Remnant 2: Relic Fragment [How To Get, Types, Rarity]

Boost up your character's strength and abilities by learning how to obtain and use Relic Fragments in Remnant 2.

Relic Fragment in Remnant 2
Relic Fragment Remnant 2

Unlike the Armor Perks in the first installment of the game, a Relic Fragment is a more flexible option to enhance players’ abilities and get the best out of various builds in Remnant 2. These passive buffs increase stamina and provide more damage to dominate any situation. Players can get these fragments by defeating various bosses or crafting them in Remnant 2. Our comprehensive guide will discuss everything about these relic fragments.

Key Takeaways

  • Relic Fragments are a better alternative to the Armor Perks from the previous installment of the game. These fragments improve your character’s stats and make your build stronger and more resilient.
  • Players can find these fragments by defeating various bosses in the game or looking for them in different treasure chests in Remnant 2. Players can also craft them using the Relic dust in Ward 13.
  • Similarly, equipping these valuable items is not a difficult task either. Players can easily equip three fragments at a time and switch between them anytime they want by going down their character menu.
  • Depending on your progress and difficulty level in the game, you can find relic fragments of different rarity. For example, starting, you will probably come across Cracked Relic Fragments. If you have progressed to the middle of the game, Ordinary Relic Fragments will be very common loot. However, Solid Relic Fragments, the rarest of all, can only be found in the ending stages of the game.

What Is A Relic Fragment?

Relic Fragments are consumable passive buffs that significantly boost your character’s stats and help you create your desired build. These are enhanced forms of Armor Perks from the prequel of the game, providing increased damage and considerably more stamina to survive longer in the game. 

These come in various types, and players can start collecting them immediately in Remnant 2. However, they might not find any particular use in the beginning. However, once you use them, there is no coming back. Each fragment has its specified use of either healing, damage, or stamina.

Dragon Heart Relic
Dragon Heart will be the first relic that players will upgrade with the relic fragments – Image Credits: Gamesual

Using Relic Fragments

There are various ways to find Relic Fragments in Remnant 2. Players will start getting them from the start of the game. Here are a few notable ways to find these valuable items in Remnant 2:

  • Defeating elite enemies and bosses in Remnant 2 will reward players with various useful items, including many of these Relic Fragments.
  • Treasure Chests are another great source of Relic Fragments in Remnant 2. Players can find many of these treasures around the N’erud map as yellow circles mark them.
  • If, by any misluck, players don’t find any fragment in the treasure box, they will undoubtedly find the Relic Dust. It can be used to craft Relic Fragments in Remnant 2. Collect relic dust from wherever you find it, go to the Dwell in Ward 13, and start crafting.

You might think you have collected many Relic Fragments, but they are not in your inventory when you equip them. Why is that? It is because these fragments have their inventory in your character’s menu. Here is how you can find and equip them in Remnant 2:

Relic fragment remnant 2
Relic Fragment slots in character menu – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Pause the game and open your character menu.
  • Look on the bottom left side of your screen; you will find an option with three Relic slots.
  • You can fill these three slots with different fragments and switch between them while playing the game.
  • You can inspect the relic fragment by pressing the RMB key on your PC’s keyboard. However, the triangle button will do the job if you play on a PlayStation. The y button on your X-box controller will let you choose and change the relic fragment.

While going through your journey, you will find many powerful variants of your already equipped fragments. Luckily, the developers have enabled auto pick-up and auto-upgrade for these fragments. Therefore, you will not always have to pick up and, later, manually replace a relic fragment in Remnant 2.

Rarity Type

During your journey in Remnant 2, you will find relic fragments of different rarity levels as you progress through the main storyline. Primarily, you start finding rare relic fragments as you level up deep in the game. Moreover, another way to find rare relic fragments is by increasing your difficulty level in Remnant 2. Here are the three basic rarity levels:

Relic fragment remnant 2
Rare Relic Fragments – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Cracked Mod Cost Relic Fragments: These are the most common relic fragments in the game, and you will find them in the starting stages of the game. These fragments provide minor upgrades to your character and are least helpful for your builds in Remnant 2. Replace them immediately with better options, if any are available.
  • Ordinary Relic Fragments: These can be considered an upgraded form of cracked relic fragments, and they are in abundance during the middle stages of the game. Ordinary Relic fragments provide notable upgrades to your character and are quite helpful in progressing your builds in Remnant 2. Similarly, they are more difficult to find in the game than the cracked ones.
  • Solid Relic Fragments: Solid Relic Fragments provide the best upgrades to your builds in Remnant 2. In most cases, these provide the necessary help in crafting advanced weaponry and armor in the game.

These were the basic relic fragments that players will find mostly during their time in the game. However, the tier list does not stop here. There are three more rarity levels and finding them will require extra effort and knowledge. Because of their rarity, most ordinary players wouldn’t know anything about them unless they read about them or see them somewhere. You can find their detail below:

  • Polished Relic Fragments: They can go up to level 4. The ‘+’ sign and the number with their represent its level. These are relatively easier to find compared to the last two.
  • Flawless Relic Fragments: They can also go up to level 4. There are slight chances of getting them after reaching level 76 in Remnant 2. Flawless Relic Fragments can upgrade your Armor effectiveness by 9.9% at their maximum level. Similarly, you can expect to get a 7% increase in ranged damage with these fragments.
  •  Mythic Relic Fragments: They are at the top of the tier list and cannot be upgraded to any other level. Your armor effectiveness can be increased up to 15% after using Mythic Relic Fragments in Remnant 2. Similarly, you can expect 10% increase in ranged damage with these fragments.

Color Types

The three types of relic fragments, separated based on their rarity, can be identified by their colors in Remnant 2. Moreover, players can know which fragment is better by looking at its assigned number. A higher number means higher quality. The three different colors of Relic Fragments are:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Blue Relic Fragments

Blue Relic Fragment
Blue Relic Fragment

These relic fragments usually mean you will get an enhanced defense in Remnant 2. These focus on enhancing your defense and, consequently, are very useful in major boss fights. Here are a few things that you can expect to improve using a blue relic fragment in Remnant 2:

  • Improved and sped up the healing rate.
  • Increased armor effectiveness.
  • More Blight and Elemental resistance.
  • Less Charge melee Cost.
  • Damage reduction.
  • Better grey health recovery rate.
  • Stubborn health.
  • Faster revive speed.
  • Better shield effectiveness.
  • More stamina.
  • Less stamina cost.

Red Relic Fragments

Red Relic Fragment
Red Relic Fragment

These relic fragments focus more on increasing the damage to your character. Therefore, these DPS-based red Relic fragments should be your go-to choice for a more offense-oriented build. Here are all the perks of using a red relic fragment in the game:

  • Increased elemental damage.
  • Swift Melee attack speed.
  • More chances of landing a Melee and Ranged critical.
  • More damage of a Melee and Range critical hit.
  • Increased Melee and Ranged damage.
  • Better Mod damage.
  • Improved Ranged fire rate.
  • Increased Ranged weakspot damage.
  • Better skill and Stagger damage.
  • More mold damage.

Yellow Relic Fragments

Yellow relic fragment
Yellow Relic Fragment

These relic fragments function to provide the necessary support during your gameplay. When combined with any Medic build in Remnant 2, these support-oriented fragments will ensure you excel through the gameplay without any hurdles. Here are all the perks of using a Yellow relic fragment in Remnant 2:

  • Quick ammo pick-ups.
  • More reserved ammo.
  • Enhanced casting speed.
  • Better consumable duration and speed.
  • Mod cost and duration.
  • Less recoil.
  • Better skill cooldown and duration.
  • Quick spread recovery.
  • Quicker weapon spread and swap.

For their in-depth work and effectiveness, u/BacKoTeee has done an excellent job experimenting and documenting their exact influence on your character’s stats.

It was all for our comprehensive guide discussing Relic Fragment in Remnant 2. Its different types and uses allow players to switch between them depending on their builds or their challenges. All in all, these fragments help progress through and dominate the main storyline. How has your experience been while using these fragments in Remnant 2? Tell us in the comments.

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