Remnant 2: Severed Hand [Location Guide]

This guide will show you what the severed hand is and how to use it.

Remnant 2 Severed Hand Location
Remnant 2 Severed Hand Location

Every Souls-like game has some of the weirdest items, and the Severed Hand in Remnant 2 is no exception. The name of this item might lead one to believe that it’s a vital quest item but let me clarify that this is just a side quest item. Instead, it grants the player one of the two items, Ring of the Damned or Strong Arms Band.

These two items provide players with sure buffs. During the first two play-throughs of the World Losomn, I only got Ring of the damned each time. But getting the Strong Armband is rare because it has a meager drop rate.

Key Takeaways

  • The Remnant 2 Severed Hand is a quest item that mostly spawns in The Great Sewers.
  • The location of The Great Sewers changes on every play-through. But it always spawns in the Morrow Perish.
  • The internal structure of the sewer may also differ depending on the world.
  • The severed hand drops one of two items, the Ring of the Damned or Strong Arm Band.
  • The drop rate of both items is different, where the Ring of the Damned has a higher chance of dropping.
  • You might also find these items helpful in some quests.

Remnant 2 Severed Hand Item Inspection and Description
Severed Hand

Severed Hand Location

This item can be located in the world of Losomn. There you will have to explore and discover The Great Sewers. Unfortunately, we can not provide you with the exact location because the world of Remnant 2 is procedurally generated, and the location of The Great Sewers is randomized. The Great Sewers only spawn in the Morrow Parish. Still, in the picture below, we can show you what The Great Sewers entrance looks like.

The Great Sewers Entrance/ Location
The Great Sewers

Once you enter the sewers, you must locate the Dran corpse. It is in a location with many cages hanging from the ceiling. The entrance to this prison area in the sewers will always look the same, so locating it in a subsequent play-through will be easy.

Darn Corpse Hanging from the Ceiling
Darn Corpse

The corpse will be hanging from the ceiling in a cage; all you have to do is shoot the cage down and pick up the Severed Hand from the ground. Now inspect the Severed Hand in your inventory to get the item.

Ring Of The Damned

Ring of the Damned Item Description
Ring of the Damned

According to the item’s description, the lore is shrouded in mystery. It leads us to believe that this is a cursed item, but that is of no consequence to the player because this ring provides the user with a 10% damage buff to all attacks to all attacks when they take damage, and their health is grey.

Item Buff
Ring of the Damned 10% dmg Boost

Strong Arm Band 

Another item you might get from the severed hand is the Strong Arm Band. Don’t be fooled by the name. This is not an Arm Band. Rather, it is a ring with a strange name. This ring provides the user with two buffs. It increases their throw distance by 30m and the effectiveness of combat consumables by +0.5%. 

Item Buff
Strong Arm Band 30m increase in throw distance and 0.5% increase in the effectiveness of combat consumables

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