Remnant 2: All Safe Codes [Walkthrough]

A comprehensive guide on about all Remnant Safe Codes to explore the gameplay at its fullest.

All Safe Codes
Safe Codes location in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 features plenty of adventures, secret areas, locked Safes, and puzzles, which can provide players with more items and gear. To unlock Safe Codes in Remnant 2, players must enter four-digit codes. Therefore, players must complete some missions or reach different levels to get Safe Code in Remnant 2. 

However, we have provided a list of Remnant 2 Safe Codes below to help players easily find them. Knowing what Codes can do and where to find them will allow players to quickly and easily progress through the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 comes with built-in adventures and puzzles. However, those puzzles will help players find different Safes by which players will get additional rewards.
  • In Remnant 2, Four-digit combination Codes are required to open those Safes.
  • One of the Safe can be found in Morrow Parish, and the other can be found in the dungeon of Harvester’s living area. The last Safe can be found in the game’s hub area, also known as Ward 13.
  • By opening these Safes, players will get weapons they can choose as their secondary weapons.

There are several locations where players can find Remnant 2 Safe Codes to get various rewards. Moreover, players can unlock Safes by entering Codes that appear near them. Below is the table about all Remnant 2 Safe Codes and their locations.

Name Code to unlock Safe Location Source of the Code Rewards
Doctor’s Safe The Code to unlock Doctor’s Safe is 2-9-7-1.

In Marrow Parish, on the main floor of Marrow Sanatorium, players can find this Safe.

The Doctor will sing a song in Sanatorium to unlock this Safe. Players will get a Double Barrel handgun as a reward.
Harvester’s Safe The four-digit Code which can unlock Harvester’s Safe is 8-5-3-1 Players must reach the dungeon in Harvester’s living area to find this Safe. Players can use a flashlight to find numbers in the jail, which will help unlock the Safe. Players will get Rusted Heirloom a ring as a reward.
Founder Ford’s Safe 0-4-1-5 is the Code to unlock Founder Ford’s Safe in Remnant 2 Players can find this safe in the game’s hub area, Ward 13. An NPC named Ford will help players to find the Safe. After unlocking this Safe, players will get an MP60-R handgun as a reward.

Doctor’s Safe

Players must move to the Morrow Sanatorium’s main floor in Morrow Parish in Doctor’s office. Players can find the Doctor’s office behind the reception area. However, players must find a four-digit combination to open that Safe during their journey to Marrow Parish.

In Remnant 2, puzzle solutions are everywhere in the game. Therefore, players must focus on Code 2-9-7-1 throughout their Morrow Parish journey. Players can use the combination to open the Safe, where they will find the Double Barrel handgun as a reward.

Finding Doctor’s Safe is not so tricky. Players need to find and connect clues scattered in the game. Therefore, to find the Code, players must reach the hallway from the left side of the Doctor’s office. However, players must reach the Sanatorium basement by taking another left from the hallway. Finally, players will meet with the Doctor, who was locked up by his staff.

Doctor's Safe
Combination for Doctor’s Safe in Remnant 2 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

When players attempt to talk with the Doctor, she will sing a song to give players a clue about the Code. And if she does not sing, players must sing with her, give her statue items, or try reloading the basement area. Following are the lyrics of the song that Doctor will sing.

Two shiny copper teeth were removed from Nine discarded combs, and Seven Yellow leaves were excised from One forgotten tome.

However, the numbers in the song are the clue to open the Safe. 2-9-7-1 is the four-digit Code that will open the Doctor’s Safe, from which players will get a Double Barrel handgun as a reward. Moreover, players can use this gum as a secondary gun in Remnant 2.

Harvester’s Safe

Players can find Harvester’s Safe locked somewhere in the dungeon. However, it can be opened using a four-digit Code that players must find in that dungeon. Therefore once the Safe is unlocked, players will get some legendary rewards.

Due to the darkness in the dungeon, players can use a flashlight to find the Code. Players must follow our guide below for the Code of Harvester’s Safe.

First, Players must find a dungeon in Harvester’s living area. After that, you must find a room with plans in the corner. Besides those plants, players will find a small opening like a tunnel.

However, while crouching through that tunnel, players will find a hidden room. While reaching there, players need to find the 4-digit combination Code.

Harvester's Safe Location
Glowing combination Codes in Harvester’s Dungeon (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Players will get a hint when they use a lantern for light, and a number will glow on the wall. They will understand the procedure to find the Code to open the Safe.

Therefore, use your flashlight and inspect the room thoroughly to find the Code. On the walls, players will find many numbers but numbers that will glow yellow are the real ones.

However, players should shoot the objects attached or placed near the wall to find the combination. 8-5-3-1 is the combination that will glow yellow and will open the Safe.

With an extensive inspection of the room, players will find that combination and will able to open the Harvester’s Safe. By opening that Safe, players will get the Rusted Heirloom Ring. Moreover, this Ring provides players with a defensive wall when their HP drops to 40%.

Founder Ford’s Safe

To find Founder Ford’s Safe, players need to reach Ward 13. Founder Ford owns the Ward and has a locked Safe in his possession. Therefore we have written a guide below, which will be very helpful for players to find Founder Ford Safe.

However, when players start Remnant 2, they will encounter introductory gameplay. Therefore, players must progress the campaign until they reach Ward 13, the hub area of the game.

Founder's Safe
Combination Engraved on a Flashlight (Image Credits: Gamesual).

In that Ward, players will encounter Founder Ford, who will tell players that they must explore the abandoned areas of Ward 13. In addition, he will give players a flashlight with the combination of the Safe engraved on it. Players will see the number 0-4-1-5 on that flashlight, which will open the Safe. Inside that Safe, players will find a Control Key that will be used to open a specific door in Wad 13. 

The Cargo Control Key opens a particular door in Remnant 2. But players need to find that door which the Control Key can open. Players need to travel to the ship on the north side of the Ward to find out. While exploring the abandoned ship, players will find a room named Cargo Control Room at the end of the hallway. Therefore, players can use the Key to open that door.

Players will find a weapon MP60-R inside that room, which players can equip as a secondary weapon.

That is all on our side on Remnant 2 Safe Codes, and if we have missed anything about this guide, you can tell us in the comment section. We hope this guide will provide you with proper help to find the Safe Codes and get various rewards in Remnant 2. Also, there are other guides about Remnant 2, which can be very potent for exploring the game to its fullest.

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