Remnant 2: Lumenite Crystal [Farm + Uses]

Here is how to farm the valuable resource Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2.

Lumenite Crystal Farm Uses remnant 2
How To Farm Lumenite Crystal - Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Remnant 2 allows players to gather special items to upgrade their weapons and abilities. Lumenite Crystal is a very sought-after resource, and its limited availability often makes it challenging to acquire. Therefore, this guide will help you farm and learn how to use the Lumenite Crystal in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Lumenite Crystal is a very sought-after resource in Remnant 2.
  •  Moreover, the Elite Enemies drop the Lumenite Crystal, allowing players to farm for this resource in Remnant 2.
  • Players can visit the Labyrinth world as part of their campaign and kill the Elite here to get the Lumenite Crystal.
  • Moreover, Lumenite Crystals are used to upgrade the Special Weapons acquired after defeating bosses.
  • You can also use Lumenite Crystals to buy a Relic Charge from Wallace, which increases your overall capacity. to carry Relics.

Lumenite Crystal is scarce in the game and only dropped by Elite enemies. Therefore, the only steady way to get your hand on this resource is to fight many Elite enemies. However, there are ways in which players can get their hands on a steady supply of Lumenite Crystals and upgrade their special Weapons.

How To Get Lumenite Crystal

Lumenite Crystal is a resource that is scarce and is only dropped by Elite Enemies. However, there are specific ways players can farm for this resource and get a steady supply of the crystals.

The easiest way to get your hands on Lumenite Crystals is through Labyrinth. This is the only section in the game where every player will follow the same campaign and come across this as their second world. Therefore, every player will visit the Labyrinth and have it on their list of planets.

Fractured Ingress Checkpoint Remnant 2
Fractured Ingress Checkpoint – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

You would need to travel to the Fractured Ingress checkpoint on Labyrinth. As a result, you will land at the Checkpoint right in front of the large portal. Once here, players must take the staircase on their left and head up a floor. Therefore, stay on the left side, and you will come across the area with a stone statue. 

Here, a few minor enemies will spawn. Make sure to defeat them and get your hand on their loot. However, we are here to fight the Elite Golem that generates here. The Elite Golem will be a strong enemy with a glowing weak spot on its head. Defeating this Elite Golem will drop Lumenite Crystals and a bunch of scraps.

Elite Golem Remnant 2
Elite Golem – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Moreover, as this is an Elite enemy, do not spare any expense and use your mods to get through this enemy fast. You can use the Checkpoint as many times as you want to if you want more Lumenite Crystals. Additionally, there is an even quicker way to do this.

Furthermore, there is also a portal on the top left side of this area. After defeating the Elite Golem once, you must travel through this portal. (During my campaign, this took me to Yaesha.) Therefore, use this portal to re-enter Labyrinth, and the Elite Golem will spawn right in front of you every time. You can kill the Elite and drink the Liquid Escape to respawn on the other side of the portal.

Labyrinth Map Remnant 2
The Portal and Elite Golem Spawn – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Just keep repeating this process until you have enough Lumenite Crystals. Moreover, you can also travel to Corrupted Harbor on Root Earth, as this place is full of many Elite enemies that drop the Lumenite Crystals.

Using Lumenite Crystal

Lumenite Crystal Remnant 2
Lumenite Crystal – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Lumenite Crystal is an incredibly precious resource used to upgrade your special weapons. However, getting your hands on them requires players to do the work. Therefore, players must manage this resource to perform all the necessary upgrades carefully.

One of the most important uses of this Cyrstal is to upgrade your Special Weapon. Special Weapons are weapons that are usually dropped after a boss encounter and can be very powerful. Therefore, most players prefer these special weapons and take full advantage of the unique mods. 

However, as you progress the campaign, you will face much more difficult enemies. This is when upgrading these weapons becomes essential, as boosting them increases the damage output of the guns. You can upgrade your weapon to level 10; you must use Lumenite Crystals at every level.

Weapon Upgrade LevelCrafting Cost
Level 1Iron x5
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x450
Level 2Iron x10
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x525
Level 3Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x600
Level 4Forged Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x675
Level 5Forged Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x3
Scrap x750
Level 6Galvanized Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x3
Scrap x825
Level 7Galvanized Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x3
Scrap x900
Level 8
Hardened Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x4
Scrap x975
Level 9Hardened Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x4
Scrap x1050
Level 10Simulacrum x1
Lumenite Crystal x5
Scrap x1125

The other important use of this resource is to buy a Relic Charge from Wallace. As a result, these Relic Charges allow players to have more slots for Relic, allowing you to carry more than three Relics on a single run. Moreover, players can buy up to 10 Charges from Wallace, which would be especially handy in the game’s later part.

Therefore, you would need around 10 Lumenite Crystals, 1000 Scraps, and 1 Simulacrum to buy one Relic Charge.

Lumenite Crystal is a vital resource in Remnant 2 that players can farm. These Crystals are essential for all the upgrades you can perform on Special Weapons. Although this is a scarce resource, there are specific ways to farm this resource. Elite Enemies drop this limited resource.

Moreover, certain Elite Enemies are easy to find and defeat. Once such, Elite Enemy spawns at Labyrinth. It is the only section in the game that is the same for every player. Here, you must defeat the Elite Golem and get your hands on the Lumenite Crystal.

Players can use the Checkpoint repeatedly to keep respawning this enemy. Moreover, this incredible resource can also be used to buy Relic Charges. These Relic Charges allow players to carry more Relics during their campaign.

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