Remnant 2: N’Erud [World Guide]

Find out a complete walktrough of N'Erud, its history, the storylines, locations, boss fights and various collectibles.

Remant 2 N'Erud Guide
Remant 2 N'Erud Guide

N’erud is one of the five worlds that can be explored in Remnant 2. I could not unlock it in my first playthrough as it is random; however, as you start a new game, the world will be unlocked. Here is the complete N’Erud Guide for your Remnant 2 playthrough, explaining how to open it, the missions, and the bosses.

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 has five worlds, with three randomly unlocked in each playthrough.
  • N’Erud is a world built by the Dryzr, fascinated by science and dark matter.
  • Alepsis-Taura is a black hole in N’Erud, and the main quest involves trying to explore it.
  • The Custodian at Seeker’s Rest asks you to collect keys to drive N’Erud into the black hole.
  • N’Erud has 18 events that offer rewards like weapons, traits, rings, and amulets. These events involve combat or finding secret places.

N’erud Location

N’Erud is one of the three main worlds in the game that can be accessed through the campaign. However, the order in which you will access it is highly random. The world features two different storylines depending on where you spawn first.

  • Tal’Ratha and the Shining Essence Echo
  • Travel to Alepsis-Taura

The Two Storylines

Travel To Alepsis-Taura

Spawn Location: Seeker’s Rest


  1. The story begins at Seeker’s Rest, where you find the Seeker’s Key.
  2. You’ll encounter a mechanical eye in a crystal chamber, and it asks you to find its tower in the wasteland.
  3. The tower is located beyond the Threshold of the Unknown and is illuminated by a glowing orb.
  4. As you approach the tower, enemies will start to spawn.
  5. The main objective is to collect 5 Seeker’s Keys, given to you by The Custodian, to access the Core of N’Erud and save the Drzyr.

Seeker’s Keys

Key 1:

Location: Seeker’s Rest

I found this key after spawning in the Seeker’s Rest. It is present on the giant statue. Go towards the figure and interact with it to equip the key.

Seekers Rest – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual

Key 2:

Location: Phantom Wasteland Dungeon

After defeating the boss, you can find the second key in the Hatchery Dungeon. This dungeon connects all the overworlds. The statue will be revealed; climb the stairs and interact to get the second key.

Phantom Wasteland N'Erud Guide Remnant 2
Phantom Wasteland – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual

Key 3:

Location: Timeless Horizon Dungeon

The next location is Timeless Horizon Dungeon. After exiting the Hatchery Dungeon, move northwest to get to the Spectrum Nexus Dungeon, the main dungeon in the second overworld. Find the statue to equip the third key.

  • After equipping all three keys, travel to the Sentinel’s Keep, take the elevator present in the center, and travel to the top.
  • Hear the Custodian talk about the history of the Drzyr as you go.
  • Once you’ve reached the top, prepare yourself for a boss fight. Interact will the terminal to start. The boss fight will be discussed later in the guide.
Timeless Horizon – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual

Tal’Ratha And The Shining Essence Echo

Spawn Location: Forgotten Prison


  • You start at the Forgotten Prison, where a voice behind a glass chamber asks for your help retrieving the Soul Spark Cylinder to save the ruins of the Dryzr civilization.
  • After leaving the Forgotten Prison, you arrive at the Abyssal Rift, your first overworld area.
  • Seek out The Custodian at the Ascension Spire to discuss Tal’Ratha, the Astropath who forewarned the Dryzr of destruction.
  • The Custodian assigns you two tasks to send N’Erud back into the black hole:
    • Killing Tal’Ratha
    • Obtaining the Shining Essence Echo

To aid you in your fight against Tal’Ratha, the Custodian will also give you Poisoned Ambit Ember Capsules.

Tal’Ratha’s Choice

In the refuge, it will be revealed that the voice that spoke to you from the glass chamber was Tal’Ratha himself. He warns you about working with The Custodian and his choice for sending N’Erud back into the hole again. After briefing you about the history of the people of Dryzr, he will provide you with two options:

  • Get eaten alive by him and get saved for eternity.
  • Refuse and fight him.

Each option will lead to a boss fight; the only difference will be the variant of Tal’Ratha that you get. I recommend choosing the first option, which will allow you to fight his metaphysical form.

The Custodian's Eye in Remnant 2 N'Erud
The Custodian’s Eye – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual

Shining Essence Echo

  • Once you’ve defeated Tal’Ratha, you will unlock the Shining Essence Echo, from which you can unlock either one of the following:
  • Siphon Heart (Relic): If you hand over the Echo to The Custodian.
  • Void Idol (Amulet): If you keep the Echo, use it at the Dryzr Replicator.
  • Additionally, once you have finished either of the two storylines, head to The Labyrinth and interact with The Keeper to get your objectives updated.

Boss Fights

There are 12 bosses in N’Erud that you can encounter and defeat in various locations during multiple events. The three main bosses essential to the storyline are Sha’hala, Tal’Ratha, and Tal’Ratha metaphysical. These boss fights will be discussed in detail.

Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian Of N’Erud

  • Storyline: Travel to Alepsis-Taura
  • Location: Sentinel’s Keep
  • Race: Phantom
  • Immunity: Fire
  • Weakness: Orb in its hands. Hitting it will deal with Critical Damage.
  • Rewards: Eidolon Shard x1, Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Tome of Knowledge, Segment, Void Cinder.
Sha’Hala – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual


Horizontal Beams: Purple orbs shoot at you and will form horizontal beams. Several hands will also simultaneously start shooting laser beams at you. I recommend ignoring the higher beams and focusing on dodging the ground-level ones. Also, avoid getting hit by the turret’s hands on top.
Hand Beams: Green hands will shoot purple beams around the boss. They will all point towards you. I found that there is a delay in the beams. For that instance, time your dodge accordingly.
Homing Orbs: Green orbs will be spawned around the boss and above you; a dozen will form a laser beam and shoot. Destroy them using an automatic weapon. They are slow and gradual, thus easy to shoot.
Ascending Orbs: The boss will disappear out of range, and orbs will start spawning from the ground and hollows. Keep your eyes on the ground to dodge and anticipate new holes that appear.
Trajectorial Orbs: These are faster, and harder to dogde. They will move around the ground where you are standing. However, the trajectory of their path will be revealed. Track the trajectory and keep checking the ground.
Direct Hit/ Black Hole Attack: At the end of an attack, the boss will place his orb directly on you. A charging sound can be heard beforehand. I focused on the sound and prepared to dodge it as soon as I heard it. Unleash all attacks once you land in a safe spot. This is also the best time to heal and reload.
Diagonal Lightning: The boss will start shooting random lightning from the orb everywhere in patterns. This can deal a ton of damage if not avoided. Try to move into a safe space to avoid diagonal attacks.


  • Storyline: Tal’Ratha and the Shinning Essence Echo
  • Location: Forgotten Prison
  • Race: Astropath
  • Immunity: None
  • Weakness: Gaping Mouth
  • Rewards: Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Tome of Knowledge, Spiced Bile, Shining Essence Echo.
Tal'Ratha boss fight in N'Erud Remnant 2
Tal’Ratha boss fight – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual


Charge: Despite his large size, he will charge toward you and open his mouth to try and eat you. All you need to do is to dodge to either side, and you will be fine.
Canister Throw: Throws a gas canister towards you that may spawn a zombie. Dodge the attack.
Body Slam: Slams his entire body to either side. Move back to avoid.
Punch Ground: Creates a shockwave after jumping to the ground. You will see this coming, so a timely dodge will keep you safe.
Suck: He opens his gaping mouth to draw you in. Shoot at him to deal damage or roll at the last moment.
Vomit: Vomits several black ichor projectiles from his mouth. Dodge.
Magic Orbs: His last attack is the glowing homing orb. They are destroyable; shoot at them with bullets.

Tal’Ratha – Metaphysical

  • Storyline: Tal’Ratha and the Shinning Essence Echo
  • Location: Forgotten Prison
  • Race: Astropath
  • Immunity: None
  • Weakness: Head
  • Rewards: Lumenite Crystal (x5), Scrap, Tome of Knowledge, Acidic Jawbone, Shining Essence Echo.

The boss fight commences if you choose to let him eat you alive. He has a range of melee attacks at his disposal and shoots a lot of projectiles. The enemy can also teleport very quickly throughout the battlefield. Tal’Ratha changes locations fast, making him untraceable.



Starlight Beam: The boss charges a beam toward you using his right hand. Dodge at either side.
Teleport Slam: Disappears, teleporting higher on the ground and falling, causing a considerable impact. Deals AoE damage. Keep a distance.
Charge: He attempts to eat you by charging you with an open mouth. Right when he gets close, he disappears and teleports to another position. He tries to make three consecutive charge attacks by teleporting.   Wait for him to get on all fours and dodge.
Black Ichor: Shoot black projectiles from the gaping mouth, both forward and at 45 degrees. Focus and position yourself in between each projectile to avoid it.
Star Shower: He will summon stars from the sky and shoot them in all directions, ending with a slam. There will be three waves of stars followed by the ultimate blow. Dodge the waves and prepare for the delay before the slam.
Teleport Melee: He will perform a melee combo after teleporting to your position. Keep your focus and move away as soon as he teleports.

The rest of the bosses and their weaknesses are described as follows:


Location Weakness Race


Abomination N’Erud Core Dryzr, Aberration
  • Mutated Growth
  • Lumenite Crystal
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
E.D. Alpha Tower of the Unseen Eye N’Erud Robots, Aberration
  • Refunder
Fetid Corpse Void Vessel Facility Exposed Core Dryzr, Aberration
  • Transference
  • Corrupted Lumenite Crystal x2
  • Rune Fragment
  • Scrap
Primogenitor The Hatchery None Bug
  • Cracked Shell
The Astropath Astro path’s Respite Chest Phantom
  • Seeker Residue
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Lumenite Crystal
  • Iron
  • Scrap
The Progeny The Hatchery

The Dark Conduit

The Putrid Domain

Head Exposed Bug, Aberration
  • Iron
  • Scrap
  • Hand Gun Ammo
  • Long Gun Ammo
  • Disengage
  • Corrupted Lumenite Crystal
The Custodian’s Eye N’Erud Main eye N’Erud Robots
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Sentry’s Old Iris
W.D. 109 The Putrid Domain

Vault of the Formless

The Hatchery

None N’Erud Robots
  • Transpose
  • Excess Coil (ring)
  • Corrupted Lumenite Crystal x2


There are 18 central locations on the N’Erud map. Each of these locations holds significance regarding bosses, missions, and revelations.

The Hatchery, location in N'Erud Remnant 2
The Hatchery – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual
LocationDescriptionEnemies and BossesNPCsEventsSecret Passage
Abyssal RiftAn arid open area, home of the soul sparks...
An open, dark and haunting region containing remnants of the Dryzr.
Battle Drone
The CustodianThe Flooded Room EventEscalation Circuit:
From the Dryzr Replicator’s room, travel downwards through the elevator, turn right and continue the path till you reach the item.
Alepsis-TauraAnd for the purposes of this endeavor, time is our friend.

The black hole, fundamental in destroying the Dryzr civilization. It is the last location to go to after finishing the Seeker’s Key quest. Once this location becomes accessible, all other locations of N’Erud become inaccessible.
Astropath’s RespitThe Custodian's calculations may be rational enough, but they are incongruent with the foresight of the Astropaths.

The home of the Astropath who had visions about the destruction of the Drzyr and tried to warn them.
Robot Grunt
The Astropath
NoneSeeker’s KeyNone
Dormant N’erudian FacilityA locked down facility, infested with parasites.

A facility constructed by the Dryzr, which is now in ruins, filled with parasites.
Baby Parasite
Slug Parasite
Robot Eye boss (in the secret room)
NoneQuarantine EventBiome-Control Glyph:
Find the missing rail, drop and take the door available. Take the elevator to reach the destination. After finding the Biome-Control Glyph, return to the main entrance and insert it to open a locked door. This will reveal the Toxic Release Valve and the Memory Core II.
Forgotten PrisonForgotten and alone, it waits for a living being

A desolate area and also the spawn location for the Tal’Ratha and Shining Essence Echo storyline.
Phantom WeekendTal’Ratha
The dead surface of N'Erud, filled with corpses and cold unforgiving robots

A bone gray desert wasteland containing drones on the surface of N’Erud.
The dead surface of N'Erud, filled with corpses and cold unforgiving robots

A bone gray desert wasteland containing drones on the surface of N’Erud.
Battle Drone
N’Erud Zombie
Baby Parasite
The CustodianNoneReach the Custodian’s Tower after traversing through this desert.
The Hatchery:
Find the elevator leading down, you will encounter Parasites after which you will find the door to the Hatchery.
Seeker’s RestReach the Custodian’s Tower after traversing through this desert.
The Hatchery:
Find the elevator leading down, you will encounter Parasites after which you will find the door to the Hatchery.
To my fellow Drzyr, all who may live and yet live in whatever days are still to come...

The spawn location for Travel to Alepsis-Taura stroyline, and also contains the first Seeker’s Key.
Robot GruntThe CustodianSeeker’s KeySeeker’s Key:
Find the Seeker’s Key by the interacting with the dead body next t the huge statue.

Meeting The Custodian:
The first interaction with the Custodian will be in a room at the Seeker’s Rest with a giant clear crystal tube. There will be a robotic eye floating in the room, called The Custodian.
Sentinel’s KeepSeeker’s Key:
Find the Seeker’s Key by the interacting with the dead body next t the huge statue.

Meeting The Custodian:
The first interaction with the Custodian will be in a room at the Seeker’s Rest with a giant clear crystal tube. There will be a robotic eye floating in the room, called The Custodian.
You have arrived in the Core.

An important location for the Travel to Alepsis-Taura storyline. It is the tower containg the Core, which The custodian needs to access in order to drive N’Erud into the black hole again.
Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’ErudThe CustodianNoneNone
Spectrum NexusA dungeon in N’Erud containing The Custodian’s Eye.Robot Grunt
The Custodian’s Eye
NoneNoneContains clues about the history of N’Erud and the fate of Drzyr.
Terminus StationContains clues about the history of N’Erud and the fate of Drzyr.
A crumbled station, filled with deadly robots

A station in the ruins, enables access to various places inside N’Erud. It is filled with Robots.

Robot Grunt
Restless Spirit
NoneThe Train EventBurden of the Stargazer:
Follow the path to drop down to a lower bridge. From here, take the elevator to the top. A set of stairs will be leading to an altar where the Burden of the Stargazer lies. To return, take the side path and drop down from the elevator to return to the bridge. From the bridge, drop down to the main path.

After the Train Event:
After the event, return to the station, crouch till you reach a chest. Follow the cables and reach a ladder. Climb the ladder to end up in a control room. From the control room, you can drop on the last wagon of the train. Open the hatch. You will find the Atom Smasher and Decorum Cipher inside the wagon.
The Dark ConduitA resourceful dungeon containing various crafts to resupply N’Erud. It contains remnants of Drzyr’s knowledge of matter and energy.Parasite
Baby Parasite
The Progeny
NoneLoose Fuse
Robot Hanger
Stasis Pod Chamber
The Flooded Room Event
The Eon VaultNone
An open area vault, containing valuable artifacts, relics and treasures.
Battle Drone
Baby Parasite
Slug Parasite
Robot Grunt
NoneSupply ShipEngineer Archetype:
The sides of N’Erud will cause your character to start vomiting and fill the status effects’ bar. Find a body containing the Technicians Set by jumping towards the platform. Thus, you can unlock the Engineer Archetype.

Blasting Cap Ring:
Move around to location giant pistons in the ground. Check under the pistons, one of them will have a hole that you can jump down from. This hole will contain the Blasting Cap Ring.
The HatcheryA hive? An infestation? What manner of foul entity created this creatures?

A storage facility that has been taken over by the plague of Parasites.
Baby Parasites
Slug Parasite
The Progeny (Aberration)
NoneGlyph Door (Aerary)None
The Putrid DomainNone
Glyph Door (Aerary)
A corrupted an infested domain, reflecting the fall from grace for the Drzyr.

A deserted area filled with grotesque enemies and infested with putrefaction.
Robot Grunt
N’Erud Zombie
The Progeny
NoneRobot HangerRerouting Cable:
Shoot at the crates to reveal a pathway from which you can drop. Climb the ladder to reach the Rerouting Cable.

Blackout Ring:
Head back to the area with the crates. Find a canister that can be shot at. This will reveal an opening, and connect both cables, opening the door to the Blackout Ring.
Tower of the UnseenRerouting Cable:
Shoot at the crates to reveal a pathway from which you can drop. Climb the ladder to reach the Rerouting Cable.

Blackout Ring:
Head back to the area with the crates. Find a canister that can be shot at. This will reveal an opening, and connect both cables, opening the door to the Blackout Ring.
The Tower of the Unseen is an industrial location found in the Timeless Horizon in N'Erud.

A tower containing valuable loot items within secret passages and rooms. It also contains several dead bodies, and is heavily guarded by enemies.
Robot Grunt
E.D. Alpha
Battle Drone

NoneRobot Grunt
E.D. Alpha
Battle Drone

In a room with a black small sphere placed on the machinery, you will encounter common enemies that will attack you in waves. After defeating all the enemies, a Specter will spawn from the ground and attack you.
Burden of the Stargazer:
Locate the elevator leading to a stairway that looks like a throne. Climb the stairs to find the ring on a dead body.

Vacuum Seal:
Go through an elevator to the bridge. The seal can be found next to a dead body.

Stellar-Powered Cell:
Doors with red panels next to them will containg stellar-powered cells. Equip this item to unlock further doors.

Once you have collected two Stellar-Powered Cells, the levator will take you to a secret room that contains the Amulet.

Refunder/Stone of Continuance:
Get to the main hall of the tower using the cells to encounter and defeat E.D. Alpha. Once defeated, you will gain both Refunder and the Stone of Continuance at the center of the hall.

Shielded Heart:
Go through an elevator to the front of the Stone of Continuance. There is a statue there. Insert a Stellar-Powered Cell to
Open the door to the main hall. This will reveal the Shielded Heart.
Timeless HorizonDarker, more haunted than the wasteland, can this place be even worse?

An extension of the Phantom Wasteland, contain a lot of N’Erud zombies.
Battle Drone
N”Erud Zombie
NoneNoneUnseen Tower Entrance:
You can find the elevator that leads to the Tower of Unseen by exploring the Timeless Horizon.
Vault of the FormlessLaying around you are the dead husks of a once mighty species, brought low by their own arrogance

A graveyard, home to a vast majority of Drzyr bodies, corrupted by a dark miasma. It is constructed as a gigantic stasis chamber.
N’Erud Zombie
Corpse Ball
Robot Grunt
Zombie Horde
NoneBroken Cable
Glyph Door (Lythia)
Aerary Glyph Door
Stasis Pod Chamber
Metal Driver:
During the boss fight against Zombie Horde, you will be able to pich the House Lythia Glyph. Next to where you find the item, shoot some crates. A vent will reveal itself. Climb in through the vent to find the Metal Driver on the other side.
Void Vessel FacilitySpecifications remain well above what will be required to withstand Alepsis-Taura

A laboratory now converted into a ruin. Her, The Custodian used to run tests, dabbling with various forms of matter. It is full of vessels containing creatures emerging from each one.
N’Erud Zombie
Corpse Ball
Robot Grunt
Fetid Corspe
W>D> 109
NoneBoss fightsStasis Pod Glyph and Door:
Spot the door with a shinning sphere etched in the center. You can use the Stasis Pod Glyph to open the door and find the Space Worker Set.

Weapons, Armor, & Items

N’Erud contains a variety of new items and armor to explore. Find a list of each below, detailing where to find them.

Lumenite Crystal, item in N'Erud Remnant 2
Lumenite Crystal – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual
Atom SmasherWeaponTerminus Station
Rupture CanonWeaponVault of Formless
Plasma CutterWeaponNavigation Room
Pulse RifleWeaponAbyssal Rift
Star ShotWeaponThe Eon Vault
Spectral BladeWeaponMcCabe Store
NebulaWeaponMcCabe Store
AphelionWeaponMcCabe Store
Gas GiantWeaponN’Erud
Space Worker SetArmourVoid Vessel Facility
Navigator HelmArmorExtraction Hub
Technician SetArmorThe Eon Vault
Crystal HeartRelicN’Erud
Shielded HeartRelicTower of Unseen
Siphon HeartRelicThe Custodian
Void HeartRelicAlepsis-Taura
Blackout RingRingThe Putrid Domain
Blasting Cap RingRingTimeless Horizon
Constant Variable RingRingTerminus Station
Core BoosterAmuletAbyssal Rift
Defensive Action LoopRingAstropath’s Respite
Detonation TriggerAmuletTimeless Horizon
Difference EngineAmuletThe Eon Vault
Downgraded RingRingN’Erud, The Custodian
Emergency SwitchAmuletN’Erud
Focused JewelRingN’Erud
Galvanized Resupply BandRingThe Eon Vault
Hardcore Metal BandRingN’Erud
Inert OverchargerAmuletN’Erud
Kinetic Sield ExchangerAmuletN’Erud
Metal DriverRingVault of the Formless
Point Focus RingRingN’Erud
Reserve Boosting GemRingN’Erud
Rerouting CableRingThe Putrid Domain
Blackout RingRingVault of the Formless
Ring of CrisisRingThe Hatchery
The Putrid Domain
Ring of RestockingRingN’Erud
Rusted Navigator’s PendantAmuletAstropath’s Respite
SamoflangeAmuletTower of Unseen
Stone of ContinuanceRingTower of the Unseen
Subterfuge LinkRingN-Erud
Tightly Wound CoilRingVoid Vessel Facility
Toxic Release ValveAmuletDormant N’Erudian Facility
Vacuum SealRingTower of the Unseen


The missions in N’Erud are called Events. They all contain a new challenge for players and are the key to unlocking several rewards and items. Some involve fighting various enemies, while others are just about exploring a secret place and looting.

Objective Success in N'Erud
Objective Success in N’Erud – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual
Mission ListLocationEnemies/BossesRewards
Aerary Glyph DoorN’Erud (dungeon)Robot Grunts
The Progeny
Crisis Ring
Broken CableN’ErudNoneBlackout Ring
Rerouting Cable
Fetid CorpseN’Erud (dungeon)N’Erud Zombies
Fetid corpse
Green Capsule RoomN’ErudNoneSoul Spark Cylinder
House Lythla GlyphdoorVault of the FormlessNoneRupture Canon
Industrial ChestN’ErudNoneNot available
Item Inside Capsule AN’ErudNoneTightly Wound Coil
Item Inside Capsule BN’ErudN’Erud ZombieStasis Pod Glyph
Space Worker Set
Loose FuseN’ErudN’Erud ZombieCrystal Heart
Navigation RoomN’ErudNoneHardcore Metal Band
Plasma Cutter
Navigator ZombieExtraction HubN’Erud ZombieNavigator Helm
Pounding PistonTimeless HorizonN’Erud ZombieBlasting Cap Ring
Quarantine EventDormant N’erudian FacilityN’Erud ZombiesSiphoner trait (if completed on time)
Resonance trait (if not completed)
Failsafe Mutator
Stellar-Powered Cell PuzzleN’Erud (dungeon)SecretSamoflange
Shielded Heart
Supply ShipThe Eon Vault
Abyssal Rift
Timeless Horizon
Phantom Wasteland
NoneGalvanized Resupply Band
Difference Engine
Star Shot
The Flooded RoomThe HatcheryNoneSubterfuge Link
The Train EventTerminus StationN’Erud Robots
E.D. Alpha
Atom Smasher
Zombie CaveN’ErudN’Erud ZombiesStasis Core

That is all for Remnant 2 N’Erud Guide and how to explore it. You should best utilize everything you gain from this world in your builds. Although the world comes randomly, it is a fun one to explore. Read our other guides as well:

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