Remnant 2: Shattered Gallery [Complete Guide]

Here is the detailed guide regarding the Shattered Gallery and what it has to offer including enemies loot and boss.

Shattered Gallery
What is Remnant 2 Shattered Gallery

Shattered Gallery is a location well hidden from players on Remnant 2. In this game, there are multiple locations where, before exploring, it’s always better to know what loot and enemies you will be facing. In this article, we will be doing just that. We will be discussing Remnant 2 Shattered Gallery and what it has to offer for players.

Key Takeaways

  • Shattered Gallery is a Remnant 2 location with blue cavy architecture.
  • Multiple items can be found in the area.
  • The Fae Hunter ring is the leading item players hunt in the area due to the great buff that increases effective range by 30%.
  • Silver ribbon increases the skill damage by 25% percent.
  • The plain ribbon is a useless item in terms of buffs; however, it can be used to make 1 of 2 rings.
  • The ribbons can be gold or silver, depending on whether the world is light or dark.
  • The boss “Magister Dullain” is in Shattered Gallery and has a one-shot mechanic and other attacks. However, it gives multiple loots when defeated.
  • The game also has a puzzle that can give you one of two items. It can either be a Black Pawn Stamp King or a White Pawn Stamp King.

Shattered Gallery
Shattered Gallery

Shattered Gallery is also one of the reoccurring locations from Remnant: from the Ashes. Like Shattered Gallery, there are many worlds in Remnant 2; however, the distinct bluey appearance of the world, coupled with the loot and a puzzle, makes this location eccentric.

Shattered Gallery, like any other location, has multiple NPCs and merchants, but still, the area’s landscape makes for a great spot to appreciate the world “Shattered Gallery.”

Items Found In Shattered Gallery

The items found in the location include regular equipment to great event items. However, the main quest item is not what people look for in the area, but they look for the equipment item Fae Hunter Ring. The rest Items average equipment items in the game. Here are the items and their uses.

Fae Hunter Ring

Fae Hunter Ring is a regular world drop ring that can be spawned in the area. Furthermore, the Fae Hunter Ring is a prized possession due to the exceptional buffs that it grants to its user.

The ring’s unique enchantment is significant as firearms are widely utilized in combat throughout Remnant 2. When equipped, the ring gives a remarkable 30% increase in the effective range of firearms, enhancing the accuracy and lethality of long-range attacks.

This makes it highly suitable for sharpshooters and marksmen, who rely on their skills and precision to take down adversaries from a safe distance. This ring can also be found in the Losomn with the same drop worldwide.

Royal Hunters wore this ring in the game and often used it to kill their allies who dissatisfied the king rather than animals being the ones killed.

Silver Ribbon

The players can find an amulet called the “Silver Ribbon” in Losomn by defeating Faelin. To defeat Faelin, they must first acquire the Plain Ribbon, which we will discuss later in the article.

However, you must find the Two Faes statue present in Losomn and use the plain ribbon on the statue and leave the world for which you will return.

Once you return to the world where the statues are, either it will turn into a silver ribbon or it will turn into a gold ribbon. This is depended on whether the world is dark or light. You will get a silver ribbon or gold ribbon, respectively. To get the silver ribbon, you must return to the Shattered Gallery. However, you must return to Gilded Chamber to get the gold ribbon.

Item: Silver Ribbon
Buffs Increases Skill damage by 25%. Once you activate a skill, you can get swiftness for 15 seconds.
It can be used at the Nimue store to craft the Nimue Ribbon Amulet.

Plain Ribbon

Plain ribbon
Plain Ribbon

The plain ribbon is retrievable in two places, firstly, in Shattered Gallery and the other in Gilded Chamber. Upon inspecting the Fae corpse, you can find this item. As discussed previously, this ribbon is useless and can only be used to create the other two ribbons. But for further information about the ribbon, you can check our other article, which articulates the ribbon more thoroughly on our website.

Enemy Encounters

Here are the enemies that can be found in the Shattered Gallery.

Enemies Armored Fae Ranged Fae Melee Fae Lantern Horror
Weakness —– Head ——- Its gaping mouth
Drop Scrap and other Long Gun Ammo
Short Gun Ammo
Scrap and other  Lumenite Crystal
Long Gun Ammo
Info They don’t take corrosive damage He is a Fae race They don’t take corrosive damage Upon being killed, Lantern Horror turns into an explosive, so it’s a safe bet to move away when it does.


Shattered Gallery Boss
Magister Dullain

The boss that is present in Shattered Gallery is Magister Dullain. The monster is seen consuming a Fae before the fight. The main weakness of the Magister Dullain is its tongue, to get more damage. The boss does acid damage from his mouth and flame damage from the lantern.

There are four attacks that Magister Dullain can do. Be wary of the tongue as the tongue is a one-shot if hit with impalement. But other than that, you can defeat any further attack by just dodging. However, check our article on the best weapons for a better time and a better chance of easily beating the boss. To have a more visual aid on how you can defeat, the video of OhDough explains how to defeat the boss.

The loot you get from the boss is Scrap, x3 Lumenite Crysta, Tome of Knowledge, and Tainted Ichor.

The Flame Event

Let’s talk about the other two items you can get in the game, which is the chess puzzle, but to do that, you will have to light up torches to either black or white. This can be achieved by shooting the flames. Once you have lit the black or white torches, you get two doors opened, but you can only pick one.

If you have done the torches white, then you will get the White Pawn Stamp King, which reduces the MOD power requirement by 10 %, or if you do the torches all black, then you get the Black Pawn Stamp King, which will reduce the cooldown of skills by 10%.

This concludes our thorough guide on the eccentric location, the Shattered Gallery. It is to be kept in mind this is one of the many worlds that are explorable in the game. Thus, some loot is found here that can be found in other locations as well.

Furthermore, since the game is relatively new, this means there is something that even we haven’t been able to cover and might be challenging to explore. Nonetheless, we will try our best to update you on this information.

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