Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless [Walkthrough Guide]

In this guide, we will give you a walkthrough the Vault Of The Formless location in Remnant 2.

Vault of the Fomless
Remnant 2: Vault of the Formless

Remnant 2 is the much-awaited sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes. Just like its predecessor, Remnant 2 is well-received by the fans. One of the key locations in Remnant 2 is Vault of the Formless. It hosts dungeons, bosses, and exceptional rewards like any other location.

Key Takeaways

  • The vault of the Formless is located in the Rhom region.
  • It is accessible after clearing the Rhom campaign.
  • You must navigate several enemies inside this dungeon, like the Robot Grunt and Possessed.
  • The final or only boss in this dungeon will be the Zombie Horde.
  • After clearing the boss fight, you will arrive at a locked door.
  • To open the door, you must find the House Lythla Glyph key.
  • This key will be in the Gauntlet section.
  • Along with the key, you will find the Metal Driver (ring) and Rupture Canon (sidearm) in this location.
  • Other than these, in this dungeon, you will also find Focused Jewel and Ring of Reflection.

The Vault of the Formless is a dungeon situated within the Rhom region in Remnant 2. To access this dungeon, you must first clear the Rhom campaign. The entrance of this dungeon is located within the Wardak Ruins.

Zombie Horde

Zombie Horde
Zombie Horde

As soon as you enter the Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2, a giant robotic arm will be visible, repairing rooms in the wall with the stasis beds. To progress further, you must go through hordes of zombies killing everything in sight until you reach a locked door. Kill everything in sight until the enemies are nowhere to be seen, the arms will stop, and the door will unlock.

In this epic encounter, you will face the N’Erud Zombie, Possessed, Corpse Ball, and Robot Grunt. No Merchants or NPCs are in this vault, so stock up on everything beforehand.

House Lythla Glyph Key

House Lythla Glyph Key
House Lythla Glyph Key

After going through the hordes of zombies, you will arrive at a locked door. To open the door, look for the House Lythla Glyph Key. This key is located in the gauntlet section before you reach the dropdown.

After reaching the second rotating cylinder, wait inside the hallway rather than moving onwards. Make sure to stay till the giant fingers rotate it again. Once done, a new path will be visible, returning to the primary location.

On your left will be a small room that contains the House Lythla Glyph. Make your way to the locked door and use it. At first, your character will struggle to open it, but you will be allowed to use the key afterward.

Rupture Cannon

Rupture Canon
Rupture Cannon


Damage: 42 Rps: 3.1 Magazine: 12
Ideal Range 13m
Falloff Range 35m
Max Ammo 60
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus +100%
Stagger Modifier +10%


In the room where you will find the House Lythla Glyph, you can obtain the Rupture cannon sidearm in a coffin on the left. It is a pretty solid weapon that will be useful even during the late stage of the game. Thus, with high base damage, even if you don’t upgrade it from the get-go, it packs quite a punch.

It doesn’t come with any inherent weapon mods, so you can add any mods that may complement this weapon according to your build. 

Rupture Canon Upgrades

It is a standard handgun. Hence it is upgradable up to 20 times.

Upgrade Level Damage Crafting Cost
Upgrade Level 1 46.2 Iron x 4

Scrap x 200

Upgrade Level 2 50.4   

Iron x 6

Scrap x220

Upgrade Level 3 54.6 Iron x 8

Scrap x 240

Upgrade Level 4  58.8 Iron x 10

Scrap x 260 

Upgrade Level 5 63 Iron x 12

Scrap x 280

Upgrade Level 6  67.2 Forged Iron x 4

Scrap x 300

Upgrade Level 7 71.4 Forged Iron x 6

Scrap x 320

Upgrade Level 8  75.6 Forged Iron x 8

Scrap x 340

Upgrade Level 9  79.8 Forged Iron x 10

Scrap x 360

Upgrade Level 10 84 Forged Iron x 12

Scrap x 380

Upgrade Level 11  88.2 Galvanized Iron x 4

Scrap x 400

Upgrade Level 12 92.4 Galvanized Iron x 6

Scrap x 420

Upgrade Level 13  96.6 Galvanized Iron x 8

Scrap x 440

Upgrade Level 14 100.8 Galvanized Iron x 10

Scrap x 460

Upgrade Level 15  105 Galvanized Iron x 12

Scrap x 480

Upgrade Level 16  109.2 Hardened Iron x 4

Scrap x 500

Upgrade Level 17 113.4 Hardened Iron x 6

Scrap x 520

Upgrade Level 18 117.6 Hardened Iron x 8

Scrap x 540

Upgrade Level 19  121.8 Hardened Iron x 10

Scrap x 560

Upgrade Level 20 126 Simulacrum x 1

Scrap x 580

Metal Driver

Metal Driver
Metal Driver

It is an accessory and ring in Remnant 2. In the room where you find the House Lythla Glyph, destroying the crates at the side will reveal a secret passage. Head into it, and you will find the Metal Driver.

The Metal Driver increases the reload speed with killing bows by 5% for 7 seconds. You can stack this buff up to 3 times. Subsequently, this ring also monitors the wearer’s mental state, providing buffs on the thrill of kills. You can learn more in our extensive best rings in Remnant 2 guide. 


You will encounter several enemies on your trip to the Vault of the Formless Dungeon. They include the N’Erud Zombie, Corpse Ball, Specter, Possessed, and Robot Grunt. Using your surrounding structures and keeping a shotgun and rifle to fend off your enemies is advantageous in your fight.

The only Boss you will encounter in this dungeon will be the Zombie Horde. It will be challenging as it features waves of zombies back to back. You can consider some of the best weapons in Remnant 2 to fight off these enemies easily. 


There are many items to be obtained on your journey through the dungeon. Below are some items found in Vault of the Formless:

Focused Jewel Random World Drop
House Lythla Glyph Item found in House Lythla Glyph Door
Metal Driver  Ring found in the Secret Passage
Ring of Blackout Random World Drop
Rupture Canon Sidearm found in the House Lythla Glyph Door
Ring of Rerouting  Random World Drop
Ring of Reflection  Random World Drop

After the Boss fights, you will arrive at a locked door. To open it, you will have to find the House Lythla Glyph. Many items are obtainable in this dungeon, like the Metal Driver and the Rupture Canon.

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