Remnant 2: How To Get Ravenous Medallion

This guide will help you locate, difficult to find Ravenous Medallion.

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Remnant 2 Ravenous Medallion-Image Credit: Gamesual

The Ravenous Medallion is a unique quest item that players can find these special items in particular regions or locations. In other words, they can come across them lying around, loot them from enemies, or receive them from other characters in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • It is found in Losomn, inside the Great Hall, in the kitchen.
  • The entrance to the Great Hall is in Beatific Palace if the storyline is of One True King.
  • You can find the entrance in Forsaken Quarters if the storyline is Asylum.
  • You can use the Medallion to unlock the Secret Feast Mission, which rewards you with the Neckbone Necklace.


 Location  Losomn, Great Hall, Kitchen

All locations and items are randomized, so it is impossible to give exact directions. Great Hall is a side dungeon, so a player can miss it on his first try.

But luckily, you can use Adventure Mode to replay an area. In Losomn, you can get The Asylum (The NightWearer Boss) storyline or The One True King(Faelin or Faerin). 

You must play the Asylum storyline if you get spawned in Morrow Parrish. If you get spawned in the Beatific Palace courtyard, you must play the One True King storyline. This means that no matter what story you play, Great Hall will be available for both. 

Image shows a wall with a faded entrance gate on it.
Great Hall Beatific Palace Entrance – Image Credits: Gamesual
  1. Great Hall entrance can be found in Beatific Palace. Beatific Palace is the main spawn for the storyline of Faerin or Faelin Boss in the Losomn world.
  2. If you don’t get the Faerin or Faelin storyline in Losomn, I suggest you reroll the Adventure Mode.
  3. Firstly, make your way to the Jester in Beatific Palace. He is marked on the map as a purple icon named Non-Hostile.
  4. Secondly, get Magic Quill from Jester.
  5. Thirdly, come out of Jester’s room and look to your left; there, you will find small steps leading to a wall with a faded silver design on it.
  6. Lastly, use your Magic Quill on the wall to reveal the entrance to the Great Hall.
Image shows a shining gate on a wall.
Forsaken Quarters Entrance to Great Hall – Image Credit: Gamesual

Great Hall alternate entrance can be found in Forsaken Quarters. The maps are unique to each player, so I cannot give you the exact entrance location. However, I would still try my best to help you get to this item.

  1. To find the entrance, you can open your map and Forsaken Quarters. The map would have different sidequests marked.
  2. Enter each sidequest to check if it is the Great Hall dungeon.
  3. If still not found, use Adventure mode to re-roll, as there is a possibility the entrance did not spawn for you. Keep re-rolling and checking every sidequest entrance until you enter the Great Hall.
  4. After finally entering the Great Hall, explore it thoroughly to find an elevator.
  5. The elevator is a platform that looks like a big black circle with a golden pattern.
  6. Afterward, reach the lower floor and explore until you are inside a big room resembling a Kitchen.
  7. The Kitchen room has two locked doors and is rectangular with a big pillar in the middle.
  8. It has one pathway on each side of the post leading to the back of the room.
  9. Scour the room until you find the Ravenous Medallion.

How To Use Ravenous Medallion

You can only use The Ravenous Medallion once, so you must choose between using it to unlock a Secret mission or obtaining the Decrepit Rune.

If you are playing the campaign for the first time, I would advise taking the Secret Mission first, and you can always come back using the Adventure Mode.

Secret Feast Mission

Image shows the player using Ravenous Medallion to unlock secret feast mission
Secret Feast Mission Entrance Unlocked – Image Credit: Gamesual
  1. After collecting the Medallion, return to the checkpoint or starting point of the Great Hall.
  2. Proceed straight ahead to encounter a large locked door.
  3. Utilize the Ravenous Medallion to unlock the door.
  4. As soon as the door opens, you will see a Long white table with a strange Creature behind it.
  5. Approach the Creature and start the conversation.
  6. The Creature would repeatedly ask you to eat the food on the table made up of humans, all rotten.
  7. This might be one of the most unique fights I have encountered recently. After eating the food, the Secret Feast Mission will start, and you will be in a Ravenous Effect, gradually decreasing your health over time.
  8. Under this effect, you will be fighting waves of enemies.
  9. Healing using relics does not work; you must eat the food on the table to regain health.
  10. After defeating every enemy, talk with the Creature again to be awarded the Neckbone Necklace as your reward.

Decrepit Rune

The image shows Ravenous Medallion being used at Nightweaver Web
The Web is using the Medallion to obtain the Decrepit Ruin – Image Credit: Gamesual
  1. If you did not unlock the Secret Mission after collecting the Medallion, leave the Great Hall and continue in the Asylum storyline until you reach the Shattered Gallery.
  2. There, you will find a moment when Nightweaver feeds on a body.
  3. When you show up, the Nightweaver runs away, leaving behind Soulkey Tribute, a quest item.
  4. Go to the Asylum basement and use Soulkey Tribute on the Web.
  5. This will open up a portal to Tormented Asylum. Next, I had to travel to the basement, where I had to give the Ravenous Medallion to the Nightweaver’s Web to obtain Decrepit Rune.
  6. Deciding on how to use the Ravenous Medallion in Remnant 2 all boils down to what you get in return.
  7. If you opt for Secret Feast Mission, you get the Neckbone Necklace in return.

Neckbone Necklace is an Amulet. Players find these Amulets beneficial as additional attachments but can only equip one at a time.

Each Amulet provides different advantages to the player. You can learn more about them in our Remnant 2 Best Amulets guide.

The image shows stats of Neckbone Necklace
Neckbone Necklace Stats – Image Credit: Gamesual
 Amulet  Effect
 Neckbone Necklace  Decreases the damage taken of any Status Effect by 50% and gains a 25% damage inflicted Increase when suffering from any Status Effect.


The image shows Decrepit rune obtained at the Nightweaver web
Decrepit Rune – Image Credit: Gamesual

You get Rune Pistol in return if you use the Ravenous Medallion to gain Decrepit Rune. Decrepit Rune, in itself, is an essential crafting item. However, it can be used by Nimue to craft a Rune Pistol.

It is a Handgun, a precise semi-automatic pistol that excels in rapid-fire attacks with small bullets. From my experience, this gun works best at medium range. So I recommend keeping your enemies close if you depend on this pistol.

The image shows Rune pistol standard stats
Rune Pistol – Image Credit: Gamesual
 Standard Damage  15
 Critical Hit Chance  10%
 Weak Spot Damage  100%
 Stagger Modifier  0%
 Ideal Range  18m
 Falloff Range  53m
 Max Ammo  168
 Magazine  42


  Upgrade Level  Damage  Cost of crafting
 Level 1  18  5 Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 450
 Level 2  21  10 Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 525
 Level 3  24  15 Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 600
 Level 4  27  15 Forged Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 675
 Level 5  30  20 Forged Iron, 3 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 750
 Level 6  33  15 Galvanized Iron, 3 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 825
 Level 7  36  20 Galvanized Iron, 3 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 900
 Level 8  39  15 Hardened Iron, 4 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 975
 Level 9  42  20 Hardened Iron, 4 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 1050
 Level 10  45  1 Simulacrum , 5 Lumenite Crystal, Scrap 1125

Challenges Encountered?

During my first playthrough, I did not even realize that the Medallion could be used to get a pistol. I believe the game encourages you to get the Secret Mission on your first playthrough. You can always roll Adventure Mode to get yourself the Ruin Pistol.

I believe Secret Mission is far better than the Rune Pistol award, as many better pistols are available within the game. The Neckbone necklace’s usefulness in combat is far greater than the Rune Pistol. However, you can consult this guide to make your own decision.

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