Remnant 2: Simulacrum [Farming Guide]

Here is how to acquire and use Simulacrum in Remnant 2.

how to get simulacrum remnant 2
How To Get Simulacrum - Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Remnant 2 is full of resources for players to use. Most of these resources are used to upgrade weapons and the player’s build. However, some of these materials are harder to find, and most players do not realize their full use. The Simulacrum is one such scarce material. Therefore, this guide will help you find Simulacrum and how to use it in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • The Simulacrum is one of the rarest resources in Remnant 2.
  • This resource is scattered randomly throughout the world of Remnant 2.
  • However, players can still farm this rare material using Adventure Mode.
  • Players can visit the Morrow Parish campaign on Losomn to acquire this material.
  • You can also find this resource on the Timeless Horizon or Eon Vault section of N’Erud.
  • Simulacrum can be used to buy Relic Charges from Wallace. Moreover, it is also used to upgrade boss weapons to Level 10.

The game describes Simulacrum as a rare and mysterious artifact. Moreover, it is also described as changing the fabric of reality. The item is used to upgrade weapons and other build-related upgrades fully. One of the most effective uses of this item is the ability to increase the number of Relics you can carry.

Simulacrum remnant 2
Simulacrum – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

How To Get Simulacrum

Simulacrum is a random drop in most places in Remnant 2. Moreover, this resource is highly scarce, making it very difficult to attain. However, there are a few ways in which players can farm this material. The Adventure mode allows players to replay different worlds whenever they want to. This makes it a convenient feature if you’ll load up on resources.

One of the most accessible places to find this item is on Losomn in Morrow Parish. Although, you do require a friend or two to do this effectively. Roll your adventure mode until you get to Morrow Parish on Losomn. Once you get here, follow the route on the map, and you will come across the first locked gate.

This is the gate to the Asylum which is usually the last place most players visit during their campaign. However, bypassing this gate and using a wall clip glitch is possible. Bring your friend to this gate and use the high-five emote. Players can press G to open the emote wheel on the PC and hold down D-pad on the console.

the asylum remnant 2
The Asylum – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Interact with the emote and stand close to the Asylum’s gate; the glitch will get you through. You can use this technique to get multiple people inside. Moreover, players utilizing the handler class can also use dog-petting to do the same. However, if this glitch ever gets patched, players can travel to Asylum, get their Simulacrum, and get out.

If you defeat the Ripsaw miniboss, you can also gather the Corrupted Lumenite Crystal here. Moreover, players can also find this resource randomly scattered on the Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon section of N’Erud.

Ensure to visit Cass in Ward 13, as she can also carry Simulacrum for 1500 Scraps.

How To Use Simulacrum

Simulacrum is an instrumental artifact from Remnant 2. This rare material can be used to manage the entire build of the player. Players can use this material to get Relic Charges or upgrade Boss Weapons. Therefore, this material is perfect for players just completing their builds.

Relic Charge remnant 2
Relic Charge – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual
Item No. Crafting Item Quantity
1 Simulacrum 1
2 Lumenite Crystals 10
3 Scrap 1000

One of the best uses for the Simulacrum is increasing the Relic Charge. At the start of the game, players are only allowed to carry 3 Relics at a time. The Relics are a handy resource at a player’s disposal, enabling you to heal or revive yourself. Therefore, buying a Relic Charge allows players to carry even more Relics during the playthrough.

To buy a Relic Charge, players must first visit Wallace. Wallace can be found in Ward 13 on top of a crane and is the vendor that helped you unlock an Archetype. Once here, players can buy a Relic Charge. However, you do need to bring 1 Simulacrum, 10 Lumenite Crystals and 1000 Scraps. 

You are allowed to get a total of 10 Relic Charges from Wallace.

Weapons in Remnant 2 can also be upgraded at Ward 13. You can visit Don’s shop right next to the World Crystal to get your weapons upgraded. Moreover, most weapons can be upgraded using Lumenite Crystals and Scraps. However, special weapons in the game that bosses drop may have special requirements. 

Every time you upgrade a weapon, you get +1 with the weapon indicating the upgrade. This, at most times, only require Scraps and Lumenite Crystals. However, if you are trying to upgrade the boss weapon to +10, you must use 1 Simulacrum. Therefore, Simulacrum is also an essential item while upgrading weapons.

Especially if you are a player trying to maximize your build, you must gather a few Simulacrum.

Simulacrum is an incredibly rare artifact in Remnant 2. This resource is exceptionally scarce in the open world, and players can buy it very rarely from Cass. However, players can use a few methods to farm this material. One of the quickest methods to get Simulacrum is to travel to Asylum in Morrow Parish.

However, players do not need to wait to complete most of their campaign to visit the Asylum. Players can use a unique glitching mechanic to clip through the locked Asylum door at the very start. This will enable players to enter Asylum very early and quickly get their hands on Simulacrum.

Players can also visit Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon on N’Erud to gather more Simulacrum. This rare material has a few great uses in Remant 2. Players can finally use this material to upgrade their boss weapons to level 10. However, the best use of this material is to buy Relic Charges from Wallace to boost the total number of Relics a person can carry.

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