Remnant 2: How To Get Nightfall Gun?

Here is how you can get the Nightfall Gun in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Nightfall remnant 2
Nightfall - Remnant 2: Images by Gamesual

Remnant 2 has some of the most creative weapons from the franchise. Moreover, Remnant 2 allows players to buy weapons from Ward 13, or players can defeat bosses to find powerful weapons. Nightfall is a long gun that can be crafted after defeating the Nightweaver. Therefore, this guide will help you acquire the Nightfall gun in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Nightfall is one of the best long guns in Remnant 2.
  • This unique weapon can only be acquired by defeating the Nighweaver.
  • The Nightweaver is the final boss of the Losomn quest line that starts in Morrow Parish.
  • This floating goddess of sleep drops a unique item, the Cursed Dream Silks. 
  • However, players must ensure not to destroy Nightweaver’s Heart to get this item.
  • The Cursed Dream Silks are essential to crafting the Nightfall at Ward 13.
  • Nightfall has a unique Mod, the Dreadwalker. This Mod allows players to become a ghost and the Gun to become fully automatic with an increased fire rate.
  • The Gun is a must-have weapon for builds focused around Mod generation.

Nightfall is a very unique-looking gun that players can craft in Remnant 2. However, players must first defeat the Nightweaver, a campaign boss, to get this weapon. The Nightfall is a repeater rifle, meaning each click can shoot one bullet. Then players must press again for the second bullet. Players can do this ten times before needing a reload.

Nightfall Stats

Weapon Name Nightfall
Damage 31
Rounds Per Second 5
Magazine 10
Ideal Range 18m
Max Ammo 90
Mod Dreadwalker
Nightfall Gun remnant 2
Nightfall Stats – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Nightfall is a must-have gun in Remnant 2. The Gun boasts incredible stats that can further be upgraded in Ward 13. Nightfall can carry 90 bullets, which is plenty; each can cause minimum damage of 31. However, this is only the minimum damage as a critical hit, and other modifiers will provide an incredible buff to this.

Moreover, the Nightfall has an incredible 105% Damage Bonus on Weak Spots. Although, the weapon’s built-in Mod makes it one of the best long guns in the game. The Nightfall comes with an incredible weapon mod, the Dreadwalker. This Mod will allow players to enter the nightmare realm and become a ghost, making it difficult to get it.

 Your weapon will become fully automatic with infinite bullets for 10s. On top of that, players will get a 35% increase in the fire rate and will be able to get a 10% Lifesteal. Therefore, this Gun is a must-have for more players if you can get over the creepy-looking fingers on the side. Although the Mod power requirement is 1250, players would need to wait for their Mod ability.

How To Defeat The Nightweaver

The Nightweaver is the campaign boss in Remnant 2. However, starting your Quest in Morrow Parish on Losomn would be best. If your campaign starts at a different place on Losomn, you can always use the adventure mode to replay this World. It is important to remember that the Nightweaver boss fight will only occur if you play this Quest line.

The Nightweaver’s web nest can be found in the basement of the Asylum on Losomn. Players must bring a heart as an offering to this Web to start the fight. This Heart can be found within the Shattered Gallery and is a critical Quest Item. Therefore, take the Heart to the Web in the basement of the Asylum, which would trigger the boss fight.

shattered gallery Remnant 2
Shattered Gallery – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

The Nightweaver fight starts in the backyard of the Asylum and is one of the few boss fights with a second phase.

Phase 1

nightweaver remnant 2
Nightweaver (Phase 1) – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

The Nighweaver is a swift and deadly opponent. Therefore, players must be prepared before they head into this fight. Phase 1 of this fight takes place in the backyard of the Asylum, which is a tight area. The goddess of sleep is a ghost, meaning she can also go through the fences. Moreover, the Nightweaver has a glowing spot or Heart in her chest, her weak point.

However, players trying to get the Nightfall must remember not to break this Heart. This means players must go the entire fight without dealing weak spot damage. Therefore, targeting the head and taking as much critical damage as possible is best.

The Nightweaver can deal as well as melee damage. Moreover, the Nightweaver can summon minions that can become a massive nuisance during this intense fight. However, the most deadly of these attacks is the Lunge combo performed. The Nightweaver can lunge toward the players and execute a dive attack dealing with massive AOE.

 The only possible way to dodge this dive attack is to move quickly, far away from the range. Once you have depleted the entire health bar, prepare for phase 2 of this fight.

Phase 2

Nightweaver Phase 2 Remnant 2
Nightweaver (Phase 2) – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

The second phase of the fight will see players getting pulled into the Asylum. Here this battle becomes about patience and staying put. Even though this is the second phase, the fight inside will be much easier. The Nightweaver will constantly teleport in and out of the walls and floor trying to deal melee damage.

The best strategy here is to stand right in the middle of the lobby and away from the walls. This will ensure that you can see the Nightweaver coming. Moreover, the Nightweaver also has a special attack inside. The Nightweaver will grab and pull players standing too close to the wall. This will, most of the time, instantly kill most players.

Moreover, the Nightweaver can spawn spider minions, which can be distracting. However, these minions have low health bars and can be quickly taken care of. The Nightweaver will be in a room stuck to the ceiling while she is spawning her minions. This is an excellent opportunity to land some hits and deal some damage.

However, it is essential not to destroy her Heart if you still want the Nightfall. Once the fight ends, collect your rewards, including the Cursed Dream Silks. The Cursed Dream Silks are the core ingredient for crafting the Nightfall.

How To Craft The Nightfall

The Nightfall, like most weapons, can be crafted at Ward 13. Once you have defeated the Nightweaver and gotten your hands on the used Dream Silks, head out for McCabe. You would also need Lumenite Crystals and a bunch of Scraps to craft the Nightfall finally. Moreover, you can also upgrade the weapon further at Ward 13 and increase the overall damage.

Item No. Crafting Item Quantity
1 Cursed Dream Silks 1
2 Lumenite Crystals 7
3 Scrap 650

However, if you need Scraps and don’t need a new gun, you can sell the Curse Dream Silks for 1000 Scraps. Although, it’s better to hold on to this unique material just in case you change your mind. The Nightfall can only be acquired this way; there is no other way to get your hands on the Gun.

Nightfall is a must-have gun more most players in Remnant 2. The Gun is capable of doing severe damage in a short amount of time. Moreover, the Gun comes with an impressive Mod. The Deadwalker Mod can turn your single-shot Nightfall into a fully automatic gun. On top of that, the player becomes an invisible ghost that most enemies will have a hard time hitting.

However, acquiring Nightfall does require players to defeat the Nightweaver. The Nightweaver is the main boss in the World of Losomn for the Morrow Parish quest line. This tough boss fight requires players to fight in two phases. Both phases of the battle are challenging and demand constant focus. You also need not break Nightweaver’s Heart to require the Gun.

Nightfall is a tremendous long gun; however, it does require builds that generate Mod. The weapon does not seem as impressive without its Mod.

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