Remnant 2: Should You Kill Or Revive The Doe?

This guide will help you decide if you should kill or revive the doe in the Ravager's Choice quest.

Remnant 2 Kill Or Revive The Doe
Remnant 2: Kill Or Revive The Doe | Credits: Gamesual

Should you kill or revive the Doe in the Remnant 2 Ravager’s Choice quest? Remnant 2 has numerous situations where the player is forced to choose. The choices may affect the story, dialogues, items received, and enemies fought.

Key Takeaways

  • You have three choices in Remnant 2’s quest, Ravager’s Choice.
  • Choice 1: Kill the doe; killing the Doe only takes a few bullets and gives the player the Ravager’s Mark Amulet.
  • If the amulet is worn at the Ravager vs. Doe statue, it opens a path where a Fruit Of Death can be obtained and used to craft Lifeless Heart.
  • Choice 2: Revive the doe; reviving the Doe using a relic charge causes it to escape and trigger a fight with the Corrupted Ravager.
  • After killing the Ravager, the player is rewarded with Doe’s Antler, used to craft Red Doe Staff, and the Crimson Membrane, used to craft the Merciless long gun.
  • Choice 3: Shoot the Ravager; shooting it triggers a fight with it, and it eats the Red Doe when it reaches 50% health, gaining a vortex attack.
  • After defeating the Ravager, the player is rewarded with a Crimson Membrane like before but not Doe’s Antler.

During the Ravager’s Choice quest, you are given three simple options: kill the Doe, revive the Doe, or shoot the Ravager. Here is what all the different choices entail.

Kill The Doe

You can kill the doe in the Remnant 2 Ravager’s Choice quest. You won’t have to fight the Ravager if you choose this option. Moreover, killing the Doe is easy as it only takes a few shots, so this option is hassle-free.

After you kill the Doe, you will receive the Ravager’s Mark Amulet. This Amulet increases the damage to bleeding enemies by 20%, which increases to 30% if the enemy is equal to or lower than 50% health.

Kill the Doe Remnant 2
Kill the Doe – Image Credits: Gamesual

After exiting the world portal in The Forbidden Grove, go to your immediate left, and you will find the statue of Ravager vs. Doe. Wear the Ravager’s Mark amulet in front of it, and a route in the floor will open. There you can get the Fruit Of Death, from which you can obtain the Lifeless Heart.

Moreover, the amulet can make the Blood Moon essence spawn. You can use this essence at the Blood Moon altar to create new weapons and equipment.

Revive The Doe

Your second option in the Ravager’s Choice quest is to revive the Doe. You can do this by using a relic charge. The Doe will rise to full health and escape while charging at the Ravager. This will trigger a fight with the Corrupted Ravager. After defeating the Corrupted Ravager, you will receive the Doe’s Antler, a crafting material.

Revive the Doe Remnant 2
Revive the Doe – Image Credits: Gamesual

Using this Doe’s Antler, you can make the Red Doe Staff which is a fantastic weapon. The staff already comes with the Lifeline mod, which damages the enemies and simultaneously heals you and your allies, making it a perfect co-op weapon.

Name Red Doe Staff
Type Melee
Crafting Materials
Damage 62
Critical Hit Chance 3%
Weak Spot Damage 95%
Stagger Modifier 8%
Weapon Mod
Lifeline: After dealing 250 damage, the next charge attack causes the spirit of the RED DOE to stampede forward, dealing 160 damage to enemies and regenerating 10% Health to allies in its path.

Moreover, you also get the Crimson Membrane which is a crafting material. You can use this to craft the Merciless long gun, a weapon in Remnant 2 that causes enemies to bleed. Also, it comes equipped with a weapon mod, Bloodline, which deals penetrating damage.

Name Merciless
Type Long Gun
Damage 13
RPS 8.6
Magazine 50
Ideal Range 20m
Falloff Range 45m
Max Ammo 250
Critical Hit Chance 10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus 100%
Stagger Modifier 0%
Weapon Mod
Bloodline: Fires a devastating blast that penetrates through all enemies in its path—deals 150 damage with a 25% Critical damage bonus and 3x additional stagger. Bloodline damage increases by 50% for each enemy penetrated. Mod Power Requirement: 350

Shoot The Ravager

The last and not-so-obvious option is to shoot the Corrupted Ravager. Shooting the Corrupted Ravager will trigger a fight with it. When the Corrupted Ravager reaches 50% health, it will devour the Red Doe and gain a new vortex attack.

This will make the Ravager even more challenging to defeat as it unleashes wrath upon you. After killing the Corrupted Ravager, you receive a Crimson Membrane just like before; however, unlike before, you will not get the Doe’s Antler.

Shoot the Raveger Remnant 2
Shoot the Raveger – Image Credits: Gamesual

So what is the best choice in the Remnant 2 Ravager’s Choice quest; is it to kill the Doe, revive it, or shoot the ravager? First, let’s deal with the last option, shooting the Ravager. This is the worst option as you’ll not only have to fight a more powerful Ravager than the second option, but you also only get one of the two items you get from the second option.

You can make an argument for both killing and reviving the Doe. If you are going for a specific bleed build or do not want to fight the Ravager, killing the Doe might be your best choice. Also, reviving the Doe is arguably the best choice, as you get two outstanding items, the Crimson Membrane and the Red Doe Staff.

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