Remnant 2: Terminus Station [Dungeon Guide]

Here is everything you need to know about the Terminus Station on the world of N'Erud.

terminus station remnant 2
Terminus Station - Remnant 2: Image by gamesual

Remnant 2 has many dungeons spread out for players to encounter. Moreover, all of these dungeons are unique from each other and hold a special reward at the end. The Terminus Station is one demanding dungeon players can encounter in N’Erud. Therefore, this guide will help you understand how to clear and what to expect from Terminus Station in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Terminus Station is one of the Dungeons players can encounter on N’Erud.
  • However, your campaign must start on Seeker’s Rest for the Terminus Station quest line.
  • Terminus Station randomly spawns if you are playing the ‘Travel to Alepsis Taura’ campaign.
  • The Dungeon is full of many N’Erud Robots. Moreover, you will be able to encounter every type of Robot in this Dungeon.
  • You will need to progress further down the campaign taking down any enemies in between.
  • The final mission within the Dungeon is the Train Event. 
  • This event requires players to eliminate all the Robots on the Train before the 7-minute mark.
  • Completing this task will guarantee your escape from the Train and a few prices.
  • The Terminus Station has many rewards, including a new melee weapon, the Atom Smasher.
  • Players will also be able to find many hidden crates and a Defensive Action Loop.
  • This Dungeon also contains the Decorum Cipher, essential for your campaign.

The Terminus Dungeon is not a puzzle dungeon and requires players to kill off all enemies. Therefore, players should be prepared to face many enemies and have a time trial at the end of the Dungeon. Once the Dungeon is cleared and the final boss is defeated, players can collect their reward and exit it.

Terminus Station Location

The Terminus Station is usually found within the Timeless Horizon area of N’Erud. However, most players will not be able to encounter this Dungeon on their first visit to N’Erud. As N’Erud has two different quest lines, players can randomly be given any two in the first. In most cases, the first quest line usually involves collecting the Shining Essence for the Custodian.

timeless horizon remnant 2
Timeless Horizon – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

However, players cannot visit Terminus Station during this encounter. Therefore, the game allows players to restart their quest line using Adventure Mode. This allows players to see N’erud again, but the quest line will be different this time. To access adventure mode, visit any world crystal and select the adventure mode.

The quest line, ‘Travel To Alepsis Taura,’ will enable players to visit Terminus Station.

The Terminus Station is a futuristic dungeon with tons of lifts and ledges that could lead to your demise. Moreover, this is not an easy dungeon and would constantly keep the player on the toes. You can expect all of the N’Erud Robots to appear during your time here. The Robot Grunts, Drones, and Sentinels will all try to stop you from reaching the depths.

The Robots and Sentinels are relatively easy to kill unless they start forming a crowd. However, you will also encounter a few E.D. Alpha, an enormous Robot much harder to kill. Moreover, I recommend coming here with a gun that can shoot electric currents. The electric current effect will help you clear the Dungeon much more quickly.

ed alpha remnant 2
E.D. Alpha – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Therefore, if you have the Enigma, bring it to this fight.

The Train Event Mission

The Train Event is the ultimate conclusion to the Terminus Station in Remnant 2. Once you reach the final depths of the Dungeon, you will come across the Train. Boarding the Train will trigger a cutscene, and the Train will start moving. Then a mysterious Voice controlling the Train will tell you how glad it is to meet a human finally.

the train event map remnant 2
The Train Event Map – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

However, this is when the Voice also informs you of your incoming death. The player is tasked with killing every Robot on the Train before the train crashes. As a result, players are only given 7 minutes to clear the Train or die. As soon as the player earns a train compartment, the Conductor opens the next one, and more enemies will try to kill you.

Moreover, moving down the Train will also increase the difficulty. There will be more Robots with each new compartment. You would also encounter an E.D. Alpha on the Train. The E.D. Alpha is a more robust Robot that will roll towards the player and use its rotating limbs to drain the health. It is best to maintain a distance from these Robots and keep on shooting.

The Train In The Terminus Station Remnant 2
The Train In The Terminus Station – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual

Once you have killed all the Robots and traveled through all the compartments, the Voice will congratulate you. The Voice will let the players get off on the next station, completing the mission. Exit the Train and save your progress at the Checkpoint. However, do not forget to collect your reward. Climb the platform and jump on the Train, using the hatch on top to enter.

Inside the Train, you will find the Atom Smasher and the Key required for your campaign. You will also earn a new Trait Card, the Footwork. 

atom smasher remnant 2
Atom Smasher – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual


The Terminus Station is full of many rewards in Remnant 2. Players can find several crates spread around the map. These crates contain Scraps, Relics, and Crystals that are important for crafting. Moreover, players can also find a Ring that will help significantly during the reloads. However, one of the best rewards is the Atom Smasher, a potent melee weapon and a new Footwork trait.

Players can also find a Trait Point and the Decorum Cipher. The Decorum Cipher is a vital quest to progress the campaign further.

decorum cipher remnant 2
Decorum Cipher – Remnant 2: Image by Gamesual
Item No. Item Name Location Item Description
1 Atom Smasher Enter the Train using the hatch A rocket-powered power melee weapon is similar to a sledgehammer.
2 Footwork Completing the Train Event A new trait that can now allow players to upgrade their movement speed while shooting.
3 Defensive Action Loop Secret Passage A ring that will allow players to receive 10% less damage while reloading and 3s after.
4 Decorum Cipher Enter the Train using the hatch Quest item that is required to progress further in the campaign.
5 Tome of Knowlege Terminus Station One Trait point

The Terminus Station is a very important Dungeon in Remnant 2. It is part of the ‘Travel to Alepsis Taura’ quest line on N’Erud. This Dungeon is in the Timeless Horizon and is filled with Robot enemies. You will be able to encounter every type of Robot in this Dungeon.

The Dungeon may be complicated; however, the prices within are very well worth it. Players can find multiple crates filled with crafting resources. Moreover, the Dungeon also contains the Atom Smasher, which will help players unlock a new trait. There is also a critical quest item inside the Terminus Station. 

The final boss fight is a time trial requiring players to kill all the Robots on the Train. The Terminus Station may be a problematic dungeon, but it helps keep the players excited for the gameplay and the rewards ahead.

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