Remnant 2: How To Change Archetypes [Explained]

An in-depth guide on How to unlock and change Archetypes in Remnant 2

This image shows the Start of Remnant 2
This image shows the start of the Game Remnant 2. Image Credit Gamesual

Archetypes are one of the newest updates in Remnant 2. They provide players with many powerful skills and passive abilities that improve gameplay. However, these archetypes are not easy to find. They are hidden throughout the game. This guide will explain how to change all the archetypes in Remnant 2.

So whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, buckle up and read on to discover how to change Archetypes in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 introduces an overhauled archetype system.
  • There are five starting archetypes: Handler, Gunslinger, Medic, Hunter, and Challenger
  • Players can equip a secondary archetype once they have ten trait points, retaining all benefits except prime perks from the primary archetype.
  • The game has six secret archetypes: Engineer, Alchemist, Summoner, Explorer, Invader, and Archon.
  • Mixing and matching different archetypes can create various combinations of traits and skills, enhancing the gaming experience.

A player’s archetype provides them with a prime perk, a choice between three skills, and many different perks that benefit the player and his team. Finally, you also get a powerful archetype trait that levels up along with your character progression. To change archetypes, you must first unlock them. You must explore the game and complete some challenges. Some archetypes are easier to find than others, but they are all worth it.

There are five archetypes, but there are four starting archetypes if you think about it, as the Gunslinger archetype is only available if you purchase the ultimate edition. Listed below are the five starting archetypes:

  • Handler
  • Gunslinger
  • Medic
  • Hunter
  • Challenger
Morrows Patch Remnant 2
Morrow Patch – Remnant 2 (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Changing your archetype is the easy part in Remnant 2; the tricky and tedious part is finding all of them. The archetype system in Remnant 2 may look overly thought-out, but it’s very intuitive and easy to understand. The game spreads the process of changing the archetype throughout its gameplay. To change your archetype, a player needs to go to Ward 13.

Every player should know how to go to Ward 13. This is a focal point in the game and one of the many worlds players can survey. Players can change archetypes by visiting specific vendors and shops and buying predefined Archetype materials to unlock the desired archetype. 

In Remnant 2, players can change to a secondary archetype which can help them significantly improve their gaming experience. When your character has ten trait points, you unlock your secondary archetype slot, change your primary archetype, and select a secondary class.

The advantage of having a secondary archetype is that you will have all the benefits of your primary archetype except the prime perks. Playing around with different archetypes will also allow you to change your name, which is set automatically based on which archetypes you have selected as your primary and secondary.

Moreover, you can mix and match different traits and skills and create your arsenal to beat the game, which can help you at different levels. 

Changing Primary Archetypes

To change your primary archetypes, you first need to collect all the materials respective to each archetype and then take them to Wallace in Ward 13, where you can craft these materials into engrams for the archetypes. 

The process of changing your archetype is fairly simple. When you set up your character in Remnant 2, you can choose one of four starting archetypes: the Hunter, the Medic, the Handler, and the Challenger. After this, you can go into the settings to the archetype section to see your unlocked archetypes.

The character tab in the settings allows you to mess around and change your character in Remnant 2. You can also set up your primary and secondary archetypes in detail. 

Withering World - Remnant 2
Withering Weald – Remnant 2 (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Changing Secondary Archetype

To select a secondary archetype, you must acquire ten trait points. Once you have done this, you will see an exclamation mark on the top right side of your character in the character tab.

From here, you can select your secondary class. You will be given an option for your secondary class from the other archetypes you have unlocked. 

With two archetypes equipped, you will have the abilities of both archetypes. This will give you an edge and improve gameplay to a great extent. Remember, you can only use the prime perks of the archetype you have equipped in your primary slot.

You must play around with different combinations to find the best archetype combinations that suit your play style and give you the most help dominating the enemies.

Gameplay - Remnant 2
Handler gameplay – Remnant 2 (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Additional Archetypes

Apart from the starting archetypes, Remnant 2 has some secret archetypes that you can unlock as you progress through the game. Six additional archetypes can be unlocked in Remnant 2. Listed below are the six secret archetypes:

  • Engineer
  • Alchemist
  • Summoner
  • Explorer
  • Invader
  • Archon

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