a 20% chance of getting extra items and rarer drops.
 Level 10  When you defeat powerful enemies, there is a 35% chance of getting extra items and rarer drops.

If you are playing with your friends, Explorer also has a Team Perk known as Metal Detector, which raises the chance of the entire party to find more ammo, currency, and metal drops by 10%. This Team perk can increase the chances of Hardened Iron dropping. You can also equip the PlainsWalker skill to increase movement speed by 20% and reduce stamina cost by 80% for all allies. Lasts 30 seconds.

This skill will make farming at locations like Labyrinth, which involves going back and forth between checkpoints and enemies, faster and more efficient. This Archetype requires Golden Compass to be unlocked. Golden Compass requires Broken Compass, 10 Lumenite crystals, and 1000 Scraps. Defeating the Final boss rewards the Broken Compass.


This Build comes with the Explorer Swiftness trait, which increases movement speed by 1%, up to 15% at the max level. Every player has four core traits. You can also equip the Recovery trait, which regens stamina by 3s up to 30s at the max upgrade level.

Weapons And Armor

In a farming Build, weapons or armor does not matter because the enemies you are farming are not that strong, so you don’t require any specific weapons or armor. Armor and Weapons can be anything you prefer, but choose Armor that is lightweight such as Lodestone Crown, and Weapons that do great damage, such as shotguns.


You can equip Scavenger’s Bauble as the Amulet, increasing scrap pickup by 50%, allowing you to buy more Hardened Iron. Additionally, it automatically picks up any nearby crafting item. Scavenger’s Bauble is in Yaesha. You can also equip Broken Pocket Watch. This increases stamina regen by 25, reduces stamina cost by 50%, and can be bought from Cass.


Vacuum Seal Ring increases the range for Scrap by 100% and grants a shield for 10s for 10% of max health upon picking up scrap, ammo, or iron. Found in N’Erud, Tower of the Unseen. You can also equip Heart Of The Wolf ring. It increases max stamina by 25 and movement speed by 10%. Found in Yaesha, Endaira’s End.


Farming is generally a team effort in Remnant 2. The best relic to have for this is Pulsing Heart. This relic heals allies within 7m for 20 Health every 3s. It lasts for 15s.


An important item to have would be Liquid Escape. It teleports the player to the last activated checkpoint. You will not lose any of your loot; however, progress made after the checkpoint will be lost. By using Liquid Escape, the game respawns any defeated enemies post-checkpoint.

In conclusion, having the perfect combination of choosing good locations and having a good build will result in efficient and maximized farming of any item, not only Hardened Iron. We hope this guide will improve your farming experience and save you time. Read more guides on Remnant 2:

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