Remnant 2: The Chimney [Dungeon Guide]

Navigating the Thrills and Dangers of Remnant 2's The Chimney Dungeon and boss.

Remnant 2 the Chimney
Remnant 2 the Chimney

Talk about the dungeons of Remnant 2; the Chimney lies in one of the most dangerous ones. The fans may need clarification about the complexity of this Dungeon as it culminates thrilling puzzle encounter with electrifying elements. Furthermore, you have minimal time to make it to the end. You may be worried about your difficulty in making it to the end. By following this guide, it will get a lot easier for you. 

 Key Takeaways

  • The Chimney Dungeon in Remnant 2 is considered one of the most dangerous dungeons, hidden in Yaesha, near Bedel of Vaunnt.
  • Finding the Chimney Dungeon can be challenging as its exact location is not specified in the game, but searching around the Forgotten Grave and Bedel of Vaunnt in Yaesha is a good approach.
  • Tips for getting through the Chimney Dungeon include breaking crystals to get damage-reducing chests, progressing downwards carefully to avoid lightning attacks, and not killing all the enemies.
  • The Chimney boss is an active root seed surrounded by roots, requiring players to actively attack and weaken the roots before damaging the boss.
  • After beating the Chimney boss, players can obtain the heart seed essential for crafting the Soulbinder mod, which grants increased damage and benefits like improved health, stamina, and mod power.
  • The heart seed can significantly improve a player’s combat abilities and is a valuable option, especially in the game’s early stages.

There is a lot of hype about the difficulties you face while beating the Chimney boss and clearing the Chimney dungeon, but if you follow our strategy, it will make it much easier for you. Also, by following the guide “Remnant 2 The Chimney”, you will make it to the end by getting the least amount of damage.

Remnant 2 The Chimney
Fighting against the enemies in Chimney dungeon

Location Of Chimney Dungeon

Location of Chimney In the world of Yaesha, near Bedel of Vaunnt 

The Chimney dungeon is challenging to find, hidden under a stone tunnel. You can find the chimney dungeon in the world of Yaesha. You will have to take a risky journey into the Forgotten Grave; there, you will go past the Bedel of Vaunnt to find the Chimney dungeon. 

In Remnant 2, you cannot tell the exact location of any item, enemy, or Dungeon according to the details and description provided by the developers. You rarely see any item or Dungeon twice in the same place. So people need to find out the exact location of the Chimney. But you will find it in the world of Yaesha by searching areas near forgotten graves and Bedel of Vaunnt.

Chimney Dungeon Strategy

Tips to get through the dungeon
  • Break the crystals.
  • Keep going downwards.
  • Protect yourself from lightning attacks.
  • Make sure the crystals are not activated.
  • Don’t kill all the enemies coming in your way.
  • First, before starting the fight, you will see four statues with blue crystals on their head. You must destroy all those statues; by destroying them, you will get a chest that will reduce 5% of all the incoming damage. As you will have to deal with a lot of damage, this chest will help you throughout your journey.
  • Make trial and error, and activate it. Once you activate it, you must keep going to the bottom by destroying the enemies coming your way. You must ensure that you do not rush because if lightning hits you from the top or the bottom, you will die on the spot.
Remnant 2 The Chimney
Going too fast can result in brutal death.
  • Break the crystals which are not activated; by breaking the crystals and killing the enemies, you will get a Co-op partner who will fight against the enemies. Please don’t break the activated crystals because they get powered up by lightning and can cause you damage.
  • When you are in the middle, shoot red vines, and once you reach the end, kill all the red tendrils, and destroy all the crystals without making sure they are activated or not, because there will be very minimum chances that they could attack you back because of the distance between you.
  • Once you are finished killing the enemies from that position, jump downwards. You will get a small amount of damage. They’re what you need to do is survive and avoid getting confused by seeing several enemies around you. Once the crystal elevator reaches the bottom, all the enemies will die, and you will succeed.

Chimney Boss

Chimney Boss Defeat Strategy Attack the roots; Use ranged attacks, and Protect yourself from lightning attacks.

You can find Chimney Boss in the Chimney dungeon. The boss is a root seed resembling a tree; thus, Roots surround the enemy. All you need to do is to attack those roots. It is highly advised to use ranged attacks to weaken them.

You cannot cause any damage to the enemy until you destroy its roots. Do protect yourself from the attacks coming from the front and lightning attacks.

Remnant 2 The Chimney
Killing the enemies


Item Advantages

Heart Seed 

Essential for crafting Soulbinder mod, Increases health, stamina, and mod power by 10%

Remember to grab the Heart Seed after defeating the boss. The Heart Seed is essential for crafting the Soulbinder mod. You will be able to cause 40% damage to your enemies.

Enemies within a range of seven meters will get 60% damage. Furthermore, it can be used to increase your maximum health, maximum stamina, and maximum mod power.

Remnant 2 The Chimney
Almost through to the end of Dungeon

To sum up, the Chimney Dungeon in Remnant 2 is recognized as one of the most challenging and riskiest dungeons in the Yaesha world near Bedel of Vaunnt. Inside the Dungeon, players will encounter exciting puzzles with electrifying components and must complete them within a specific time limit. Nevertheless, utilizing the guide can simplify the expedition and minimize any harm.

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