Remnant 2: Shining Essence Echo [Boss Guide]

In this guide, learn all about Shining Essence Echo and how to get it in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Shining Essence Echo
Remnant 2 Shining Essence Echo

In Remnant 2, Shining Essence Echo is a Crafting Material that players need to collect, such as Shining Essence Echo, as they are important to create a vast span of items, including Weapons, Armor, Amulets, etc. However, to get Shining Essence Echo, you must defeat Boss Tal’Ratha. This guide will help you gain and use the Shining Essence Echo.

Key Takeaways

  • The Shining Essence Echo is an important Crafting material.
  • It can only be gained by defeating Tal’Ratha.
  • Tal’Ratha can be found on N’Erud.
  • Tal’Ratha can charge directly at you or throw projectiles.
  • Moreover, It gains teleportation ability in its MetaPhysical form.
  • Upon defeating the items, you are rewarded with several items, including Shining Essence Echo.
  • Give the Echo to The Custodian to gain the Siphon Heart relic.
  • Not giving the Echo to Custodian will destroy N’Erud.
  • Or use the Echo yourself at Dryzr Replicator to create the Void Idol.

How To Defeat Tal’Ratha

   Location    N’Erud, Forgotten Prison

Tal’Ratha is from the race of the Astropaths. It is a giant creature that you encounter in N’Erud. Although, you should know that there is a chance you might not even encounter Tal’Ratha, as there are two storylines in the world of N’Erud. The player can play either of the two story-line. If you get the Travel to Alepsis-Taura storyline, you will not be able to get the Shining Essence Echo.

Nevertheless, if you get the Tal’Ratha and the Shining Essence Echo storyline, you can get the Shining Essence Echo. The starting point will identify which storyline you are playing. Alepsis-Taura’s starting point is Seeker’s Rest, while Tal’Ratha and the Shining Essence Echo is The Forgotten Prison.

When you enter the Forgotten Prison, a Voice will ask for help to recover the Soul Spark Cylinders. On your way to recover the Soul Spark Cylinder, you will meet the Custodian. However, the Custodian would ask you to kill Tal’Ratha and give him the Shining Essence Echo so he can send N’Erud into the black hole Alepsis-Taura. 

Upon collecting the Soul Spark Cylinder and returning to the Forgotten Prison. The Voice will reveal Tal’Ratha himself and tell you how the Custodian is mistaken and that N’Erud died from entering Alepsis-Taura.

Tal’Ratha then gives you the option to be eaten or fight him. You will fight Tal’Ratha in his MetaPhysical Form by letting him eat you. However, by choosing the latter option, you would fight him in his Physical form. Defeating him in any form in Remnant 2 will get you the Shining Essence Echo and other rewards.

  Strength   Weaknesses
  Tal’Ratha is very fast   Its Huge Size makes it an easy target
  He can Teleport   Cooldown after every attack
  Can throw projectiles from any distance   One directional Attacks
  Has a chance to spawn zombies   Increased Damage to the head or mouth

Tal’Ratha(Physical Form)

Image shows Tal'Ratha in his Physical form. It is frog-shaped, green in color and roots coming out of it looking like tentacles.
Tal’Ratha in its Physical Form.

Tal’Ratha looks similar to a big frog and is green in color. It is huge but attacks pretty quickly. It has two ways of attacking: charging directly at you or launching projectiles from a distance. Tal’Ratha’s weak point is its gaping mouth which is easy to shoot due to its big size.

These are all of the Tal’Ratha(Physical Form) attacks and their counter;

• Vomit: It is one of the three projectile attacks of Tal’Ratha. It raises its head and spews forth black ichor, a thick dark fluid. It can do this in two consecutive shots or several shots in quick-fire motion. Anyhow, you can dodge this attack by moving around.

• Magic Orbs: Tal’Ratha can also shoot other types of projectiles. It grabs his head with both arms and starts spawning golden Magic orbs, which come in waves of three or two, directly towards the player; however, these magic orbs have very low hp and are one-shot-able from most weapons.

• Canister Throw: Magic orbs are mostly followed by canister throws; Tal’Ratha opens his palm, grabs a canister, and then hurls at the player. There is a chance of zombies spawning upon impact. These attacks can be dodged by moving away from the direction of the throw.
• Suck: Tal’Ratha charges up, opens his mouth wide and pulls anything in the direction of its mouth, and snap closes his mouth at the end. As soon as you see him charging up, you should move away from Tal’Ratha’s mouth direction. If unable to do so, shoot his mouth to stagger and move away; if you are still stuck in the pull, you can roll away when he is about to close his jaw.

• Charge: It is the opposite of Suck, where rather than pulling you towards its mouth, Tal’Ratha opens its mouth and charges toward the player on all fours. It does this in an attempt to bite the player. It is easy to avoid this attack by simply jumping or rolling away.

• Punch Ground: Tal’Ratha gets in a frog-like position, leans back, and jumps on the ground with his fist, creating a shock wave. Jump or roll away from the shock wave to avoid damage.

• Body Slam: Unlike Punch Ground, Tal’Ratha slams its body to the side, sending a small shock wave. This can be dodged by moving farther away from Tal’Ratha.

Tal’Ratha(Metaphysical Form)

The image shows Tal'Ratha in its MetaPhysical form, which looks a big black frog with a purple tint with roots coming out of it.
Tal’Ratha in its MetaPhysical Form

When Tal’Ratha eats you, he enters his Metaphysical form and teleports both player and himself to a different world. Tal’Ratha looks similar to its physical form, except in black with a purple tint. This form also grants him the ability to float and teleport. The Metaphysical Form’s weak point is its head.

These are all of the Tal’Ratha(MetaPhysical Form) attacks and how to dodge them;

• Teleport Slam: Similar to Punch Ground, Tal’Ratha growls, disappears, and teleports to high ground. It then jumps back on the ground with great impact, dealing AoE damage. To dodge, move away from his area of landing.

• Black Ichor: This attack is almost as same as vomit, but this time Tal’Ratha shoots a higher amount of black projectile in many directions and different angles. However, you can calculate, stand between the projectiles, and find a safe spot to avoid damage.

• Teleport Meele: Rather than charging toward its target to attack. Tal’Ratha teleports close to your position and carries out a melee combo. You must be aware of his teleport destination and move away from it to dodge this attack.

• Charge: The same as the Physical form Charge, where it opens its mouth and charges toward the player in an attempt to bite. Tal’Ratha, in its MetaPhysical form, does this same charge three times while teleporting between positions. As soon as Tal’Ratha gets on all four, get ready to dodge, be aware of teleporter openings, and move away from its charge direction.

• Starlight Beam: Tal’Ratha opens his palm, charges his hand, and shoots a yellow beam forward. To dodge, jump or roll away from its direction.

•Star Shower: Star Shower is Tal’Ratha’s most powerful attack and hardest to dodge. Tal’Ratha summons stars from the sky and shoots them close to the ground, first in a clockwise direction, then anti-clockwise, two times each.

To end this attack Tal’Ratha slams the ground, causing more stars to fall on the ground. Even though it is difficult to dodge this attack, you would have to be extremely concentrated and look at the directions of the star and dodge accordingly. 

The image shows Tal'Ratha swinging his right hand to send a wave of golden stars. Performing his Star Shower attack.
Tal’Ratha using its Star Shower Attack


The image shows reward of defeating Tal'Ratha, which are Acidic Jawbone, Shining Essence Echo, 5 Lumenite Crystals , Tome of Knowledge and Scrap..
Rewards for Defeating Tal’Ratha.

By defeating Tal’Ratha in any of its Forms, you will be rewarded with consumable items, crafting materials, upgrade materials, and scrap. These items/materials in Remnant 2 are Shining Essence Echo, 5 Lumenite Crystal, Tome of Knowledge, and Scrap(variable).

However, Acidic Jawbone is only rewarded if you defeat Tal’Ratha in its MetaPhysical form, while Spiced Bile is only rewarded if you defeat it in its Physical form. Nevertheless, most people don’t know what to do with the Shining Essence Echo to keep it for themselves or give it to the Custodian.

 Item  Shining Essence Echo
 Type  Crafting Material
 Source  Defeating Tal’Ratha

The Shining Essence Echo is a Crafting Material in Remnant 2. It can be used to craft Void Idol. Void Idol can only be crafted at a Merchant known as Dryzr Replicator, found in N’Erud. The Void idol requires 15 Hardened Iron, 1000 Scraps, and 1 Shining Essence Echo. The Void Idol grants the player a 20% increase in reload speed, and reloading only requires 50% of the magazine from reserve to fully load.

In Remnant 2, Shining Essence Echo can be given to The Custodian. In return, he will give you the Siphon Heart Relic. The relic, when used, grants healing for 10 seconds, equal to 10% of the base damage dealt. If the Custodian doesn’t get the Shining Essence Echo, he cannot save N’Erud, which cuts this part of the world off from further exploring.

Therefore in Remnant 2, Shining Essence Echo is of utmost importance and worth the fight to earn it. Hopefully, this guide can help you defeat Al’Ratha and get Shining Essence Echo. Here are some more Remnant 2 Guides from us.

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