Remnant 2 : Summoner Class [Complete Guide]

In this guide we will inform you about the benefits of Summoner Class and how you can unlock it with ease in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Summoner Class
Remnant 2 Summoner Class

During my 60-hour gameplay, I had the Handler and the Summoner as my class. If you don’t like to put in extra effort in combat, then the Summoner class is a must-have. Just spawn your minions and stroll through areas while they do all the fighting.

Key Takeaways

  • Summoner Class utilizes enemy minions to attack enemies. Three minions can be summoned: Root Hollow, Flyer, and Reaver.
  • Players must find the Blood Moon Altar in Yaesha to unlock the Summoner Class.
  • Once the Altar has been located, players must obtain Blood Moon Essence. They must reach Yashea during the Blood Moon Period and kill a specific pink jellyfish-like creature called Root Wisp floating about.
  • Now, from the Blood Moon Altar, you must buy The Faded Grimoire.” You will require 15 Blood Moon Essence, 5 Luminite Crystals, and 1500 Scrap.
  • Once you have purchased The Faded Grimoire, you will return to Ward 13.
  • You will go to Wallace and craft “The Tome of Bringer,” an Engram for Summoner Class.

Important Note: It should be noted that only a single skill can be equipped at a time. Perks are unlocked as you level up. Level 1 Damage Perk, Level 2 Team Perk, Level 3 Utility Perk, and Level 4 Relic Perk are unlocked.

 Class (Archetype) Skills  Perks Weapons Triad Armor
Summoner: This hidden class utilizes enemy minions to do the player’s bidding.
  •  Minion Hollow By pressing summon a Root Hollow Minion at the cost of your max health. By holding the button, sacrifice the minion, resulting in it exploding and dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Minion Flyer: You can summon a Root Flyer Minion at the cost of your max health. By holding the button, you can sacrifice the minion, causing it to explode and damage surrounding enemies.
  • Minion Reaver: By pressing summon a Root Reaver Minion at the cost of your max health, by holding sacrifice, that minion causes it to explode and deal damage to the surrounding enemies.
  • Ruthless(Prime Perk): By dealing damage to your minions, you enrage them, enhancing their damage and increasing their attack and movement speeds for some time.
  • Dominator(Damage Perk) This Perk increases Mod and Ranged Damaged when Minions are active. Also, when a minion is sacrificed, Ranged and Melee Damage is increased until another minion is summoned.
  • Residue(Team Perk): When a minion dies, it leaves behind a Green Aura that will heal you.
  • Outrage(Utility Perk): This perk allows you to get Lifesteal each time you sacrifice a minion.
  • Incite(Relic Perk): Using a relic will grant your minions an increase in health and damage.


  • Crossbow
  • Rebellion Spear
  • MP60-R
  • Regrowth Offers Health Regeneration
  • Knotted Helm 
  • Knotted Cage
  • Knotted Greaves
  • Knotted Gloves


Finding The Blood Moon Altar

As I ventured into the World of Yaesha, my first mission was to locate a Blood Moon Altar. Due to the game’s procedural map generation, these altars are not in fixed locations, so I can’t give the exact location. I had to explore the world, knowing I’d eventually stumble upon one. To make this quest easier, I kept an eye on my map for a distinctive blue marker that signaled the presence of the Blood Moon Altar. 

Yaesha on World MapThis image shows Yaesha on the World Map. Image Credit Gamesual

Purchasing The Faded Grimoire

To acquire “The Faded Grimoire” from the Blood Moon Altar, you must have a particular currency known as Blood Moon Essence. During this time, I explored the landscape for strange, pink, jellyfish-like entities called Root Wisps that floated about in Yaesha.

Upon defeating these ethereal creatures, they granted me precious Blood Moon Essence. However, these resources were scarce, as each downed Root Wisp yielded only 1 Blood Moon Essence.

If Yaesha wasn’t in a Blood Moon state when you arrived, leave the area and return. Keep repeating this process until you have the Blood Moon state.

Recognizing the Blood Moon state is easy – the moon itself will cast a haunting, reddish glow upon the sky, and all of Yaesha will have a red tint.

Faded Grimoire required for unlocking Summoner Class in Remnant 2
The Faded Grimoire in Remnant 2 Blood Moon Altar is required to unlock Summoner Class. Image Credit Gamesual

Obtaining “The Faded Grimoire” is no easy task, as it demands quite a collection of resources. Aside from the 5 Luminite Crystals and 1500 Scrap, I needed 15 Blood Moon Essence to seal the deal. The Blood Moon Essence proved to be the most unattainable among these components.

I found Luminite Crystals tucked away in chests throughout Yaesha, and Scrap was more abundant, gathered from defeated enemies and discovered in various nooks and crannies around the landscape. But the rare and mysterious Blood Moon Essence truly tested my resource-gathering skills.

This Image shows Pink Wisps that are required to obtain Blood Moon Essence
Pink root wisps flying about in Yaesha during the Blood Moon Period. Killing one of them grants players 1 Blood Moon Essence. Image Credit Gamesual

Crafting Tome Of The Bringer

After securing The Faded Grimoire from the Blood Moon Altar, the next step is to return swiftly to Ward 13 and find Wallace. To craft the “Tome of the Bringer,” I had to provide Wallace with The Faded Grimoire and an additional 10 Luminite Crystals and Scrap.

Achieving this marked a significant step in my journey, as I unlocked the hidden Summoner Class.

This image shows Tome of Bringer in Wallaces store.
Tome of Bringer in Wallace’s’ Store, the Engram for Summoner Class. Image Credit Gamesual

My Experience With Summoner Class

The Summoner Class transformed my gaming experience with enemy minions in battles, bringing a strategic twist to the game with diverse skills, perks, and equipment. As someone who prefers to avoid mundane battles, the Summoner class allowed me to summon minions to handle combat as I explored.

Among my minion choices – Root Hollow, Flyer, and Reaver – Flyer minions were particularly effective. Root Hollow minions became less useful as they couldn’t engage airborne foes. I saved my Reaver minions for tough enemies and mini-boss fights, creating a dynamic and enjoyable gameplay style.

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