Remnant 2: Imperial Gardens Puzzle [Solved]

This guide will help you solve the Imperial Gardens Puzzle in no time.

The start point of puzzle
Imperial Gardens Plinth Puzzle

Welcome to the enigmatic world of Remnant 2. Among its many mysteries, the Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2 is one of the players’ most intriguing challenges. This guide will walk you through the steps and essential tips for solving the Imperial Gardens Puzzle and claiming your reward.

Key Takeaways

  • Imperial Gardens is one of the locations in the Yeasha region of Remnant 2
  • The Imperial Gardens Puzzle of Remnant 2 involves arranging a plinth of symbols in a specific order
  • The symbols are scattered in the vicinity of the plinth carved on stone
  • Successful completion of the puzzle leads to an overpowered crossbow (throwback to Remnant: the Rise of the Ashes) and some very valuable items

Imperial Gardens Puzzle Location

Begin your quest by venturing into the Imperial Gardens, found in the Yeasha region on the five-world map. Look for a circular plinth adorned with various symbols. This is where the puzzle awaits. The plinth features four dials, each bearing unique symbols. Your journey starts here!

The start point of puzzle
Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2

Now where can you find these symbols? Each of these symbols is scattered in the vicinity of the plinth. Seek them out on stones scattered around the Imperial Gardens. Remember the order in which you find them. It will be crucial in the later phase of the puzzle.

Symbol #1

Head downstairs to the left of the plinth and locate a red door. Go through it, turn right, and climb the stone steps ahead. Continue until you find a giant tree with a hole. Cross the tree, turn right, and proceed leftwards to discover the first symbol on a blue engraved stone.

Symbol#1 from The Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2
First Symbol of the puzzle

Symbol #2

Spawn at the checkpoint near the four goat statues. Turn right and head leftwards until you reach a red wall of leaves. Destroy it with an explosive root to reveal a room containing the second symbol:

Symbol#2 from The Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2
Second Symbol of Puzzle

Symbol #3

Leave the room with the second symbol and turn left. You will find a number of stone steps that you will need to climb. After climbing the stone steps, keep rightwards. After a few steps. you will find the third symbol as shown below:

Symbol#3 from The Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2
Third symbol of puzzle

Symbol #4

You will need to return to the plinth for the fourth symbol. Head straight from the plinth until you find another giant tree with a root bridge. Cross the bridge and keep going leftwards, and soon you will find the final symbol as shown below:

Symbol#4 from The Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2
Fourth Symbol of Puzzle

Putting Symbols In Puzzle

Go back to the courtyard where you found the plinth. The plinth will have four dials with several symbols carved into it. You can rotate the dials clockwise or anticlockwise using the relevant keys. The order of placing the symbols is first with the outermost dial and then making your way towards the center.

The order in which you found the symbols is how you put them on the plinth. The outermost dial gets the first symbol, and the innermost dial gets the last symbol. You will see an opening leading downwards after putting in the correct order. That is the cue of a puzzle well done. 

Puzzle Complete
Doorway Opening on Completing Puzzle


Successfully solving the Imperial Gardens Puzzle will reveal a hidden opening leading downwards. Congratulations! You’ve completed the puzzle. Descend the basement before the plinth to claim rewards: an overpowered Crossbow and a chest brimming with various valuable items.

Crossbow reward from the Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2
The reward for Imperial Gardens Puzzle

This comprehensive guide prepares you to conquer the Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2. Embark on this mesmerizing adventure, filled with brain-teasing challenges and hidden treasures. Gather your gaming companions, and together, unlock the secrets of this mystical realm. Get your controller ready, join your friends on Discord, and embark on a journey to save the world, one puzzle at a time.

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