Remnant 2: The Chimney Purple Item [Location Guide]

Locating the cleverly hidden Chimney Purple item and identifying its uses.

Remnant 2 The Chimney Purple Item
Remnant 2 The Chimney Purple Item

In Remnant 2, The Chimney Purple item, also known as Downward Spiral Amulet, is one of the many Amulets available throughout the game. These Amulets are helpful to players as extra attachments.

Moreover, the player can equip only one Amulet at any given time. Amulets are equipped to give players many different benefits. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Purple Item is a Valuable Amulet.
  • It is also known as Downward Spiral Amulet.
  • Finding The Purple Item is considered very difficult.
  • The Amulet is found in Chimney Dungeon.
  • The Chimney Dungeon is found within the Forgotten Grove, past the Bedel of Vaunnt near Kaeula’s Rest Dungeon.
  • The Purple item is found on the top floor.
  • However, you would have to step on a tree and shoot a glowing Orb to get to it.
  • The Purple item would fall to the ground where it can be picked up.
  • The amulet grants increased Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Attack Speed by 15%.
  • When a player loses 10% of his Max Healththe Amulet grants a 3% gain in Range Damage up to 15% 
  • And a 4% gain in Melee damage up to 20%.

These Amulets are found through random events, defeating Bosses, and can be bought from the Merchant. There are a total of 58 Amulets available in Remnant 2. To obtain the Chimney Purple Item in Remnant 2, the player must finish the Chimney Dungeon quest.

The Chimney Dungeon missions and layout can even confuse a veteran player. To help you on your journey, this Guide will help you locate the Purple Item(Downward Spiral).

Location Of Chimney Dungeon

The picture shows the player facing towards a throne like structure.
Chimney Dungeon
 Within the Forgotten Grove area, past the Bedel of Vaunnt near Kaeula’s Rest Dungeon.

First, you would have to find the location of the Chimney Dungeon. It is located within Yaesha and is one of the most Mind-Boggling dungeons in Remnant 2. Yaesha is the world of the race of Pan but is currently being occupied by the Root. It is mostly green and structured like a forest.

The location of Chimney Dungeon is rather hard to find. Also, remember that a Remnant 2 world is unique to each player. Suppose one player was to find a location in one place. In that case, that location can be in a completely different place for another player, so it is impossible to give exact directions.

The Chimney Dungeon is typically discovered in the Forgotten Grove area, beyond the Bedel of Vaunnt and near Kaeula’s Rest Dungeon. However, the entrance of the Chimney Dungeon can be identified by a stone tunnel overtaken by roots. The player must first clear the Chimney Dungeon to obtain the Chimney Purple Item. Use the following guide to clear the Chimney Dungeon easily; Remnant 2 The Chimney.

Location Of Chimney Purple Item

When the Chimney Dungeon quest is complete, a Purple icon would appear on the map after completing the quest on the bottom floor. You would then be required to climb back up the spiral until you are on the same level as the Purple Icon.

The Map would show as if you are standing on the Purple Item, but the Item would be nowhere to be seen, which would frustrate many players. To find this item, the player must move around further until they see a big gap in the wall leading to a bridge.

The bridge is made up of Tree roots with pink flowers. Step on the bridge and look slightly upward to the right. Look around in that direction until you find a Glowing Orb

The image Shows an arrow pointing towards a hole in the right side of the wall which leads to the Purple item.
Directions to Bridge

After finding the Orb, settle down and aim precisely at the orb. Load your gun and shoot at the orb to make the Purple item fall. Once it starts falling, make your way to the bottom floor and collect your prize.

The picture shows a red circle highlighting the glowing orb in top right direction, shooting it drops purple item.
Glowing Orb Location.

In Remnant 2, the Purple item found in Chimney Dungeon is considered a valuable Amulet. The Purple Item, also known as Downward Spiral Amulet, is a necklace created by Vaunnt to be worn by Pan Archers. This Amulet grant increased abilities to the players. 

 Item  Downward Spiral Amulet
 Ability 1  Increased Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Attack Speed by 15%.
 Ability 2
 Amulet gives a 3% gain in Range Damage and a 4% gain in Melee damage on the loss of 10% of Max Health.

The Downward Spiral Amulet increases Fire Rate and Melee Attack Speed. It can also be helpful during combat, converting the damage taken into an increased 3% and 4% gain in Range and Melee damage, respectively.

To sum up, finding the Downward Spiral Amulet can be considered one of the most complex. Most players don’t even bother to find the item as it could be time-consuming without help.

Many players play without the Amulet’s rewards as they cannot find it. However, you should be able to find the Amulet if you follow the guide step by step and use the attached images for help.

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