Remnant 2 : Summoner Class [Complete Guide]

In this guide we will inform you about the benefits of Summoner Class and how you can unlock it with ease in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Summoner Class
Remnant 2 Summoner Class

In this Remnant 2 Summoner Class guide, we will talk about the various classes the game offers, the benefits of Summoner Class, and how you can unlock it.

Key Takeaways

  • Initially, in Remnant 2, players can choose from 5 Classes(Archetypes) Medic, Hunter, Gunslinger, Handler, and Challenger.
  • Along the way, players can unlock hidden classes, which include Summoner, Explorer, Alchemist, Engineer, and Invader. To unlock them, players need to perform specific tasks.
  • Each class offers unique perks, skills, weapons, armor, and Triage.
  • Summoner Class utilizes enemy minions to attack enemies. Three types of minions can be summoned: Root Hollow, Flyer, and Reaver.
  • To unlock Summoner Class, players must find the Blood Moon Altar first. Players must explore the World of Yaesha to find the Blood Moon Altar. As the maps are procedurally generated, we cannot provide players with a precise location of this altar.
  • Once the Altar has been located, players must obtain Blood Moon Essence. They must reach Yashea during the Blood Moon Period and kill a specific pink jellyfish-like creature called Root Wisp floating about.
  • If players enter Yaesha and it isn’t in the blood moon period, there isn’t any point in sticking around and waiting for it. Go back and come back at some other time. You will need to try this multiple times as this period is very hard to come by.
  • Now from the Blood Moon Altar, you will buy “The Faded Grimoire.” You will require 15 Blood Moon Essence, 5 Luminite Crystals, and 1500 Scrap.
  • Once you have purchased The Faded Grimoire, you will return to Ward 13.
  • You will go to Wallace and craft “The Tome of Bringer,” an Engram for Summoner Class.

You will begin the playthrough without any class. However, as the game progresses and you complete the introduction, you will interact with Wallace at Ward 13. Upon interacting with Wallace, you can choose from five starting classes Medic, Hunter, Gunslinger, Handler, and Challenger.

Additional Note It should be noted that only a single skill can be equipped at a time. Perks are unlocked as you level up. At Level 1 Damage Perk, Level 2 Team Perk, Level 3 Utility Perk, and Level 4 Relic Perk are unlocked.

Class(Archetype) Skill(Needs to be activated) Perks(Provide Passive effect) Weapons Trait Armor

It is a supporting class.



  • Wellspring is an AOE healing ability.
  • Healing Shield disperses healing energy to heal allies.
  • Redemption is an ability that revives fallen allies with some of their health restored.
  • Regenerator(Prime Perk) This perk restores 350 health and regains a spent relic charge.
  • Invigorated(Damage Perk) This perk increases all types of damage dealt.
  • Benevolence(Team Perk) This perk heals nearby enemies.
  • Backbone(Utility Perk) This perk increases the number of hits players can take before beginning to lose gray health.
  • Benefactor(Relic) This perk increases the use speed for relics. 
  • XMG 57 Bonesaw
  • Steel Flail
  • Service Pistol
  • Triage This trait is archetype-specific and increases healing done by Weapon Mods.
  • Field Medic Mask
  • Field Medic Overcoat
  • Field Medic Trouser
  • Field Medic Gloves

This class is designed specifically for close combat situations.

  • Warstomp  This ability makes a strong tremor-like wave dealing damage in all directions.
  • Juggernaut This ability provides players with stacks of Bulwark and increases their melee damage, ideal for close combat.
  • Rampage  This skill enhances fire rate, reload speed, and movement speed.
  • Die Hard(Prime Perk) Upon receiving fatal damage, players become invulnerable for some time. Also, some health is restored.
  • Close Quarters(Damage Perk)  This perk increases damage to all enemies in close quarters(10m).
  • Intimidating Presence(Team Perk) This perk reduces nearby enemies’ damage.
  • Powerlifter(Utility Perk) The stamina cost increases for weight brackets are reduced.
  • Face of Danger(Relic Perk) Upon using a relic close to the enemy, players are granted 2 stacks of Bulwark.
  • AS-10 Bulldog
  • Iron Greatsword
  • Silverback Model 500
  • Strongback This trait reduces Encumbrance.
  • Bruiser Helmet
  • Bruiser Bodyplate
  • Bruiser Boots
  • Bruiser Gloves

In this class, players will be provided with a dog, and their abilities revolve around that.

  • Guard Dog, The companion, follows the handler creating increased Threats while attacking, and the damage they take is reduced.
  • Support Dog The dog will heal nearby allies.
  • Attack Dog Increases Damage dealt by the handler when near the handler. However, the dog attacks enemies near the targeted location on a single tap.
  • Bonded(Prime Perk) When the handler has fallen, the companion can revive the handler with 50% restored health. This ability can also be used on allies upon commanding the companion.
  • Pack Hunter(Damage Perk) This perk increases ranged and skill damage when the companion is active nearby.
  • Spirit of the Wolf(Team Perk) This increases the handler’s movement speed.  In addition to the handler, nearby allies also receive this movement speed boost.
  • Teamwork(Utility Perk) This perk increases the revive speed of both the handler and the companion.
  • Best Friend(Relic Perk) Upon using a Relic the companion’s health is restored completely.


  • Blackmaw AR 47
  • Rusted Claws
  • Tech 22
  • Kinship This reduces friendly fire damage, both dealt and received.
  • Trainer Cap
  • Trainer Clothes
  • Trainer Workboots
  • Trainer Bracer

This class offers great damage.

  • Quick Draw This skill increases the ability to deal critical damage on pressing deals damage to all enemies in close range. However, if you hold the button, it will allow for manual aiming and firing.
  • Sidewinder Increases Aim down sight speed, and cycling weapons will automatically reload the weapon.
  • Bulletstorm Increases fire rate, and weapon reload speed for some time.
  • Loaded(Prime Perk) When a player uses any gunslinger skills both weapons reload automatically and have infinite ammo reserves for a short amount of time.
  • Swift Shot(Damage Perk) This increases Fire Rate and Ranged Damage.
  • Posse Up(Team Perk) Ammo pickups grant additional ammo per player.
  • Quick Hands(Utility Perk) This perk offers faster reloading.
  • Slight of Hand(Relic Perk) Upon using a relic weapon is reloaded automatically.



  • Wrangler 1860 
  • Scrap Hatchet
  • Western Classic
  • Ammo Reserves This trait increases players’ ammo reserves. 
  • Highnoon Hat
  • Highnoon Duds
  • Highnoon Soles
  • Highnoon Armguards

This class offers long-range high damage. 

  • Hunter’s Mark This skill automatically marks enemies that are close by.
  • Hunter’s Focus This skill marks an enemy when aimed for a very short time. In addition, when aiming down sight for some time, the player enters a focused state, reducing weapons recoil, sway, etc. Additionally, enhancing ranged damage and critical chance.
  • Hunter’s Shroud This ability shrouds the player making enemies less aware of their location and unable to attack them efficiently.
  • Dead to Right(Prime Perk) This perk deals increased Ranged Weak Spot Damage and also increases the time limit for a Hunter Skill.
  • Dead Eye(Damage Perk) Increases Ranged Damage and Weak Spot Damage.
  • Return to Sender(Team Perk) Kills made by weak spot damage and Critical strike damage lead to increased ammo drops.
  • Urgency(Utility Perk) Firearms gain increased reload speed after a kill for some time.
  • Intuition(Relic Perk) Using a relic increases the time limit for active hunter skills.
  • Huntmaster MI
  • Steel Sword
  • Repeater Pistol
  • Longshot Increases the ideal range of a weapon 
  • Nightstalker Shroud
  • Nightstalker Garb 
  • Nightstalker Pants
  • Nightstalker Gloves


The above-mentioned classes are the starting classes in Remnant 2. In addition to these, other classes are unlocked later in the game. However, to unlock these classes, players must perform specific tasks. These classes include Summoner, Explorer, Alchemist, Engineer, and Invader. However, In this guide, Remnant 2 Summoner Class, we will show you how to unlock Summoner Class in Remnant 2. Along with some idea about what unique perks and skills the Summoner class offers.

The Summoner class specializes in using minions to do their work for them. Using this class, you can summon three types of minions: Root Hollow, Flyer, and Reaver. In addition to summoning minions to do your work for you, you can also enrage these minions by firing at them. Thus enhancing their attack speed, damage, and movement speed. Additionally, the minions leave an aura that heals you upon their deaths.

Summoner Class in Remnant 2
Summoner Class in Remnant 2. Image Credit Gamesual

Although Summoner Class is not available to players initially, it can be easily unlocked by performing the tasks mentioned below.

Finding The Blood Moon Altar

  • Initially, as you enter the World of Yaesha, you will need to find a Blood Moon Altar. Since the game maps are procedurally generated, we cannot give a predetermined location of the Blood altar. However, as you explore the World of Yaesha, you will come across one eventually. A blue mark will indicate the position of the  Blood Moon Altar on the map.
Yaesha on World Map
This image shows Yaesha on the World Map. Image Credit Gamesual

Purchasing The Faded Grimoire

  • From this Blood Moon Altar, you will have to purchase “The Faded Grimoire.” Players require a certain currency called Blood Moon Essence to purchase The Faded Grimoire. To collect blood moon essence, players must Travel to Yaesha during Blood Moon, and this blood moon, you can find Pink Jellyfish-like material called Root Wisp floating about in Yaesha.
  • After killing them, you receive Blood Moon Essence. However, it should be remembered that blood moon essence is rare, as shooting down one of the floating materials gives only 1 Blood Moon Essence. Thus it should be used efficiently. If you enter Yaesha and it’s not in the Blood Moon state, there is no point in waiting for it; you must return later. In the blood moon state, the light of the Moon in the sky will be Red.
Faded Grimoire required for unlocking Summoner Class in Remnant 2
The Faded Grimoire in Remnant 2 Blood Moon Altar is required to unlock Summoner Class. Image Credit Gamesual
  • In addition to 15 x Blood Moon Essence, acquiring The Faded Grimoire requires 5x Luminite Crystals and 1500 Scrap. It is essential to highlight that among all the components necessary for purchasing The Faded Grimoire, Blood Moon Essence is the most challenging to obtain. Players can collect Luminite Crystals from chests scattered throughout Yaesha, while Scrap is obtainable by defeating enemies, looting chests, and scattered throughout Yaesha.
This Image shows Pink Wisps that are required to obtain Blood Moon Essence
Pink root wisps flying about in Yaesha during the Blood Moon Period. Killing one of them grants players 1 Blood Moon Essence. Image Credit Gamesual
Item Materials Required Some Tips for acquiring the materials
The Faded Grimoire
  • Blood Moon Essence x15
  • Luminite Crystals x 5
  • Scrap x 1500
  • Blood Moon Essence is extremely rare in Remnant 2. Thus use it wisely. You must enter Yaesha during the Blood Moon to obtain Blood Moon Essence.
  • If you enter Yaesha and it isn’t a blood moon there is no point in waiting for it. Go back and come again after some time.
  • Luminite Crystals can be obtained from Chests in Yaesha.
  • Scrap is acquired by killing enemies and looting small chests scattered throughout Yaesha.

Crafting Tome Of The Bringer

  • Once you have obtained The Faded Grimoire from the Blood Moon Altar, rush back to Ward 13. Head over to Wallace. You will require a further 10x Luminite Crystals and Scrap in addition to the Faded Grimoire at Wallace’s. To craft “Tome of the Bringer,” an Engram for Summoner Class in Remnant 2, finally giving you access to the hidden class Summoner.
This image shows Tome of Bringer in Wallaces store.
Tome of Bringer in Wallace’s’ Store, the Engram for Summoner Class. Image Credit Gamesual

Stats And Benefits 

Summoner Class is a hidden Archetype in the game Remnant 2. This class specializes in using minions against enemies in the game. The minions summoned by this Class are also enemies. However, they fight for you.

 Class (Archetype) Skills  Perks Weapons Triad Armor
Summoner This is a hidden class in Remnant 2 that utilizes enemy minions to do the player’s bidding.
  •  Minion Hollow By pressing summon a Root Hollow Minion at the cost of your max health. By holding the button, sacrifice the minion resulting in it exploding and dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Minion Flyer You can summon a Root Flyer Minion at the cost of your max health. By holding the button, you can sacrifice the minion, causing it to explode and damage surrounding enemies.
  • Minion Reaver By pressing summon a Root Reaver Minion at the cost of your max health, by holding sacrifice, that minion causes it to explode and deal damage to the surrounding enemies.
  • Ruthless(Prime Perk) By dealing damage to your minions, you enrage them enhancing their damage, and increasing their attack speed and movement speed for some time.
  • Dominator(Damage Perk) This Perk increases Mod and Ranged Damaged when Minions are active. Also, when a minion is sacrificed, Ranged and Melee Damage is increased until another minion is summoned.
  • Residue(Team Perk)  When a minion dies, it leaves behind a Green Aura that will heal you.
  • Outrage(Utility Perk) This perk allows you to get Lifesteal each time you sacrifice a minion.
  • Incite(Relic Perk) Using a relic will grant your minions an increase in health and damage.


  • Crossbow
  • Rebellion Spear
  • MP60-R
  • Regrowth Offers Health Regeneration
  • Knotted Helm 
  • Knotted Cage
  • Knotted Greaves
  • Knotted Gloves


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