Remnant 2: Spectral Blade [Crafting Guide]

Learn how to claim the Spectral Blade in Remnant 2 and its stats and upgrades.

The image shows a glowing blue sword.
Remnant 2 Spectral Blade

Spectral Blade sword is only attainable through crafting and requires Eidolon Shard, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scraps. Here is how you can craft it.

Key Takeaways

  • Crafting requires Eidolon Shard, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scraps.
  • Spectral Blade comes with an irremovable Mod known as Whirlwind.
  • Defeating Enemies rewards Lumenite Crystals.
  • However, Lumenite Crystals are also purchaseable.
  • Defeating enemies, breaking objects, opening chests, or selling items gives Scrap.


 Standard Damage  53
 Critical Hit Chance  8%
 Weak Spot Damage  105%
 Stagger Modifier  -25%

Spectral Blade has a unique weapon, Mod, which cannot be unequipped.

Whirlwind(Weapon Mod): Neutral Backdash Charge creates a Whirlwind of slashes that deal 75 damage to all enemies within an 8-meter radius.

Crafting Items

The image shows a dialogue asking for confirmation to craft spectral blade or not.
Crafting Spectral Blade – Image Credits: Gamesual

Spectral Blade requires Eidolon Shard, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scraps and can only be crafted at the McCabe store. These items can be hard to get and are time-consuming, especially Eidolon Shard. 

Lumenite Crystal

Lumenite crystal is an Upgrade Material in Remnant 2. To upgrade special weapons, players can use Lumenite crystals, which are considered high-value items and extremely difficult to obtain.

Lumenite Crystal

 Source 1  It can be bought from Cass
 Source 2  The Reward for defeating Elite enemies and Aberrations

Cass is the merchant who sells Lumenite Crystals, and you can find her in Ward 13

From my experience, defeating Elite enemies is the easiest way to acquire Lumenite. A stronger enemy equates to a higher chance of dropping Lumenite Crystals upon their death.

For instance, Aberrations are a more potent race of enemies; thus, they have a higher chance of dropping Lumenite Crystals.


Scrap is another essential for crafting and is the main currency. Players will need Scrap for nearly anything and everything; you can use it to upgrade Weapons, buy Items, and craft with other Materials.

Scrap icon similar to a gear.

 Source 1  Selling gear and items
 Source 2  Defeating enemies and bosses
 Source 3  Destroying breakable objects
 Source 4  Opening chests

To obtain Scrap faster, you should equip Scavenger’s Bauble. This amulet increases Scrap pickups by 50% and automatically gathers nearby crafting materials. However, you can also increase your Scrap count by playing the game in Adventure mode. My favorite thing was using Evade to roll around, breaking every crate or piece of furniture, and collecting scraps.

This mode lets you replay worlds. Therefore, any item doubles you collect, except weapons, gives you Scrap in return. This mode has higher Scrap drop density. You can also equip a Vacuum Seal Ring, as it increases the automatic scrap pickup range by 100%.

Eidolon Shard

Defeating Sha’Hala, Spectral Guardian rewards Eidolon Shard. He is found on the world N’Erud.

It shows light blue flames

 Location  Near the Core inside Sentinel’s Keep


The image Shows an ongoing boss fight with Sha'Hala
Sha’Hala Boss Fight – Image Credit: Gamesual

To start the boss fight, you must gather 3x Seeker Keys to unlock the Sentinel’s Keep tower. This was part of my main quest line on N’Erud, so you will eventually get there. 

Seeker’s Rest, The Hatchery, and Astropath’s Respite are the places with the keys. Sha’Hala’s weakness is his own Orb. Attacking the Orb grants critical damage. To help you fight, his attacks and counters are as follows.

 Attack  Counter
 Hand Beams: Sha’Hala spawns hands that shoot beams.  Keep an eye on levitating hands to avoid beams.
 Horizontal Beams: Spawns orbs that shoot horizontal beams in a pattern while three hands shoot lasers at you.  Recognize patterns and, therefore, dodge accordingly.
 Homing Orbs: Spawn’s green orbs that slowly start moving toward you.  It can be quickly shot due to the Orb’s slow movement.
 Ascending Orbs: Green Holes start Appearing on the ground; after that, orbs start coming out of them, moving upward.  Move away from holes when they start forming.
 Traejctorial Orbs: Orbs move along the ground, and their pathways are shown.  Observe pathways and stand away from them.
 Orb Placement: Tries to Forcefully place an Orb on you.  It takes time to charge up and move away from the direction of the hand.
 Tail Slam: Flips his body and slams the ground with his Tail.  Be ready to dodge when he flips.

If you don’t give the Eidolon Shard to the Custodian, you cannot further explore N’Erud, as it will destroy it. Therefore, I would only suggest crafting this Blade if you don’t plan to return. However, you can provide the Shard to the Custodian or use it to craft Spectral Blade.


 Upgrade Level  Damage  Crafting Cost
 Level 1  58.3  5 Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystals, 450 Scrap
 Level 2  63.6  10 Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystals, 525 Scrap
 Level 3  68.9  15 Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystals, 600 Scrap
 Level 4  74.2  15 Forged Iron, 2 Lumenite Crystals, 675 Scrap
 Level 5  79.5  20 Forged Iron, 3 Lumenite Crystals, 750 Scrap
 Level 6  84.8  15 Galvanized Iron, 3 Lumenite Crystals, 825 Scrap
 Level 7  90.1  20 Galvanized Iron, 3 Lumenite Crystals, 900 Scrap
 Level 8  95.4  15 Hardened Iron, 4 Lumenite Crystals, 975 Scrap
 Level 9  100.7  20 Hardened Iron, 4 Lumenite Crystals, 1050 Scrap
 Level 10  106  1 Simulacrum, 15 Lumenite Crystals, 1125 Scrap


Weapon Mod/Upgrade

Unfortunately, Spectral Blade Weapon Mod is non-upgradable. But it still benefits from the increase in the weapon’s level. Every increase in the weapon level grants an increase in Mod damage.

The Image shows a sword slashing looking like a whirlpool

 Weapon Level  Effect
 Level 1  Whirlwind strikes all enemies within 8m for 82.5 damage.
 Level 2  Whirlwind strikes all enemies within 8m for 90 damage.
 Level 3  Whirlwind strikes all enemies within 8m for 97.5 damage.

Every increase in Weapon Level increases 7.5 damage for the Weapon mod(Whirlwind).

Mutator Combinations

The image shows 3 different Mutators.
Mutators Choices – Image Credit: Gamesual

Mutators are a special kind of item intended to enhance your Weapons greatly. They provide additional stats or passive abilities that can strengthen your weapons, making them valuable.

Each weapon comes with a singular Mutator slot and thus can only equip one at a time. Following are Mutators that work well with Spectral Blade.

  • Vengeful Strike: Increases Melee damage by 20% when health is lower than 50%. This mutator will be helpful in combat situations. It will help you in low-HP situations, where you will kill enemies quickly due to increased dama, giving you time to heal.
  • Shield Breaker: For every melee attack, the shield breaker grants a Shield for 2% of Max health, up to 10% max. 
  • Harmonizer: This mutator increases Mod damage by 10%. Generally, it pairs with Spectral Blade due to its high and fast damaging Mod(Whirlwind). 

Would I Recommend Spectral Blade?

Yes, Spectra Blade is worth the trouble in Remnant 2.

I was able to roll the Sha’Hala storyline during my first game run. It is possible to start a completely different questline. If that happens, I suggest you re-roll in the Adventure Mode until you get to this quest line.

Still, I would not get too happy immediately as you still need to defeat the final boss in this world to get the Blade. 

The Spectral Blade is one of the best melee weapons, and when combined with Mod and Mutators, it increases the quality and efficiency. Moreover, I think this Blade has a very aesthetic look, which is a good enough reason to go through all the trouble. Hopefully, this guide can help you obtain and use this sword.

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