Remnant 2: Void Heart [Location Guide]

Want to know what the void heart is and where to find it. Well, this guide will show you everything you need to know about the void heart.

Remnant 2 Void Heart
Remnant 2 Void Heart

The Void Heart in Remnant 2 is a relic that players can equip in place of the Dragon Heart. It is a healing item meant to give buffs to the player. To obtain this item, you must travel to the world of N’erud, one of the five worlds in the game.

Equipping the Void Heart grants the player certain buffs, such as 50% damage reduction for four seconds, and after the four seconds have passed, it grants a second buff that heals the player entirely in 0.75 seconds.

Key Takeaways

  • Like the other hearts, the Void Heart in Remnant 2 is a healing relic. It provides healing buffs to the player.
  • In addition, this item can be obtained by completing the main quest of the N’erud world, where you have to fight the final boss of this area.
  • You can quickly receive this item within two to three hours, depending on how you approach this quest.
  • This item is not essential. Moreover, you can get other Hearts with different buffs. But all the other hearts essentially give the same types of buffs.
  • Going through the hassle of obtaining this item is not recommended as it is not. that important.

Void Heart Location

Remnant 2 Void Heart Description
Void Heart (Image Credit: Gamesual)

Gaining the Void Heart in Remnant 2 poses a challenge; however, once you enter the world of N’erud, make sure you spawn in the Seeker’s Rest. If you spawn anywhere else, it indicates that you are in a different timeline. So make sure that you are in N’eurd.

Once you spawn in the Seeker’s Rest, you will encounter a floating round Robot in a glass tube. This Robot will instruct you to find him in the tower located in the Phantom Wasteland.

Item Buffs
Void Heart

50% dmg Reduction Duration | 4 sec

100% Health Regeneration Duration |0.75 sec

The Phantom Wasteland is a dangerous area where you may encounter robots and zombie-like enemies. Additionally, this location is enveloped in a dense fog that can inflict a poison status effect on the player. While traveling through the Phantom Wasteland, you will encounter an NPC named the Custodian. 

Custodian That Gives The Other Half Of The Quest
Custodian (Image Credit: Gamesual)

On your way to the tower through the Phantom Wasteland, you will encounter the Custodian, a robot-like NPC. The Custodian will then ask the player to help him save his world. Then he will instruct you to find the Seeker Keys.  From there, you will journey to find the Seeker Keys.

Seeker Keys that are needed to advance in the Quest to find the Remnant 2 Void Heart
Seeker Keys (Image Credit: GameSual)

There are three Seeker Keys you need to deposit in the threshold of the unknown to unlock the sentinel’s keep. The description of the Seeker Keys may lead you to believe that you need five Seeker Keys, but on the contrary, you only need three. Once you reach the threshold, you will find two keys in the door.

  • For the first Seeker Key, you must travel to Seeker’s Rest. Once there, you will come across a giant statue. Approach the figure, and it will open up a staircase leading up. There you will find the first Seeker Key.
    Seekers Rest Location On The Map
    Seeker’s Rest (Image Credit: Gamesual)
  • The second key is located in The Hatchery or Pudrit Domain, the name might differ, but the location stays the same. Furthermore, depending on which location you get, you will encounter one of the two bosses, Abomination or The Primogenitor. After defeating the boss, the dungeon will show you the exit, and on your way out, you will see a statue similar to the one in Seeker’s Rest, which houses the second key.
    The Hatchery Map Location
    The Hatchery (Image Credit: Gamesual)
  • After Entering the Timeless Horizon, you must move to the upper part of the map. You will find a tower that houses the next dungeon, Spectrum Nexus. The Spectrum Nexus is the place where you will find the final key. Additionally, you will have to defeat a boss named The Custodian’s Eye. Afterward, head for the exit, and you will find the statue housing the final key. 
The Spectrum Nexus Map Location
Spectrum Nexus (Image Credit: Gamesual)

After collecting the last key, you will exit the dungeon into the Phantom Wasteland near the threshold of the unknown. From there, you need to insert the three keys in your possession into the door so that it may unlock the path to the sentinel’s keep. 

Upon entering, go up the elevator, where you will find a checkpoint and a console. Afterward, walk up to the console and trigger the boss fight without using the override. You must avoid using the override, as it will prevent you from claiming the Void Heart after the boss fight.

The Console To Start The Boss Fight
Console (Image Credit: Gamesual)

Once you’ve completed all the steps above, you must wait 24 hours in real time to claim the Void Heart. If you are patient, wait it out. If not, you can change the time on your PC, and it will instantly unlock the Void Heart.

After completing one of the two steps above, you must travel back to N’erud and visit Alepsis Taura. You will see the Void Heart hovering in the air; walk up to it and claim it.

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