Remnant 2: Locked Hatchery Door [Walkthrough]

A very helpful guide to help you explore through the gloomy and dangerous world of The Hatchery Dungeon and get its rewards!

Remnant 2 The Locked Hatchery Door
Remnant 2 The Locked Hatchery Door

The Hatchery is a crucial Dungeon that players must explore because it is essential to the main plot. The discovery of one of the three Seeker’s Keys is critical. They are necessary for opening the World Tower, which makes its exploration essential.

To complete the mysterious and fascinating realm of N’Erud, revealing the World Tower’s secrets becomes essential. Players must successfully negotiate the Hatchery’s difficulties, riddles, and threats to gain the desired keys.

Key Points

  • The Hatchery is a deadly place full of parasites in the Phantom Wasteland.
  • To open the Locked Door, players must locate the Aerary Glyph and use it tactically in the fight against W. D. 109.
  • The Crisis Ring, a priceless artifact that serves as a shield when the player’s health is low, is concealed in the room past the Locked Door.
  • Leading W.D. 109 outside the fight zone to the stairway you first climbed, which unlocks the closed doors, is the key to defeating it.
  • W.D. 109 is easy to defeat because it utilizes the same attacks as a standard Robot Grunt but has more H.P. and stats.

Locked Door In Hatchery

For those unable to find the Hatchery dungeon, I advise rolling the dice with the Adventure Mode to gain access quickly. 

When investigating the ideal side of Locked Hatchery Door, you’ll notice an exciting shift in enemy types in transitioning from Cockroaches and Beetles to Robots, which is a particular sign that you’re getting close to the locked door. Players can climb a ladder at this point to enter a robotic realm after arriving there.

Climbing up the ladder
Climbing up the ladder

After that, players will come across numerous locked doors containing trapped robots as they continue. One of these doors holds a great deal of significance.

Players must figure out how to unlock it first. After passing the locked doors, players encounter W. D. 109, an optional monster, a powerful massive robot with a durable and robust robotic body to withstand all the attacks and bullets players throw at him.

W. D. 109 Strengths W. D. 109 Weakness
Has a higher H.P. than a regular robot.
It is the same as a standard robot, with just his stats being enhanced.
Has higher agility than a regular robot. It can get predictable so that you can dodge his moves easily.
Durability is high, thanks to its robotic build and armor. Moves have a cooldown that allows players to strike well.
It has laser strikes and attacks that can fire off from a distance. Spacing it out makes it difficult for it to attack.

I did not find his attacks any different from a regular robot and I was able to dodge them reasonably quickly.

W. D. 109 with its shield
W. D. 109 with its shield

W.D. 109 has more H.P. and more excellent stats than a typical Robot Grunt, but it still uses the same attacks, making it easier to defeat. Prioritizing creating space and using well-timed evasive movements is crucial for taking down W.D. 109.

You can successfully repel its strikes and fend off being surrounded if you allow yourself enough space to participate in the battle. Dodging its attacks gives you a chance to break its shield as well.

Breaking W.D. 109's Shield
Breaking W.D. 109’s Shield
  1. The key to defeating W. D. 109 is to unlock the locked door out of all the other approaches.
  2. Lead the boss to pursue you at the start of the fight outside the perimeter and toward the staircase from where you climbed first. If you don’t, the robots trapped behind the locked doors will be freed and join the battle against you.
  3. This strategy will unlock all doors, allowing you to face the optional boss in an ample, open space.
  4. Thanks to this setup, you have plenty of room for doing around his laser sword strikes and effectively plan your counterattacks. Just be on the lookout for his moves, and you are good to go.
  5. Once the boss has been eliminated, claim your rewards and climb the ladder back up.
Corrupted Lumenite Crystal x2 (x7 in the case the player has a mutator)
Excess Coil Ring that is locked behind a door. It would be best if you drew the boss to the door. If not, it will remain closed indefinitely.
  1. The first door on the left hides a Crisis Ring. This is one of my favorite rings from the game, as it came in clutch during some life-and-death situations.
  2. It grants you an extra shield as an HP backup.
  3. To the right, you come across a small window. Peek through it, and players will see some broken cables.
  4. Shooting at them will unlock the door, allowing players to continue the journey.
Rewards For Defeating W. D. 109
Rewards For Defeating W. D. 109

There is another way players can use to get past the Locked Hatchery Door in Remnant 2.

  1. The players must start a multi-step process to unlock the door. They must first find the Aerary Glyph, a vital component to open the entrance.
  2. Once you have the glyph, players can use a key to enter the Hatchery and open the door marked with a distinctive purple icon.
  3. A secret passageway in the form of a floor hole in a side room close to the Locked Door connects to a crawlspace. Players must squeeze through this tight space.
Traveling through the secret passageway
Traveling through the secret passageway
  1. That will lead the players to an ascending ladder to a room above the Locked Door.
Looking at the ladder through secret passageway
Looking at the ladder through the secret passageway
  1. Once in the upper area, players must carefully aim their shots at the tank near the shredded cables to cause an explosion that will open the Locked Door.
Shooting at the tank that is near the shredded cables
Shooting at the tank that is near the shredded cables
  1. Once the door has been adequately unlocked, players can return and enter the hidden room that the Locked Door previously blocked off. This chamber offers attractive rewards that will make the effort worthwhile.

Hurdles Faced During The Quest

During my 40+ hours with the game, the highlight was coming across newer dungeons. However, even within these dungeons were secret areas that required clever solutions to access. As a result, I was often running around trying to find entrances to these areas.

gameplay time, remnant 2
Gameplay Time – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

When I first encountered this locked door in the Hatchery, I could not access it. However, a clever solution of using one W. D. 109 to unlock this door was quite handy. 

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